The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 6

When Jane is given a story, it brings up memories of her past. Meanwhile, Sutton makes a big mistake during her first day in the fashion department.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 6, “The Breast Issue,” the series tackles breast health and every day sexism as Kat protests Instagram’s “no-women’s-nipples” policy, while Jane deals with memories of her past and her mother dying of breast cancer while she struggles with the possibility of breast cancer being in her future.

No More Green Juice

Sutton trades in green juice for coffee runs this week and seemed oddly surprised when her new assistant job required her to be an assistant. In good Sutton fashion, however, she was determined to show Oliver she was capable of doing more than fetching chai lattes. 

Each week Sutton proves herself more and more. Not just as a quietly determined badass, but also as a friend — as witnessed by her dropping everything to go comfort Jane. She also continues to prove herself to be the most relatable of the three, by accidentally leaving a $5,000 necklace in one of New York’s 8 million cabs. This was the biggest mistake we’ve seen her make so far, and she’s lucky it all worked out. 

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 6

As for the budding love triangle between Richard, Sutton, and Alex, color me unimpressed. The world can do without yet another heterosexual love triangle. It’s unnecessary, and it’s surprising The Bold Type is going down this route. For a show tackling so many important issues and crushing every stereotype in the book, it’s disappointing to see them throw one of the leading ladies in a love triangle. 


I debated calling titling this section “Kat works?” because aside from accidentally tweeting out mildly homophobic comments, stacking hats, and crying on bicycles, we rarely see her acting as the Social Media Director. It’s just refreshing to see Kat actually doing her job in an episode, rather than leaving her desk to chase around someone else’s girlfriend, I mean Adena. 

We definitely got to see a more competitive side to Kat this week, as her focus quickly shifted from raising breast cancer awareness to “winning” against a bunch of balding board members. Don’t get me wrong, I was right there with her, ready to take on the patriarchy, but she really needs to learn how to pick and choose her battles. She put their 2.1 million follower reach with Instagram at risk because she let her competitive side get the best of her. She seems to be really impulsive, as we witnessed in the pilot when she wanted to tweet #FreeAdena, they’ve yet to show us how she managed to get promoted to director 2 years prior to the other girls. Still waiting.

Thankfully, Kat came through for “Tiny Jane” at the end of the episode, and apologized for pushing her on getting breast examinations earlier on. Possibly her most relatable line thus far was confessing that as much as she wants the best for Jane, she’s actually just like the rest of us, and would hate it if 50% of her social life got sick. Me too, Kat. Big mood. 

Take a Walk, Jane

Jane’s work life has been nothing short of hell lately, and this week was no exception. After being sued for defamation, Jane is forced to come face-to-face with one of her biggest fears as Scarlet raises awareness for breast cancer. There’s no question that breast cancer is a terrifyingly real problem, and it was much appreciated to see The Bold Type tackle such an important issue. There are so many viewers that this storyline will really resonate with, and for those that aren’t in the position of Jane and millions of others, it was very eye-opening on how to express your support and understanding. 

As for Jane’s blow-up: Yikes. Tiny Jane really needs to work on watching the things that come out of her mouth. Last week we saw her demean Morgyn Stanley, and this week she blew up at her boss in front of her staff. Regardless of what Jane is going through, she was out of line, and quite frankly she’s lucky she didn’t get fired. Instead, she got a look into “Jackie’s” personal life, and damn her apartment is nice. 

This whole situation poses a question for me though. Would Jane have dared to scream at her boss like that if Jacqueline was a man? These girls, so far just Kat and Jane, have a habit of disregarding her instructions at work. It could partially be because she’s, at times, too lenient, but I still think it’s important to keep this in mind while watching these interactions take place. These ladies seem to have no problem pushing their luck with her, and I think it’s time we see Jacqueline stand her ground. 

Drama aside, this episode was definitely an important one. It got the conversation started about breast cancer, and shined a light on something so many people struggle with everyday. The Bold Type didn’t disappoint, and it’s storylines like this that are going to keep people tuning in each week. 

What did you think of The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 6? Did you side with Jane in her blow up with Jacqueline, or with Jacqueline? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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