The Bold Type Season 4 Premiere
First thing’s first, the opener is hilarious. Meghann Fahy’s natural gift for comedy really shines throughout the whole episode, and someone needs to give that woman an award.

On The Bold Type Season 4 premiere, “Legends of the Fall Issue,” everyone at Scarlet is left reeling when Jacqueline is missing from work and the integrity of the magazine is put into jeopardy. Patrick soon arrives with some answers, but only sends people spiraling even more. Consequently, Jane, Kat, and Sutton all question what their futures at Scarlet look like and come up with a less-than-legal plan.

What happens in New Jersey stays in New Jersey

This episode very much feels like part 2 of the Season 3 finale and I mean that in the best way. There was no awkward transitioning from the previous season to this one, and despite there being a new showrunner, the story just flows very seamlessly. This also means that things pick up right where they left off—with Jacqueline missing and chaos and panic immediately ensue. As revealed in the trailer, the infamous Jacqueline Carlyle has been fired from Scarlet, and someone else will be taking over. Of course, no one takes this news well, but Andrew definitely takes it the hardest. He’s completely hysterical and one second away from passing out the entire episode, which I feel makes him the person who represents The Bold Type fandom the most. 

Naturally, Jane, Kat, and Sutton all run for the fashion closet to talk about what’s going on and what their options are. Jane is heartbroken like everyone else and refuses to accept their new reality, Sutton fears Oliver will be next to leave, and Kat worries Adena’s job isn’t safe since Jacqueline is the one who offered it to her. All around the girls are really going through it. One group hug and one text to Adena later, they all go back out to the office to find Sage, Oliver, and Andrew anxiously awaiting to hear the girls’ plan to save the day. But will they be able to this time?

Afterwards, Jane, Sutton, and Kat all momentarily go their separate ways but then quickly reunite after their individual ventures leave them in desperate need of a drink. Jane finds her way to Jacqueline’s house as quickly as she can, and isn’t too happy to learn that (as we see in the trailer) Jacqueline has gracefully accepted that she’s no longer at Scarlet. Jacqueline is proud of the work she’s done. And although she’ll always fight for women, she isn’t sure she wants to fight to stay at Safford. Unsurprisingly this doesn’t sit well with Jane, and she leaves feeling somewhat defeated. Meanwhile, Sutton goes to meet up with Richard, who is just as shocked as everyone else about what’s happening. He’s also still considering going to San Francisco, which makes Sutton fear that too much in her life will be changing at once. 

The Bold Type Season 4 Premiere

Kat is a very busy woman. After talking briefly with Patrick about the new dynamic, Kat is asked to be seen by RJ Safford to discuss some of the changes that are going to be made to the magazine. And after several minutes of him being an ass and delivering even more bad news, Kat meets back up with the girls where they drunkenly come up with an idea that involves a mini road trip, breaking and entering, and a few other minor illegal things along the way. The premiere really embodies the slogan “Be gay, do crimes,” which is a great way to start off the season if you ask me.

I can’t specify why exactly the girls are in New Jersey or what happens while they’re there, but what I can say is their time spent there, and the fallout of it, is hilarious. One of my favorite scenes of the show as a whole is in this episode, along with some funny one-liners along the way. Plus, we get to see Kat attempt to flirt with a female security guard and as usual Kat is a hot, gay mess. On the way home from their “mission” Sutton, Kat, and Jane have a realization about something that needs to be done; however, much like everything else they do, it’s a bold and risky move that could have serious consequences for them. 

My main and really only issue with the episode is that Adena isn’t in it. They do mention her several times and give a legitimate reason as to why she isn’t present. However, after her absence for the majority of last season, and the fans’ reaction to it, I’m surprised the writers made the decision to not have her make even a brief appearance. She is such an important character, even without her relationship with Kat, so hopefully she’s more utilized this season. That being said, pretty much all romance was put on pause for this episode since so much else was going on.

For those of you worried Adena left the country again and won’t be apart of the season, I assure you that isn’t the case, and it seems like we’ll be seeing her soon.

The Bold Type Season 4 Premiere

Between Jacqueline getting let go, RJ Safford trying to make changes to the magazine, and Adena’s job being in limbo, I can see how y’all might be worried The Bold Type season 4 premiere just sounds like one bad thing after another, but I’m here to reassure you it’s actually so good. As the new showrunner, Wendy Straker Hauser, promised, they’re definitely shaking things up at Scarlet, but by the end of the episode I think fans will be excited and ready for episode 2. Obviously I can’t reveal what happens, but let’s just say it didn’t turn out how I expected, and I did really enjoy the episode. And as a bonus, someone we all collectively can’t stand seemingly leaves for good.

I’m also incredibly proud of Sutton, Kat, Jane, and Jacqueline. They all make choices during the premiere that really highlight how selfless and brave they all are (including two scenes where Kat puts both Patrick and RJ in their place).

The The Bold Type season 4 premiere was entertaining, funny, and left me feeling hopeful for the rest of the season. Unsurprisingly, the cast did an incredible job bringing the story to life, the music was perfectly tailored to each scene, and we’re off to a good start. There were a few things I might’ve done differently, but considering there’s 18 episodes this season as opposed to 10, we aren’t as crunched for time and there’s plenty of time for things to change. Overall, I like the direction the season is headed in, the tone is reminiscent of season 1, and the episode felt very true to each of the characters. 

No Context Quotes

  • “Remember when she said labia 3 times to RJ just to see him blush?”
  • “I can’t go to jail in my skivvies!”
  • “I cannot lose this job because I cannot do anything else!”
  • “Alex and I are chugging – uh, um- testing Rosé.”

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