The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 9
When “#45” visits New York, the Scarlet staff are stuck in the building with the exception of Kat, who is at the airport with Adena whose facing deportation.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 9, “Before Tequila Sunrise,” Jane makes a decision about Incite that no one saw coming, Sutton unfortunately makes a big mistake in her personal life, and Kat is about to lose everything for Adena. The lives of these girls are really blowing up.

Career Growth

Of course there’s still time for Jane to change her mind and stay at Scarlet, but working at Incite will really be a great opportunity for Jane to write what she wants to write, rather than what Scarlet entails. Being saddled with the monthly quiz didn’t help Jane want to stay at Scarlet, especially after her pitch was given to Alex. (However, Jane has taken one of Alex’s pitches before: the breast cancer doctor.)

Does Jane really believe she’s gotten everything out of Scarlet that she can? She just got promoted to being a writer, so it’s strange to see her giving up so quickly on this. It’s been her dream to work for Scarlet since she was a kid, so why is she just quitting so easily? Jane does have a lot to say and we have seen her have to dial back her ideas to fit with Scarlet’s aesthetic and their demographic.

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 8

Since this is a series about these girls working for Scarlet, it’s safe to say Jane will be back soon (if she does leave) if the series is given a second season. Perhaps Incite will not be what she expected, or maybe the investor they landed will pull out and Incite will die the quick death of many digital magazines, but nonetheless, Jane belongs at Scarlet, she just needs to find her voice there.

Jacqueline’s story to Jane about her decision to be the Editor-in-Chief or not could have been inspiring to Jane to fight for the stories she wants to tell. Perhaps Jane has more to say for Scarlet as the political vertical begins to expand, but I, personally, don’t believe she’ll realize that until it’s too late. There’s still an episode left, and according to the episode description, Jane is going to be writing a profile on someone who has made sexual assault claims, which is probably going to make or break her career at Scarlet. If this piece isn’t handled right (and it isn’t clear which place she’ll be writing the piece for), it could be the downfall of her career. As we know with Jane, she’s a bit judgmental and stuck in her old Colorado ways, but hopefully she’ll realize the severity of the situation.

Uh Oh, Sutton…

What has she done? Earlier in the episode, she was so sad over Richard (and she still is), but in a drunken blaze, she went with Alex to his place and the two did the deed. Yikes, girl. That’s no way to start a relationship (sorry, Salex shippers), but it is the perfect rebound to reboot the decline from Richard Hunter.

Unfortunately, Sutton was blackout drunk, so she woke up with no recollection of the night before. At least that’s how it seemed. How drunk was Alex? Was he sober enough to realize that this wasn’t what should be happening and that Sutton was clearly too intoxicated? Or was he also blackout drunk? Seeing as he remembered it in the morning, it’s more likely the former. How is The Bold Type going to be handling this?

Is this going to be handled how Switched at Birth handled their story, or will this just be a “drunken mistake”? Whatever the case, this is going to mess up Sutton’s romantic life. Like, she won’t have one left after this. Now we wait for Richard’s declaration of love in the season finale.

Airport Sex?

First of all, how is it realistic that the first class lounge is going to be completely empty? It’s not. There’s no way Kat and Adena would’ve been able to have this moment there, and have fallen asleep after doing the deed and not have gotten caught.

Moving on, did anyone expect Kat to get on the plane? In a way, it’s kind of surprising that she didn’t, especially after what she told Adena of her life growing up. Kat craves adventure, but perhaps going to Adena’s oppressive home country isn’t the best move for Kat Edison, breaker of rules. Fleeing the country for an adventure is a season finale thing, not a penultimate episode thing. Kat probably will leave Scarlet at some point to do her own thing and find her adventurous spirit, but she got scared this time. Going somewhere because of Adena wouldn’t have been the best move for Kat to make, and she wouldn’t have been happy with the choice.

Kat and Adena are at very different times of their lives and I wonder if they could work right now as a couple. Not just because of the distance, but because Kat wants adventure and Adena is ready to settle down. The timing is off (again) and that’s so important in any relationship. Maybe these two could find each other again in the future, but realistically, they should stay friends and stay in contact but not pursue a romantic relationship until they’re at the same place in their lives. Otherwise, all they’ll be left with is, “What if?” and that’s no way to end a relationship.

But there’s still an episode left until the season (possible series) finale and who knows what Kat will do. Will she leave the country for an adventure, or for Adena, or stay at Scarlet and find her adventure with her best friends in New York?

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