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The Bold Type Season 3 just ended on a shocking note with Scarlet’s office being packed up and Jacqueline in the wind!

Though we have many months to wait for The Bold Type Season 4 (in 2020), we had the chance to speak with the newly appointed showrunner, Wendy Straker Hauser, on her vision for the show. Although she wasn’t able to reveal too much yet, as the writers are only in the early stages of writing the next season, Wendy was able to discuss some things about what she’s learned from the previous showrunners, Sarah Watson and Amanda Lasher, what she’d like to explore in upcoming seasons, and a message she has for fans of a certain relationship.

(We’ll also be doing a follow-up interview closer to the premiere when more is known about the season on both ends, so stay tuned for that as well!)

Remediality: Why did you decide to take over as showrunner on The Bold Type? What lessons did you learn from your predecessors, Amanda Lasher and Sarah Watson, and what do you hope to bring to the show in future seasons?

Wendy Straker Hauser: I have learned so much from each of these women and I am so happy to be able to speak on this in greater detail. From Sarah, I learned the passion and heart that comes with having a vision and bringing that vision to life. Sarah writes from an emotional place and I tend to do the same — we used to cry together during pitches because we felt moved by the characters journey, and so I was immediately drawn to her creative process. I also was a huge Parenthood fan, and if there was a show I could have been part of that is now gone, that would have been the show for me.

From Amanda, I learned how to push boundaries and let the room you hired take you in directions you might not have expected or have chosen. It has only been three days with our new writers and I am learning so much from these incredible women and men. It is amazing and inspiring to listen, and learn, and be open. And as long as we are true to our characters, I am open to endless possibilities, which is something Amanda brought to the room last season. I also learned grace and strength from both of these women. They each told me that I could call at any time for advice and have checked in to make sure I am doing well. They have made me feel part of something bigger in a way that makes me proud to be a woman. We really are stronger together and knowing I have their support gives me strength.

One of the biggest struggles for Scarlet on The Bold Type Season 3 was the battle between print vs. digital (and Jacqueline vs. Patrick). Will this continue on Season 4? Also, if history is any indication, will Patrick disappear like Lauren and Cleo both did?

I’m going to stay vague on this one because we are just beginning and also, well, because I don’t want to spoil anything, but what I can say is that we are going to mix things up.

It was so nice to see Lauren return during the flashback episode. Are there any plans to bring her back in the future? (P.S.: I think she would make an excellent head of digital if Patrick chooses to leave Scarlet.)

We do love her as well. And fun fact, we actually have a writer on staff named Lauren Parks now.
The Bold Type

The Bold Type is well known for discussing social issues like sexual assault, abuse, identity (i.e. Kat’s identity as a black, LGBT woman and Adena’s as a muslim lesbian), racial profiling, and more which has really resonated with fans. Can viewers expect to see more of those important questions embedded into the show? Are there any specific topics you want to dive into — or maybe revisit— during Season 4 and beyond?

Yes. We will definitely continue to bring those conversations and issues and we will do it in a “Bold Type” way so they don’t feel preachy, but rather like conversations we have with our friends or conversations we wish we had more often. These topics and issues are such an integral part of what makes The Bold Type unique and important and we don’t take that platform lightly. Our girls will continue to grow and challenge themselves this season. They will succeed and fail and lift each other up and push each other to be better, always. And through all of this, they will be there for each other. Even when they disagree. Even when they are hurting themselves. Because what is more Bold than that?

Without giving too much away, is there anything you can tease about what’s going on at Scarlet and/or what happened with Jacqueline?

I’m not sure I can say yet but remember, she made big changes to Scarlet magazine in the finale and sent a version of Scarlet to the printers without board approval.

In the Season 3 finale, Sutton realized design wasn’t her career path and she’s happy working at Scarlet. What prompted the writers to make that decision after only exploring her interest in design for a few episodes, and does this mean we’ll get to see more of Sutton and Oliver working together with her focus back at Scarlet?

