Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6
Sam goes to great lengths to help an old friend who was wronged, while Castiel works a case in search of new purpose.

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6, Sam and Dean are visited by their late friend Eileen. Sam returns to Rowena’s apartment in search of a way to help her, while Dean struggles to come to terms with their situation with God. Meanwhile, Castiel finds a case of his own, and some sage advice.

Castiel Returns

I was over the moon to discover that Castiel was back this week. I had to wait a whole two episodes to see him, and I was heartbroken. But this week, we learn that Castiel has been taking some time to himself, renting a cabin in Wyoming. He left to put the Winchesters behind him, and he’s been ignoring all of Sam’s messages. At the same time, he’s been fishing just because it reminds him of Dean. So, safe to say the Winchesters aren’t out of sight and out of mind.

His so-called “vacation” is interrupted when he stumbles onto a case, the body of a boy found in a lake, drained of all blood. Castiel steps back into his role as a hunter to get the truth, and to help a mother who suspects her boy might have gone missing as well. However, when the sheriff questions his authority as FBI, Castiel needs to reach out to Dean. Still burned from their argument, Dean doesn’t offer much help. He simply says that God is back on the board, Cas needs to watch his back, and answer Sam’s voicemails. Then he hangs up, leaving Castiel almost as exasperated as I was.

But Castiel’s case comes to a hopeful close. He and the mother, Melly, are able to find her boy in the woods. Castiel confronts the sheriff, who turns out to be a djinn, and overpowers him in a stunning scene that had me whooping in my seat. The highlight? Castiel’s powerful line, “It’s always you—you selfish little men in positions of authority. You take what you want, you take who you want, and you believe that your power will protect you. Well it won’t protect you from me.” BAM!

Aside from the fight, and the very real-world applications of Castiel’s speech, there is another important reveal. Castiel attempts to heal the boy’s leg, and is barely manage to do so. His powers, as he’s previously mentioned, are deteriorating rapidly. This could mean any number of terrible things for the future. In an interview with Variety, actor Misha Collins teased that this season may show Castiel standing with humanity, deciding that these are “his people.” This may well have something to do with Castiel losing his powers, and becoming human again, as it were. On the bright side, if Castiel ceases to be human, it may let him out of the deal he made with The Shadow in the previous season.

Despite all this, Castiel’s conversations with Melly have convinced him to “get back in the game.” Hopefully, this means a reunion with the Winchesters is imminent. Someone needs to care for this fallen angel, STAT.

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

Eileen Resurrected

This week also saw the return of one of my favorite female characters—Eileen Leahy. Eileen is a deaf hunter, her ears damaged by a banshee when she was just a baby. She was introduced in Supernatural Season 11, and killed just one season later by the British Men of Letters. I was heartbroken, but not surprised. The long road of Supernatural has taught me not to get too attached to any female characters.

That’s one of the reasons that this week was such a surprise to me. Eileen is brought back as a ghost, one of the many souls that escaped Hell in last season’s finale. She seeks out the Winchesters in hopes of being sent to rest in Heaven. However, that turns out to be impossible due to the recently imposed rule that souls which have been to Hell cannot enter Heaven. I don’t love the new rules of canon, but they’re all chalked up as Chuck changing his mind. I’m hoping that’s another thing that will be fixed before the rapidly approaching series finale.

Either way, the boys vow to find another way to help Eileen. Sam ends up carrying most of the weight, as Dean is still reeling from the realization that God is still interfering in their lives. Looking for answers, Sam takes Eileen to Rowena’s apartment in hopes of finding a spell that can trap her soul in solitude. Instead, he finds something even better: a spell that can return her soul to her renewed, corporeal body. They have a way to resurrect her that’s almost too good to be true. So I decided, of course, that it was.

It was touch and go for a lot of the episode. Sam and Eileen are interrupted by a pair of witches looking to get their hands on Rowena’s work. The spell is nearly used up by their enemies, and Sam is nearly killed yet again. And somehow, at the end of the episode, the spell is still intact and ready to use. They prepare the necessary ingredients at the bunker, Sam reads the incantation, and impossibly…it works. Eileen steps back into her body and is able to hug Sam, very much alive.

Needless to say, I was bawling my eyes out. It is so rare to get this kind of win on Supernatural, especially since all the guest stars in the previous episodes have been dead or dying. My only fear now is that Eileen will be written off again, safe and happy but not part of the plot. She is an incredible character, who has a great relationship with Sam. I hope that she sticks around until the end of the show, because she could be an incredible ally and friend.

Sam and Rowena and Magic

The reason Sam and Eileen run into so much trouble in this episode is that Rowena’s magic is highly coveted. Her apartment has been hexed as a precaution, so anyone who attempts to break in is killed. Anyone, that is, except Sam Winchester. Apparently, Rowena’s last will and testament was to leave all her belongings, her journals, her spells, to Sam.

