Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8

Kara and Alex, desperate to get away from everything and everyone on their Earth to recuperate, attend Iris and Barry’s wedding on Earth-1, which leads them to getting involved with the Nazi invaders.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8, “Crisis on Earth-X,” Overgirl and Dark Arrow come to Earth-1 and interrupt Iris and Barry’s wedding ceremony for two reasons: to invade this Earth and spread their propaganda, and also to kidnap Kara Danvers to replace Overgirl’s heart with hers, which has become damaged by the amount of solar radiation she’s been exposed to.

(This review will cover the entire crossover, but will mostly focus on Kara and Alex. We will be posting other reviews for the crossover, too, under The Flash and Arrow categories.)

Alex and Sara

Alex and Sara’s interaction was to be expected, wasn’t it? As the only two LGBT female characters, that are main characters, in the Arrow-verse, it’s no surprise the writers would throw them together for a night, but it was surprising to see how the interaction affected both of them. Alex finally understands, partially because of Sara, that she made the right choice in letting Maggie go and putting her future and what she wants for herself as the priority. Like it or not, you have to get behind this story and accept that Alex is moving on, and she does want kids some day.

With the determination Alex had to save her sister from… well, herself… we know she’s going to be a damn good mother, and whoever she is with will support her and want to be a mom, too. Though Sara didn’t interject her opinion into Alex’s choice and giving up the girl for future children, in the few short hours they spent together, Sara knew that Alex is a smart, strong woman, and whatever choice she made, she did it for a reason.

Supergirl Is So Over You, Girl

While the Nazis weren’t necessary, and that agenda didn’t need further pushing with the current political atmosphere in the United States, Overgirl was interesting to watch, and Melissa Benoist killed it as both characters. Poor Melissa probably had the most scenes where she was playing off of herself, and it was actually very well done, and I didn’t doubt that these were two separate identities. (Benoist was more capable of playing off of herself than Franz Drameh was pretending to be upset that Stein died. Could that acting have been any worse?)

The idea that Kara’s heart can actually suffer from the sun’s radiation is actually an interesting concept, and it would be interesting to see something around this done later on during Supergirl‘s run. Would there be a solution to this without stealing one of her doppelgänger’s hearts?

Overgirl may have actually taught Kara a thing or two, too, about her current dilemma and why she needs to keep trying to be “human” when she’s Kara Danvers. If she stops being human and acts better than everyone else, what’s the difference between her and Overgirl (without the problematic Nazi crap)? Overgirl basically declared herself a god on her Earth, and if Kara starts acting like she’s better than everyone else because she’s an alien, something similar could happen to her.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8

Now that she’s going back to her Earth, I hope Kara is able to come to terms with her humanity and realize it separates her from the villains she’s fought thus far. Both Non and Rhea thought they (and their kind) were better than humanity, and they deserved to live while humans didn’t. Supergirl and Superman are different because they have been raised (at least partially) by humans, and they understand that humans aren’t so different, which is why both can fit in while other human-passing aliens cannot.


Alex’s involvement in the crossover was actually a lot heavier than I first believed it would be. Lucky for her. The crossovers usually only focus on Barry, Kara, Oliver, and Sara (or some variation of that), so to see Alex, Felicity, and Iris get almost as much attention was refreshing. While the premise of the crossover may not have been my favorite, I’ll give them a small round of applause for actually being able to explore a story outside of the main four characters, like Jax and Stein’s dilemma, or Ray and Leo on Earth-X.

Even the small appearance from “General” Schott was a nice nod to Winn’s character and the importance of his presence on Supergirl. Guardian’s appearance as one of the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X was also very smart, and very satisfying to watch; we may not see James as Guardian often on his own Earth, but it’s good to know that the legacy is being carried out in parallel worlds, too. I think James is just in the wrong place to really conquer his dream of being a hero, because why do they need Guardian if they have Supergirl and Superman?

Other Thoughts

Whoever thought of the relationship between Overgirl and Dark Arrow needs to be fired, immediately, because Melissa and Stephen share absolutely no chemistry. Perhaps this was just how they were told to act out the relationship between the Nazis, but it was like nails were being shoved into their backs every time they had to feign romantic interest in one another. This relationship also didn’t mean much to the story, other than being Dark Arrow’s driving force for capturing Kara Danvers, but he could have been persuaded another way so this relationship never had to happen, and we didn’t need to get new eyes.

I’d also really like Killer Frost to come to Supergirl and join Kara and Alex in National City. We didn’t see much interaction between Caitlin and Kara, but we know they’re friends, and Killer Frost’s abilities would be better utilized in National City than in Central City. The villains there are all aimed toward speedsters, obviously, while Kara’s villains are usually quite different and she has to come up with a new way to stop them every time. Also, Caitlin just doesn’t have much to do on Earth-1 anymore, and the scenes with Killer Frost kicking ass were too good to never see again.

I wouldn’t be opposed to another rendezvous between Alex and Sara in the future. They both learned a lot from each other, and it’s important that we see LGBT+ friendships portrayed on-screen. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, Sara and Alex have an interesting bond that could be explored, and it’d be an interesting episode if White Canary ever crossed over to their Earth. Fingers crossed.

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