The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 5
This isn’t relevant but if Jacqueline and Ian get divorced I hope they put her with a woman.

On The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 5, “Tearing Down the Donut Wall,” Sutton has conflicting feelings about traditional wedding practices, and Kat tries to go back to her one night stand ways. Meanwhile, Jane’s pitch on millennial weddings takes a turn when she accidentally discovers something about Jacqueline.

“Women, amirite?”

This week at Scarlet, Jane wants to do a wedding round-up and there are a lot of varied reactions at the pitch meeting. Considering her marriage is rocky right now, Jacqueline is hesitant at first but is eventually convinced by Oliver and Kat. This leads to Jane interviewing people at Scarlet on their takes on weddings, and it doesn’t really seem like anyone is the biggest fan of them. Her last interview is with Jacqueline and she accidentally hears something that she wasn’t supposed to, which kind of sends Jane spiraling and not knowing what to do with the information. And I’m sure you can guess what the secret is she found out, it’s nothing we (the fans) didn’t already know. 

As mentioned above, Kat channels her old self and attempts to have a one night stand with a girl she met online. She intentionally seeks out someone who is wrong for her, so there’s no risk of catching feels and she can just have casual sex. However, things don’t exactly go as Kat anticipated. Don’t get the wrong idea, she doesn’t jump into a relationship with this woman or anything, but she finds herself struggling to just “keep it casual” in the same way she used to, and they end up going out a couple times after they sleep together. Afterwards, she ends up going home with someone else as well, and this time it’s not a woman. The upside? The wlw sex scene is fun, cute, and twice as long. The downside? Y’all are gonna have to suffer through 15 seconds of Kat sleeping with a straight white man at the end of the episode. 

Side note: whichever writer/director/producer/actor said the woman Kat sleeps with should have two short nails on her right hand, I see you. and I appreciate your attention to detail.)

The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 5

I don’t want to give too many thoughts on this since I’m not sure how it plays out yet, but I have a theory (or maybe it’s just wishful thinking). I think after her attempt to have a one night stand with a woman went sideways, she reverted back to what she knew and had a one night stand with a man because she KNOWS there’s no way she’ll catch feelings for a man. Why? Because she’s a lesbian struggling with comphet. However, it’s also highly possible the writers are just planning on making her bisexual. I don’t want to get prematurely frustrated or excited, so I’ll wait to give my full opinion on this story until after we see what happens and how she labels herself in the coming episodes. There’s just so much potential here to tell a story about compulsive heterosexuality, and have Kat realize the reason she couldn’t ever do relationships before is because she was never romantically interested in the men she was involved with. Whereas with the women she gets involved with (Adena, Tia, and now this girl), there’s an emotional connection. 

As for Sutton, she struggles to get excited for trying on wedding dresses due to the fact that she didn’t grow up with the healthiest examples of marriage and of love in general. She actually hears from her mother about the wedding and it just brings up some emotions for her. Luckily, she has Oliver (and of course Jane and Kat) to help her work through it. However, before handling her feelings in the responsible and mature way, she does something a little dumb and irresponsible first. 

For those of you that are a fan of Oliver and Carly (and Sutton), there’s some good scenes in the episode for you. Their dynamic is so adorable, and I love getting to see more of Oliver outside of work. 

Overall, I thought the episode was good and I’m really curious to know what happens next. It wasn’t my favorite of the season, but it also wasn’t my least favorite. There’s a lot of sweet moments between the characters like Sutton and Oliver, Jacqueline and Jane, Oliver and Jacqueline, and of course the three girls together (Specifically when Sutton tries on a wedding dress and Jane and Kat get emotional). Also, we meet another member of one of the girls family but I won’t say who it is.

Hands down my favorite moment of the episode is of Jacqueline at the very end. Melora Hardin looks stunning and it’s just such a powerful scene. I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take Jacqueline this season.

No Context Quotes

  • “Oh my god you got frosting in my ears.”
  • “I’m pretty much ride or die for my vanilla moisturizer.”


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