The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 5
The three girls contemplate just getting drunk and back into Richard’s bathtub.

On The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 5, “Technical Difficulties,” Jane and Jacqueline’s article is put at risk when Scarlet is hacked and held ransom. In the midst of the chaos, Sutton and Richard attempt to host a dinner party with their friends, and Kat feels she’s getting mixed signals from Tia on the campaign trail.


Jane and Jacqueline continue to hunt down leads for their exposé on Pamela Dolan, the photographer abusing her models. Unfortunately, their investigation gets put in jeopardy when Safford is hacked and the model(s) who came forward may no longer be able to stay anonymous. We also find out why Jane and Ryan appear to be doing long-distance in the promo for The Bold Type Season 3, which makes me suspect Alex will be moving in with her soon, but don’t quote me on that.

While Jane and the rest of Scarlet’s employees are primarily concerned for everyone’s privacy, Patrick has a different take on what the company should do and makes a poor choice because of it. This, amongst his other annoying habits, leads Jane to blow up at him during the most awkward time she could have.

Part of me wonders if Jane gets off on risking her job sometimes because there is no shortage of scenes of her getting into confrontational situations with her bosses. She’s lashed out at Jacqueline, gotten fired from Incite after defying Victoria, and is now picking fights with Patrick. As much as Patrick deserved it, she really needs to mellow out or she’s going to be unemployed again.

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 5

There’s plenty of heated conversations to go around this episode, and everyone has to try and make amends, but will it be enough?

Sutton definitely has a lot on her mind this week. On top of Scarlet getting hacked and trying to throw a successful dinner party with Richard, she’s also waiting to hear back about the design seminar and accidentally stumbles across something in Richard’s emails. Naturally, Sutton shares what she found with Kat and Jane and the three of them are pretty much in agreement about what they think. Like the mature and responsible woman she is, she brings it up with him and it prompts a conversation about their future.

I’ve actually found myself enjoying these two this season, and although there’s some more tense moments between them this episode, there’s also some more light-hearted ones as well (like Sutton fishing for embarrassing things about his past from his friends).

As for Kat, she’s busy working on the campaign and actually starts canvassing this week. She spends the majority of her time with Tia as they’re getting ready for future debates and educating Kat on as many issues as possible in the meantime. As shown in the promo, Kat invites Tia to Sutton’s dinner party as her date, but Tia definitely didn’t get the memo. This causes a bit of awkward tension between the two and honestly, I’m a little confused as to where it’s headed. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone; so all I’ll say is that it’s quite possible Kat and Tia aren’t headed in the direction some people may have thought.

Sidenote to Kadena fans: prepare yourself emotionally to hear Adena’s name a couple of times.

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 5

This episode is definitely more intense than last week’s as tensions run high both in and out of the office, but there’s still a decent amount of funny and easygoing times too. For example: Kat is apparently the only one out of the trio who can actually cook, which was definitely helpful for Sutton this episode as the three of them prepped for the dinner party together.

I’ve really appreciated getting to see more group scenes this season as well. It’s nice getting to see Angie around the office and other characters, like Sage and Andrew interacting, with the girls a bit more. Hopefully this means that if they get a season four, characters like Alex, Adena, and even Jacqueline are more utilized.

No Context Quotes

  • “How have we never made a Katniss Everdeen reference?”
  • “I’m just gonna come right out and say it, this isn’t a sex thing.”
  • “Sometimes when I’m sitting I wish that I could be sitting harder.”
  • “Lock the door and we’ll crawl back into the bathtub like last time.”

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