The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 8
As the perfectionists team up to bring Dana down once and for all, old and new relationships are explored, while Jeremy is looking more suspicious than ever.

On Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 8, Dana makes Dylan an offer he can’t refuse (except he did), Ava closes an important chapter of her life and Caitlin is highly suspicious of her boyfriend Jeremy for the first time.

Ava’s Moving On

This week’s episode featured two flashbacks of Nolan and Ava, and both were easily some of my favorite scenes of the episode. I think this couple would’ve been a fan favorite, hadn’t Nolan met his demise on the fence of Thorne Hall. While it would be great to find out that he’s actually alive – just so he and Ava can be together again – it would feel like something we’ve seen over and over on the mother series Pretty Little Liars.

If anything, I think these flashbacks just provided some closure for Ava. She somehow felt guilty because she’s actually starting to like Zach, and remembering how much Nolan loved her and wanted her to be happy was exactly what Ava needed to move on.

Operation Dana

Similarly to the fights our beloved PLLs faked twice to trick -A, the perfectionists’ plan to trick Dana worked. Will Claire fire her now that they can prove that Dana would manufacture evidence to get what she wants? I don’t think things will be so easy.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 8

Like I’ve said other times before, I think this focus on Dana is unnecessary and Taylor seems to be the only character who gets that with her line about Dana being a “distraction.” We’ve already had Mason as a suspect when he didn’t have anything to do with the mystery, so I hope we can actually get some answers in the next few episodes.

New Relationships for Mona and Alison

Mona and Mason finally had their first kiss AND sex scene! I’ve explained last week why I think it’s slightly inappropriate, but they have a great chemistry and there was definitely passion between them. I think this ship is going to be huge and this is just the beginning for them. Mona is someone who’s always been on her own, so it’s good to see that she’s finally having friendships (Alison) and possibly even a love story.

Meanwhile, Alison… I still can’t believe that happened! She kissed this professor she had just met, Gabriel. That was incredibly unexpected, at least for me. I really thought she was going to stop him from kissing her and say something, like “Sorry, I’m not ready to do that, I just got a divorce.” I guess not. It was unnecessary considering that he’s already married and they won’t likely be a couple, but it showed us how Alison has moved on and really wants a fresh start. By the way, did you notice the way Taylor was looking at Alison and Gabriel? Was she jealous of Alison? A Taylor-Alison love story would be unexpected, but we know anything can happen on this show.

Is Jeremy Evil?

Last but not least, the episode introduced us to our newest suspect: Jeremy. This time, I do think he is somehow involved in the mystery, but not in the capacity everyone thinks. I think he did something for the Hotchkiss Industries and now he’s afraid they’re coming after him. He seems like a genuine guy and I really think he loves Caitlin, he’s not going to harm her. But something’s definitely happening and I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

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