Supergirl Season 3 Episode 23
As Reign and the witches attempt to turn Earth into a new Krypton, the final battle leads to interesting results, which send our beloved characters on several new paths.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 23 marks the end of a rocky, messy season, and Kara’s life is now on track once again, or so it seems. Meanwhile, two (three, maybe?) consistent characters take their leave, another unmasks, and Kara’s debate between Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El seemingly comes to a close.

The End of Reign

Reign (mostly Sam) was a shining light in an otherwise dreary season, and it’s uncertain what the future holds for Samantha Arias. It’s likely that Sam will leave National City to pursue a normal life with her daughter after the misfortune of her last year and all of the pain she has to deal with, but I’d really love to see Sam (and Odette Annable) stay on the show in some capacity. Sam is a human again, so fans’ hopes for a Superwoman arc aren’t in the cards, but she’s still a part of beautiful relationships with our regular cast members.

The actual ending to Reign’s story was… lame. Kara actually decided to kill Reign, but, of course, had the opportunity to go back and make the “right” choice. Honestly, she only regretted killing Reign because of the mess it created with Mon-El, Alura, and Sam all basically dying in front of her. If no one had died, what would Kara have done? Would she have regretted how the situation went? I wish we could have seen Kara go down the path of killing the Big Bad villain and see how that changed her; instead, we’re just seeing the same moral conflict every season on The Flash and Supergirl and it’s grown quite tiresome. Take a stance, stay there, and don’t revisit it every time things get hard. One episode per season does not need to be devoted to this conflict when the results are always the same.

With Reign and the witches behind Kara and co., I hope Supergirl can use Season 4 to improve. This season was messy, inconsistent, and it was clear there was a shakeup behind-the-scenes because the writing reflected this and the stories from the beginning of the season could not have been more different. It’s time for a fresh start, writers.

Looking Forward

As a fan of Winn, I’m really going to miss him, but it’s looking like he’ll make a few appearances next season even though he’s centuries ahead in time. That said, Winn joining the Legion doesn’t seem extraordinarily crazy. Winn has quite a gifted mind, so it would be a steep learning curve to adapt to the advances of technology in the future and the new world he’s living in, but he could easily do so. Mostly, the main concern with Winn is the detachment from yet another family. The loss of his mother and father made such a mark on Winn that it was repeatedly revisited, but now he’s lost a good family and all of his friends. Sure, he can occasionally come back in time, but he’s not going to be home anymore, at least not for the time being.

Likewise, how will Brainy adapt to being in the 21st century where the technology is limited compared to what he’s used to? Also, will the writers attempt to delve into the changes in time they’re creating? Winn’s tech is archive worthy because he spent time in the past working on it, developing it, and creating new ideas, but as of now, Winn has not done any of that. He’s not the Winn that changed the future of technology yet because he hasn’t had a chance to. Maybe in a few years, but it just seems a bit off that they’d take Winn to the future and risk throwing off all of the future’s tech because of this. Though, I doubt anyone thought that through and they just couldn’t think of any other way to bump Jeremy Jordan to a recurring cast member.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 23

The exit of Mon-El is exciting because the series, and Kara especially, have a chance to advance now. This man who was past his expiration date in his second episode is now gone and is no longer holding Kara back as a hero or woman. Mon-El is returning to his wife, Saturn Girl, in the future, and Kara is free to live her life without her forgotten, abusive ex-boyfriend hanging off of her shoulders.

I’m interested to see what role J’onn will play now that he’s stepped down as Director of the DEO. I called Alex being promoted halfway through the season, but J’onn has only ever been the Director of the DEO. Who is he outside of this role? Maybe J’onn will step into Alex’s role and take on work that’s more in the field than behind a desk, but maybe he’ll just remain a citizen and attempt to do good in the world from a different point of view. With (hopefully) more focus on Kara Danvers next season at CatCo, we could use some more citizen chivalry to boost the show and ground it once again.

As for Lena, the writers better not be making her evil. I can see Lena embarking on a journey into the darkness, but she’s fought so hard to do good and I don’t see evil in her future, ever. However, I expect Lena to be on Kara’s bad side next season, especially when Kara inevitably discovers Lena kept some of the black kryptonite to perform tests on. Also, isn’t Eve supposed to be James’ assistant? Why is she helping Lena and keeping secrets from her boss, especially when it comes to something as crucial as this? Eve knows James and Lena are involved, so it’s pretty terrible of her to be helping Lena with these secret experiments. Lena will likely be instrumental in stopping the dark version of Kara, especially since she’s conducting tests on the substance that created this second Kara.

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