The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 7
Prepare yourselves for the last second of the episode.

On The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 7, “Mixed Messages,” Kat and Tia are racially profiled while out campaigning, and the two of them want to handle the situation in completely different ways. Meanwhile, Jane and Sutton both have some tension in the romance department and try to figure out what the matter is with each of their boyfriends.

One-Two Punch

This episode really focused on taking back your power and hopefully creating change with it, and it was definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far. It seemed to stay really true to the characters and showcased the growth they’ve have had since the beginning of the show.

Jane is on a mission to find the perfect roommate, but unfortunately isn’t having much luck. All her roommate options are less than favorable; that is, until she finds out Alex needs a place to stay. However, Ryan’s reaction to the roommate news isn’t what Jane was anticipating, and makes her think something else might be going on. Her and Ryan are also wrestling with the fact that he’s leaving town for his upcoming book tour, and they want to spend as much time together as they can before he leaves.

At work, Jane and Jacqueline continue to work on their exposé and look for potential leads at Scarlet. Thankfully, they’re able to find someone who worked for Pamela Dolan in the past, but they keep running into the same issue: getting people to go on the record. It’s been really interesting watching these two work together and have this story carry over through multiple episodes as opposed to being wrapped up after just one. Heavy material like this should be handled with care and thoroughly, and that seems to be what they’re doing. (Plus, I missed J & J’s scenes together, and Jacqueline in general.)

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 7

Between seminar classes, the Fall Issue, and planning Richard’s birthday, Sutton’s got a lot to juggle right now. And although she loves it, her busy schedule leads her to feel disconnected from Richard, and she gets the feeling he’s keeping something from her. Sutton is very intuitive and has an idea of what could be wrong after he doesn’t seemed thrilled to celebrate his birthday, but isn’t sure how to bring it up. Thankfully she not only has Kat and Jane, but Jacqueline as well, who gives her some much-needed advice on how to handle the situation at home after her first attempt at fixing it didn’t go as planned.

Sutton’s last moment in the episode is one of my favorite Sutton moments on the show. She’s hilarious and adorable.

The primary storyline this episode is about Kat (and Tia) being racially profiled while out canvassing and the aftermath of it. Except for Tia, everyone was stunned by what happened and couldn’t believe how vile someone could be for no reason. They were accused of harassment and casing the neighborhood all for existing while black and it wasn’t something Kat was emotionally/mentally prepared for. Tia and Kat are at odds on how to handle the situation when Kat immediately turns to social media to express how she feels (which is something we’ve seen her jump to in the past as well), and Tia doesn’t think that’s the best plan.

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 7

Having more than one black woman be apart of this story was critical as it showcased the differing perspectives of Kat and Tia based on how they were raised and the lives they’ve led. It showed that there isn’t any single or correct reaction to something like this and that each person is going to have a different idea of what to do next. It leads to a lot of self-reflection for Kat as she begins to recognize how new she is to finding/acknowledging her identity as a gay black woman. There’s a real opportunity for character growth here, and I think it plays out in a way fans will appreciate.

Kat’s story is rather heavy this episode, but it’s mixed in with some lighter moments as well. The last scene is intense in a different way than the rest of the episode, and fans of a specific character are going to be reeling after a certain text comes in.

No Context Quotes

  • “I’m pro-choice, so I am pro letting people choose their own pizza toppings.”
  • “Is Alex wearing sweatpants?”
  • “Right now, my best option is a girl and her lizard.”
  • “How are we gonna eat a 25 person cake?”

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