So much of our twenties is trial and error. I started my career in advertising before I wrote for newspapers and magazines, and eventually made the leap to television. Amanda wanted to highlight that time in our lives where we are figuring things out. It’s also interesting to discover that even though you might be good at something, it might not be your ultimate career path. Sutton was good at designing but she realized it was lonely for her and that she loves working with people and the creative collaboration of styling. Even though this could change, we felt her journey from styling to design and back to styling felt true to many twenty somethings. The fact that being true to herself and returning to styling would firmly plant her back in the assistant world was also interesting and brave and bold to us. We are all so eager to move up, but what is moving up if it’s in the wrong career?

Speaking of which, could a promotion or raise possibly be in Sutton’s future? I would love to see Sutton and Oliver’s conversation from Season 1 about her future raise come full circle now that she’s more than proven herself.

As much as I would love to say, you will have to wait and see. Perhaps I can tease more as we get closer.
The Bold Type

I really enjoyed watching Sutton and Richard’s relationship progress over Season 3 and seeing them, finally, get to a good place together. Will Richard’s potential move be addressed in the Season 4 premiere?

We are having a lot of fun with this and the possibilities, but we are in the early stages of the creative process.

Like Jane’s ‘Carry the Weight’ article, will the Pamela Dolan story continue to have ripple effects into Season 4? What do you think the biggest takeaway from working on that story was for both Jane and Jacqueline?

I think the biggest takeaway is the power of women. Standing up and speaking out, sticking by each other. Also the power of Scarlet, the importance of uncovering the truth, even when it reveals something flawed about a woman who has made great strides for other women. We must hold each other accountable no matter what gender.

It seems like Kat’s work almost always comes second to whatever else is going on in her life. Will that change moving forward? During the next season, will Kat continue to use her position as a department head at Scarlet to help people like she planned to if she took office? 

Yes. Kat may have lost the election, but she has an incredible platform and a true desire to help people. Her journey is just beginning.

With her new position at Scarlet, will Adena play a bigger role on Season 4? If so, is there anything you can tease about her story? A lot of fans want to see some exploration of Adena’s faith in the future. Are there any plans to explore religion more, as we saw with Jane and Ben during Season 2?

I find this interesting as well. We are very early in the creative process and things change all the way up to when the cameras roll, but learning more about Adena as a person is something we are interested in.

Many fans are feeling upset and defeated after the progression of Kat and Adena’s relationship on the show. Is there anything you want to saw to those fans? Is there any potential for the two to rekindle their romance before Season 4 comes to a close?

Just that there are so many factors that go into “breaking story” and that we understand the frustrations of past seasons, and we hear them. We have a lot of amazing diverse voices in the writer’s room, and I feel confident we will tell real, interesting, heartfelt, raw stories that address the complexities of all of our characters relationships.
The Bold Type

The supporting characters (Alex, Sage, Andrew, and Angie) are so amazing, it was nice to see more of them this season. Will there be more of that in the future? Might Alex be moving out of Jane’s apartment for Angie’s?

We enjoy rounding this Scarlet world out.

Any chance of a holiday episode, preferably Christmas, or a birthday episode in the girls’ future? What about a musical episode?

Anything is possible.

What character would you say you connect to the most?

I love each one. They are like family at this point so it’s very hard to pick a favorite child.

What’s been your favorite part about getting to work on a show like The Bold Type?

The friendships are amazing. The way these girls call each other out, talk about everything, bust on each other, and always show up for each other — is inspiring and fun to write. I also love their relationship with Jacqueline and we will explore Jacqueline more this season. All the actors on this show are amazing and make everything better. They are a delight to write for and a magic happens when the three girls get together. I also love that we can talk about real issues and things that people are often afraid to talk about. And we can do it in a way that doesn’t feel preachy!

Thank you Wendy for taking the time to reflect on The Bold Type Season 3 and tease what’s to come on Season 4! We can’t wait to catch up with you later and see what you have in store!
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