Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 3
With Dana Booker hellbent to find out the truth, Ava reveals something that leads the perfectionists to Nolan’s cabin, looking for clues about his murder. While Alison begins to suspect that Taylor is alive, Claire Hotchkiss is always one step ahead…

On Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 3, Ava, Caitlin, and Dylan search for clues in Nolan’s cabin after Ava reveals something about the night Nolan died. Alison finds something that could prove that Taylor is still alive. Meanwhile, as Claire Hotchkiss plots behind Caitlin’s back, the latter identifies the first suspect in Nolan’s murder. Will she be right?

The Right Pace

I might be speaking too soon, but a nice substantial difference between this spin-off and the original series is not only the pace, but the characters doing the right thing quickly. Remember when Hanna got hit by a car by -A before she could reveal who she saw in the woods (even though she had plenty of time to do that before the car arrived)? Well, it seems to be just a distant nightmare.

When Caitlin realizes that Mason threw a gum wrapper which was identical to the ones found in the woods and in Nolan’s cabin, she quickly calls the others to tell them. WELL DONE. Although I don’t think he killed Nolan at all, that’s one way to step up your game. These new characters are perfectionists after all, it makes sense for them to be smarter than the OG Liars (except Spencer, whose guest appearance I hope to see soon).

Claire’s Odd Behavior

We all have difference ways to react to something, for sure. But WHY does Claire act like Nolan just left for a vacation? Hello? Although it’s strongly possible that her odd behavior could be explained revealing that she just wants to appear strong – while grieving when she’s alone – I can’t help but wonder if she has something to do with Nolan’s death after all.

Just putting this out there… The way she manipulated Caitlin into telling her Ava and Dylan’s secrets? Shady. But hey, Kelly Rutherford, you’re doing amazing.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 3

“One of you is a rat”

This might have been the most interesting part of the episode. We saw Claire asking Caitlin to out her friends. Apparently this new villain doesn’t want these characters to trust Claire. Where am I going with this? Taylor. She’s the only other person who has (partial) access to Beacon Guard, she might have spied on their conversation. Not to mention she seems to hate her mother, to the point she faked her own death to expose her.

But is Claire really the mastermind behind everything? As much as I would like to see that happen (again, we love you, Kelly Rutherford), I’m expecting to find out that Claire isn’t the only person in charge of Beacon Guard – in true PLL fashion. Maybe someone else has been spying on these people using her security cameras.

Mona’s New Significant Other and Alison’s Theory

Mona seemed to appreciate Mason a little too much when Alison asked her about him. Like, “He’s super smart and he’s model cute.” Um, that description is screaming “perfect match for Mona” if you ask me, and I’m here for it! The mysterious person playing chess with Mona also seems to be super smart, and creator I. Marlene King confirmed we’ve already met Mona’s new love interest. It’s pretty much confirmed.

While it would have been interesting to see Mona with a girl (Alison or even Taylor), I think Mason would be more realistic since Mona has always been interested in men during her seven seasons on PLL. Plus, Alison is still thinking about what she left behind in Rosewood, and Taylor might be too busy hiding and exposing the BeaconGuard conspiracy to play chess with Mona.

Alison finds a rose in Nolan’s cabin, which leads her to think Taylor might be still alive. I’m so curious to see where storyline goes, Taylor Hotchkiss is one of my new favorite characters, even though she appeared in only one scene. She seems so mysterious and intriguing, and she reminds of one of PLL‘s most iconic characters: Cece Drake. And we know who she turned out to be…

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