The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8
It’s astrology week at Scarlet, and everyone has very different opinions on it. Also, Kat is a gemini. Do with that information what you will.

On The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8, “Stardust,” Adena asks Kat for help when she runs into a problem with RJ and legal, and Sutton struggles to balance her work and personal life. Meanwhile, Jane’s brother, Evan, comes to town and stirs up trouble between Jane and Ryan.

Written in the Stars

Richard returns from San Fransisco to visit Sutton and help with wedding planning, but things don’t go as anticipated. After the events of last week, and being stuck as an assistant for 4 years, Sutton is feeling more discouraged than ever and feels like her hard work is never going to pay off. Usually when Sutton and Oliver have a conflict, it’s resolved fairly quickly, but that isn’t the case this time. He’s still frustrated with her for what happened with Alice Knight, and not being on good terms with him has Sutton kind of frazzled. This leads her to make two big, and slightly impulsive, decisions about her life. As shown in the trailer, one of those decisions is about her wedding and getting married as soon as possible. And her other decision is one that I, quite frankly, hope she changes her mind about. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of her rushing their engagement considering they’ve only been dating for less than a year, but that’s nothing compared to her other brazen idea. 

We meet Jane’s brother, Evan, and Jane is really excited about the prospect of her boyfriend and big brother being friends. Ryan agrees to go to lunch with the two of them and things get off to a rocky start when Evan makes it clear he isn’t Ryan’s biggest fan and doesn’t try to hide his aversion towards him. As someone who also isn’t Ryan’s biggest fan, I don’t necessarily blame him, however, he puts them both in a really awkward position that ultimately only leads to Jane getting hurt. To make matters worse, he then puts Ryan in a tough spot later when Ryan discovers something about him and Evan asks him to keep it from Jane. The whole situation is so messy and filled with your typical hetero drama, and my predictions about what happened between the 3 of them were way off. I’m curious about where the show is heading with Jane and Ryan because it kind of feels like they’re going to keep dredging up the past, and I don’t know how much more of that their relationship can take. 

The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

This episode keeps up the recent pattern of Jacqueline, Alex, and Sage being more integrated into the overarching storylines and it’s something that I’ve personally really enjoyed. I feel like in past seasons the excess screen time was often given to characters we all disliked like Patrick and Cleo, but this season we’re getting to see more of the characters we all love which I really appreciate.

As Jacqueline continues to pursue Miles Shaw, we continue to get to see another side to Jacqueline. Unlike at work where she’s very confident and sure of herself, she’s very flustered and nervous when it comes to dating. Kat and Adena actually inspire her to make a move in the romance department, which I thought was sweet. Although I’m not too invested in her love life, and ultimately expect her to work things out with Ian, it’s nice to see Jacqueline be lighter, sillier, and outside of the office. As for Alex and Sage, they bicker a lot about their different takes on astrology as Alex preps for an “Ask Alex” all about fate vs. freewill. They also discuss how he handled things with Alicia, and let’s just say Alex has some regrets. The conclusion to his story went in an unexpected direction, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

By far the best and most interesting part of the episode was Kat and Adena’s story. As revealed in a sneak peak, Adena wants to get the story out about a young boy who committed suicide after being sent to conversion therapy. Although Jacqueline is very supportive of the idea, Adena runs into trouble with RJ, which prompts her to ask Kat for help. Because of what happened between them last week, Kat turns her away at first, until she later finds out from Jacqueline what it is Adena wanted help with. The writing this episode, paired with Aisha and Nikohl’s ability to play off of each other so well, makes for some really good angsty scenes. However, I’m happy to report it’s not all doom and gloom, and there’s some less tense scenes in there as well.

The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8

After agreeing to help, Adena shows up at Kat’s door so they can figure out a way around legal and get Travis’ story out there. Something they did together in Peru sparks an idea and helps them come up with something. Back at work, they talk a little bit more about conversion therapy and their personal experiences with coming out. Through this we learn more about Adena and what it was like for her when she first told her parents, and I’m warning you now, you’re going to be emotional. They’re very supportive of one another in this episode, and there’s one scene in particular that helps to rectify what happened in 4×07. It was a relief that what happened between them wasn’t just dropped, and they have Adena try to make it right. That being said, I’m bitter there was anything for her to make right in the first place, but I digress. 

Seeing a muslim lesbian and a black bisexual woman working together to help victims of conversion therapy and LGBT suicide was so incredible and exactly the kind of story I think fans have been waiting for. It’s especially great that this is getting more than a one episode arc, and will be continuing into the next few episodes as well. It kind of gets left off on a mysterious note, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next. 

Lastly, fans of Kadena are going to lose their minds (in a good way) at something Kat and Adena say to one another towards the end of the episode. Just expect to go from sad to happy tears throughout watching.

No Context Quotes


  • “I miss it…the passion and the spark.”
  • “I’m trying to protect her image of love.”
  • “Jane is way hotter than Ryan.”
  • “I felt like she was out of my league, so I pushed her away.”


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