Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2
After the revelation that President Olivia Marsdin is an alien swept the country, Supergirl found herself as a beacon of hope for the world to unite and accept the differences among the citizens. Doesn’t look like it worked though.

On Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2, President Marsdin resigned as Supergirl paid her a visit at the White House. (Where was Cat Grant? You’re telling me that Cat Grant, the Press Secretary and Supergirl’s first supporter, wouldn’t have been present at a meeting between these two ladies? The meeting should have happened in National City if the writers couldn’t have even brought Calista back for a five second scene.) Meanwhile, Mercy Graves strikes again, but this time she goes after a much closer target.

New President, New America

I guess having a decent President of the United States wasn’t working for Supergirl, huh? After all, how could they, realistically, take on the topics of nationalism and immigration, specifically in America, when their President isn’t a piece of human garbage? It may have been a nice gesture to depict good in the world when President Marsdin was introduced on Supergirl Season 2, but it limited the number of stories the series could take on that actually reflected our world.

The way Kara devoted herself to standing behind the new President and America during this crucial time makes me certain she’ll live to regret that. He may have been her running mate, but what is this man going to do to tarnish President Marsdin’s name? What was he hiding during his time as Vice President that she didn’t know about because she was never able to be truly honest with him? It’s obvious the writers are gearing up for this guy to be their fictional Trump, and while it may give way for an important story on nationalism, do we really need to live through two terrible Presidents?

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2
Any way, so Kara’s now the alien face behind this new POTUS, which will be disastrous, but her speech at the end of the episode was inspiring. Supergirl is best when it becomes a voice of hope amongst the fear, heartbreak, and tragedy of the superhero world. The strongest moments of Supergirl Season 1 were the intensified speeches about having hope, believing in those around you, and becoming your own hero. Hopefully this season will start to find the magic again.

Lena’s “Keen” Eye

As Kara attempted to get away from Lena and Eve during the attack by Mercy and her people to get into her superhero garb, which was hilarious and quite special, it just begs the question: how long will the writers drag out Lena not knowing the secret? It’s grown tiresome to see Lena, who is constantly praised as one of, if not the, smartest mind on Earth-38 not know her best friend, the person she’s closest to, is hiding a superhero identity from her. Kara’s such a terrible friend, and I can understand why she hid her identity from Lena in the beginning, but it’s gone on for too long. If Kara really trusted Lena, she would have revealed the secret by now, even if she expected a little “fallout.” (See what I did there?) 

Lena is too intelligent to be written this poorly. Hell, if Cat Grant could figure it out after seeing Kara and Supergirl in the same room together, why can’t Lena realize Kara disappears every time Supergirl comes around? It’s honestly ridiculous, and it should be made clear to the audience that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl but doesn’t care and is giving her the time to come around to owning it herself, because that’s the only explanation that makes sense at this point.

The relationship between Lena and Mercy is one I cannot wait to see explored this season, assuming the writers take the time to do so. How far is Lena willing to go for the woman who was like a big sister to her? Mercy and Lex, since it’s announced he’ll be appearing on the show later this season, will share some interesting scenes with Lena, I presume. How will Katie McGrath handle channeling the trauma of Lena’s every time she sees her brother? Will this reunion with Mercy and Lex be what officially turns Lena down the anti-alien road? 

James and Nia

How is James going to preach about being ethical and providing coverage of “both sides” in order to not take a stand when he lets Kara do firsthand reporting of her Supergirl stories? Sure, she was there, but only he knows that and her writing is obviously slanted because she’s appraising her own actions in her reporting. Also, this man was literally a vigilante fighting for the citizens of National City and is the best friend of Supergirl and a close confidant of Supergirl, so he’s literally the worst person to be pushing the “balanced reporting” aspect.

If Cat Grant were here, she would have quickly stood by Supergirl and the other aliens in the world because CatCo has never been afraid of standing a side on an issue, especially a political one. Cat Grant fought for what she believed in and used her magazine to fight for what was right; James is making a mockery of her legacy, and I’m forever going to be upset and bitter than Cat Grant isn’t still around. We haven’t even gotten a glimpse of her since the Supergirl Season 3 premiere, it’s devastating. We didn’t deserve her and the world realized that.

Nia is proving to be a great addition. Her fight with James about taking a stand, while it should have been unnecessary, was a beautiful point for her character to make as a reporter at a magazine that has always chosen to put their reader’s needs first. Hopefully we can see her actually reporting on a story in the near future instead of just being a voice, but she’s great nonetheless. The sleeping at her desk was a nice not to her burgeoning powers, and the scene with Brainy at the Pizza Parlor was heartbreaking and raw. I feel so terrible for Brainy; he’s from a future where he doesn’t get treatment like this, so I can’t imagine dealing with that for the first time when it’s something you’ve never had to prepare yourself for. Nia, on the other hand, proved stronger than I thought she would, and she didn’t even need powers to stand up for Brainy to a bunch of straight, white men who wanted to take out their misplaced anger on him. As a trans woman, that alone shows how brave she is. She’s going to make a fantastic superhero.

What did you think of Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2? Is Nia on the right track? Do you think this season will be better than the last?

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