When tasked with finding a solution of Eileen’s situation, Dean points out that Sam was something of a protégé to Rowena. He jokes that Sam is like a “Ginger Junior.” Dean might have been joking, but it’s really Sam’s understanding of Rowena’s work that saves the day. He’s able to kill one of the rival witches with a hex bag of his own, and even finish the spell that Rowena was perfecting to resurrect the dead. Sam Winchester defeats death to bring Eileen back, all with what Rowena taught him.

Maybe I’m just getting a little bit emotional. I loved the scene where Sam finds Rowena’s journals, and the continuing attention to his grieving. He’s actively mourning his relationship with her, which is more than I could have hoped for when Rowena died in Episode 3. I loved that Sam is the one person Rowena trusted all her magic and her powers to, despite their complicated relationship. Hopefully, Sam can take that as a reassurance to ease the guilt he’s carrying around. And I’m sure that if Rowena could see her protégé, she’d be incredibly proud.

Upon finding the journals, Sam also says something incredibly insightful. Rowena knew “the game,” or their world, was rigged by God. She used magic as her way to take back control. That doesn’t sound all that different from Sam and Dean’s current situation. If Sam is poised to be Rowena’s successor, it could very well be a key component to taking down Chuck.

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6

The Witches and Foreshadowing

The witch subplot this week was not at all what I expected it to be. After seeing actress Keegan Connor Tracy in the preview, I mistakenly assumed that she would be reprising her role as Sera, Chuck’s publisher from Season 4. “Cool,” I said to myself. “So we’ll get a little insight to God, and what his goals were back in Season 4! Maybe his publisher is still an ally, and tries to ply Sam for information about his gunshot wound!” Aha…just kidding.

To be fair, Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6 is Tracy’s third time appearing on Supernatural, and her third separate character. Aside from Season 4 Episode 18, “The Monster at the End of This Book,” she also played a victim in Season 2 Episode 7, “The Usual Suspects.” And she’s not the only returning actress with a new name! It took me the whole episode to recognize Jodelle Ferland, who appeared way back in Season 1. Older fans will remember Supernatural Season 1 Episode 19, “Provenance,” where Ferland plays a ghostly girl stuck in a painting.

In Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6, Ferland plays a young witch named Emily. Her mother, Tracy’s character, is intent on using Rowena’s resurrection spell on her eldest daughter, Jessie. In a moment of weakness, Emily reveals to Sam that she doesn’t want to save her older sister, who was repeatedly cruel to her. Despite Sam’s attempt to reach out, Emily stays loyal to her family and forces him to go through with their plan. In the end, Emily and Jessie are both dispatched by Dean, while Sam takes out their mother with a hex bag.

This is the second episode this season with a subplot that revolves around siblings. Last week, we watched two werewolf brothers die in a murder-suicide scenario. Lilith directly told Dean that it was meant as foreshadowing. This week we have two more siblings, loosely compared to the Winchesters, who die in a slightly different way. Is this more foreshadowing? And if it is, is that good or bad?

The bad version suggests that Chuck’s endgame is unavoidable. Maybe Sam won’t kill Dean or Dean won’t kill Sam, but they will both end up dead. Or maybe it suggests something a little more hopeful: that magic disrupts the script. Maybe, when they work as a team, and use all the powers at their disposal, the Winchesters can change Chuck’s ending. At least if they die, it will be on their terms. It’s a bit of a stretch, but for the moment, I’m choosing to be hopeful.


This might be one of my favorite episodes in the season so far. It felt like a very rare win, which I’m not sure I’ll get again in the coming weeks. Especially as we grow closer to the mid-season finale, I don’t expect to be seeing many victories. But this week we got Castiel back, we got Eileen back, and we got some heartfelt moments from Sam. There’s the promise of hope, victory, and reunions, however vague. For now, at least, I’m at peace.

I’m not sure how to feel about the next episode’s promo. It doesn’t say much about the episode, and I actually had to go searching for a summary online. Fans of the show Leverage will be thrilled to hear about guest star Christian Kane, who plays an old friend of Dean’s. As it seems, Supernatural Season 15 Episode 7, “Last Call,” won’t feature a case, just Dean’s wild night out on the town. That has the potential to be either a hilarious filler episode, or an indulgent roadblock for a series in its final countdown. We’ll have to wait two weeks to find out.

What did you think of Supernatural Season 15 Episode 6? Do you have any hopes for Eileen’s future? What are you praying to see next episode? Share your thoughts in the comments, or let us know on Twitter!

The next episode of Supernatural will air on the CW Thursday, December 5th at 8/7c.