The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6

The trio is caught between rocks and hard-places.

On The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6, “The Domino Effect,” Jane gets nominated for a Mandy award that leads her to promising opportunities and Sutton is stuck styling Richard’s new girlfriend for the event. Meanwhile, Kat struggles with being honest with both herself and Adena.

The Girls

Jane: Jane’s luck turns around this episode when the piece she wrote on Jacqueline and sexual assault is nominated for an award. Not only does she have the honor of representing both herself and survivors everywhere, the news of her nomination has people eager to meet with her. In true millennial fashion, Jane went from viral meme to prestigious writer overnight. She jumps at the chance to write a follow-up article (with Jacqueline’s blessing) and it doesn’t lead quite where she expected it to. After meeting with a woman who shares her own story of sexual assault, Jane has to make a tough decision on whether or not to include it in her piece. It’s a very charged, emotional, and heavy issue, but it’s real. 

The premise of her article is about “The Domino Effect” and how one voice can start a movement. On The Bold Type, Jacqueline Carlyle was that voice. She came forward and inspired many others to do the same. Hopefully they keep this discussion going on the show, and we see more of Jacqueline telling Jacqueline’s story, rather than Jane.

Sutton: When she’s not drinking her sorrows away with party animal Brooke, Sutton is tasked with styling Richard’s girlfriend, Jessica. And although any other person wouldn’t hesitate to sabotage their ex’s night, Sutton is a pro, and reminds us all what this show is really about. Women supporting women. Whether they’re dating the person you’re in love with or not. We’ve seen her make a lot of grown up decisions recently, and this episode is no exception. After an awkward fitting with Jessica and 10 shots too many, Sutton has a realization about some of the decisions she’s been making. 

Speaking of Brooke, she is one of the worst types of friends you can have, and Sutton needs to cut her out ASAP. She’s not good company and is constantly pressuring Sutton to bottle up her feelings. Also, Brooke’s liver must be made of steel because she has the alcohol tolerance of a 17-year-old whose body hasn’t started rejecting alcohol yet. 

The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 6

*this episode may or may not contain a lingering stare between Richard and Sutton*

Kat: After writing off her sex dream as just missing Adena, Kat decides to go out and explore the lesbian scene a bit more on her own. She’s incredibly new to this world, and hasn’t quite found herself yet, which I suspect will be a big part of her story for the rest of the season. She’s curious, confused, and inexperienced, which leads her to have thoughts and feelings she hasn’t before. Kat hasn’t really explored her sexuality prior to Adena, and she needs to. 

Adena is eager to be home and tell Kat all about her retreat, but it gets cut short when Kat has a few confessions to make. She has a lot of self-discovery to do, and can only experience so many things while in a relationship. The two of them have to figure out where to go from here. They’re young and in love and don’t want to end things, but Adena understands Kat’s burgeoning curiosity. It’ll be interesting to see how they go about it, but at least now they’ve opened up the discussion and can begin to work through it all. 

Personally, I think Adena will suggest they try having an open relationship, so Kat can go find herself without them having to separate. 

Overall Thoughts

The Bold Type did an excellent job of continuing on Jacqueline’s sexual assault story from the Season 1 finale and incorporating the #metoo movement. I hope they continue to touch on it and the impact this past year has had on both the characters and real-life survivors. 

This episode has a lot of pivotal moments for the girls, both good and bad. Jane’s nomination opens up doors for her, Sutton decides to make some life changes, and Kat realizes she needs to explore this part of herself that’s still so new to her. Although some very heavy topics are addressed, as always, there’s some lighthearted moments as well. There’s another hilarious opener consisting of hair being held back and making the perfect frittatas and a heart-warming ending. Also, look out for a dancing sequence ft. a Hayley Kiyoko song.

No Context Quotes

  • “This better be Ativan or sour patch kids.”
  • “How were her boobs? Did you touch them?”
  • “Does this mean I get my friend back? The one you drank.”

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