The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 8

The fans aren’t the only ones pretending last week didn’t happen.

On The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 8, “Plan B,” Sutton makes a decision without Oliver at her first budget meeting, and Kat’s influencer gig takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Jane visits her gynecologist and receives some less than fortunate news.

Babies Aren’t Bling, Jane

Jane: Things get off to a steamy start for Jane this week, but unfortunately it’s pretty short-lived when her and Ben have a slight contraceptive malfunction. On the plus side, it’s pretty clear she’s not having any troubles orgasming anymore. The incident is followed by a 4-way FaceTime call between Jane, Sutton, Kat, and an awkward Ben. Thankfully, you can post-mates anything these days, even Plan-B. Speaking of which, I feel horrible for the guy who dropped it off. These two were a frazzled mess, and let’s just say Ben couldn’t have picked a more inconvenient time to drop a certain word to Jane. 

Afterwards, Jane decides to make an appointment with her gynecologist and is shocked when her doctor suggests she start thinking about her fertility plan sooner than later. Unfortunately, her BRCA gene mutation comes with more risks and decisions than she originally thought. Although it came with some more disheartening news, I think it’s great that the writers chose to touch back on Jane’s journey with this. Her diagnosis isn’t just something that goes away, and it’s important to acknowledge that. 

Like any great writer, Jane turns her misfortunate into something she can write about. Her original pitch is some ridiculous sentiment that children are accessories, but thankfully after a heart-warming talk with Jacqueline a bit more, it leads somewhere else. I really missed the mother-daughter style scenes between these two. They’re always some of the character’s best scenes. Towards the end of the episode, Jane also opens up to Dr. Ben, and it might not go how you’d expect.

The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 8

Sutton: Everyone at Scarlet is scrambling to make fashion week in Paris happen, and with Oliver out for the week, Sutton is in charge. After an angry text from him, she realizes her risky choice with the fashion department’s budget might not have been the right one. This prompts her to ask Jacqueline if they can renegotiate because of how set Oliver is on a specific location for a shoot. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the answer she was hoping for, and Sutton has to find a way to make ends meet. Luckily, our girl is very resourceful and puts her past of thrift shopping to good use. Sutton works way too hard to not be promoted soon, just throwing that out there.

When she’s not trying to charm her way into getting to use a location for free, she’s juicing. There’s a hilariously odd amount of attention giving to Oliver’s juicer who he seems to treat like a second child. Speaking of Oliver, he manages to be the funniest person in the episode and he’s not even in it. At the end of the episode, Sutton get’s some exciting news and her reaction is both comical and adorable.

Kat: When Cleo approaches Kat with the opportunity to work with a company as an influencer, she jumps at the chance. Kat quickly meets with a brand representative, and after glancing over her contract, she excitedly agrees to work with them. However, after a run-in with Pinstripe, who’s freelancing for one of Safford’s other magazines, Kat starts to question if she made the right choice. I can’t give away too much, but I will say that Cleo gets them all into a sticky situation. It leads to a heated discussion later on with Jacqueline, and Jacqueline, rightfully, puts Cleo in her place. Although Kat should be able to rely on her board members, she’s a Department Head and should know better than signing a contract without reading it first. Each episode makes it more and more clear that Kat still has a lot of growing up to do. Because of her parents, she’s never really been accountable for herself or her actions, and it really shows both at work and in her relationship.

Speaking of her relationship, the chaos of last week basically gets put on pause while Kat deals with everything at work. So it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see where the whole open relationship thing goes and why Kat feels a rift. Adena isn’t in the episode, nor is she really mentioned. What does get mentioned, though, is Kat’s sexuality. Quite honestly, I’m extremely confused with the dialogue throughout the episode. The amount of times labels are thrown around in regards to Kat’s sexuality is a little off-putting. I realize Kat has yet to define herself, but I think the writers should stick with the word “queer” in the meantime rather than having her bounce between sexual identities. Hopefully we get some clarity on that before the season ends.

Highlights and Lowlights

Lowlights: As crucial as it is to show the real and raw hardships people go through, Tiny Jane needs a break from all the heavy storylines. She has no shortage of tragic backstories, and they need to lay off for a little while. That being said, I really do enjoy how they brought back Jane’s struggles with her BRCA results. Also, as happy as I am to pretend last week’s episode never happened, it felt odd to not acknowledge anything that occurred. 

Highlights: Kat using the term “breeders,” Sutton’s texts from Oliver, the fact that all of the girls get scenes with Jacqueline this episode, Andrew’s snarky comments, and every moment in the fashion closet.

Overall, the episode is a huge step-up from last week, and definitely has more of that Season 1 feel. Although it’s riddled with some odd choices, it was one of the best episodes this season and addresses important issues.

No Context Quotes

  • “He’s Christian, not a character on Handmaid’s Tale.
  • “Do we have another photo of Michael B. Jordan? He’s just so gorgeous everyone is gonna think he’s CGI.”
  • “How about the old fashion sperm delivery: Ben’s penis.” The way this line is delivered is possibly the best part of the episode.
  • “I’m not seeing the allure of being a human Kleenex.”

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