Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16

With a new Worldkiller wandering National City and disease quickly spreading, Supergirl and the Legion team up to hunt down Pestilence and discover who is behind these heinous acts.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16, “Of Two Minds,” Kara and Imra clash over their plans to defeat Pestilence, while Sam and Lena continue to learn more about Reign and how this “infection” is affecting Sam’s mind and body, but are they any closer to solving the mystery?

To Kill or To Be Killed

The biggest battle of the episode wasn’t between Supergirl and Pestilence, but between Imra and Kara as they fought over the correct course of action to take with Pestilence in order to save millions of lives from the Blight. Both women are very strong-willed, as we see, and they’re both set on their own paths: Imra needs to kill Pestilence to ensure the safety of the future, while Kara wants to reach out to the woman inside and bring her to the light, similarly to how she reacted with Julia/Purity.

Not that these women had much of a relationship with one another before, but this disastrous tension will ensure they never will, even if Mon-El isn’t in either of their lives. Imra is a character we’ve needed on Supergirl for quite some time, and it’s not because of her powers (which are, and look like, garbage). As this leadership battle proved, Imra is someone with her own mind, someone who believes in herself and what she thinks is right, and she’s willing to stand up to Kara and Supergirl to ensure her voice is being heard. Most of the time, everyone is on the same page (or they eventually get there), so no one is challenging Kara and making her grow from further consideration of the situation at hand.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16

Before actually discovering Pestilence, it was easy to side with Kara and think Imra was insane and irrational for her behavior; however, Pestilence’s arrival finally proved that not all of these Worldkillers have good inside of them. With Reign and Purity, Sam and Julia are good, devoted, and dedicated people who have this awful thing happening to them, but Pestilence is different. The women within, Grace, is just as culpable in the attacks, and she’s managed to become one with the Worldkiller and they’re more comfortable with their powers, which is probably what makes her the greatest villain of them all (and that’s why she’s the Worldkiller still causing problems in 1,000 years). Sam and Julia fight off the virus inside of them, Grace does not.

Imra eventually, of course, came to a slight realization that maybe killing isn’t the best plan, but that was only after she attempted and failed to kill Pestilence because of Purity’s arrival and the strength they’re able to lend one another. Kara had an important lesson to learn during this episode, but I’m not even sure she learned it. Kara sees the best in everyone, as with Julia, but with Grace/Pestilence, there is no good. There’s nothing but the disease of evil coursing through this woman, and it’s to the point where there’s not much distinction between Grace and the Worldkiller. They’re at peace in the same body, and they’re able to switch far easier and faster than Sam and Reign have been shown to. Pestilence is the real villain of this season because she is a Worldkiller through and through, but it doesn’t seem like Kara learned anything from their fight as she learned who Grace is. While saving Sam and Julia may be a perfectly viable option, Pestilence has taken over completely, and she may have to kill, or be okay with someone else killing her, to save the world and millions of lives.

Whether Kara kills or not, the interactions between her and Imra were my favorite part of the episode. It’s always interesting to see another hero stand up to the leader of the show, especially when the writing manages to create this rift without making the opposing character seem obnoxious and annoying, and Imra challenged Kara in ways other characters should have been before this. Imra is a very capable woman, and she’s proven herself to be much more than Mon-El’s wife. While her powers may be a bit lackluster, she still does have unique abilities, and her mindset is completely her own. Kara, J’onn, Alex, and everyone else who we’ve watched are almost always on the same page, and even when they’re not, it doesn’t have the same effect because they don’t have the power or abilities to challenge or rival Kara. Going forward, maybe some of Mon-El’s endless time on-screen can be spent on further developing Imra and creating a workplace relationship between her and Kara. They’re the two heroes the DEO can count on with these Worldkillers.

Reign’s Hidden Valley

Well, the scientific dive into Sam’s mind is now over since she’s been broken out of L Corp by Purity and Pestilence, and Reign has taken over. It was nice while it lasted, and the bond between Sam and Lena is definitely interesting enough to permit as many scenes as possible between the two. (Move over, Kara, your best friend has a new BFF.) My theory of Sam turning into Superwoman seems to have gone out the window, though, as her powers aren’t necessarily a part of her body, but they’re part of what happens to her DNA when the shift from Sam to Reign occurs. Though, it doesn’t explain how Sam was able to lift extraordinary weight earlier this season or be bulletproof for the slightest minute, but we can finally understand how she doesn’t remember the shifts or even blacking out until she sees the date and/or time.

Watching Sam go through this terrible process has increased my empathy for her, and I truly hope the writers are able to give Sam and Ruby their happy ending at the end of the season. As much as I’d like to see Sam stick around for the future of Supergirl, maybe as Superwoman if they can figure their way around the science, she deserves to never have to think about the awful mess her life became over the last year if she can break free from Reign.

The dark valley of her mind is an interesting development in the story, especially since we’re no closer to figuring out if the Worldkillers can be cured or separated from their host bodies. Lena’s theory that it’s a parallel dimension is unique, and it’s unusual that a scientist would be so quick to suggest something as abstract as that; however, it fits. Reign has been inside of Sam for her entire life, and she was supposed to awaken much sooner, but another mention of how strong Sam is and how Ruby kept Reign from appearing proves that Ruby is going to be instrumental in the defeat of Reign as the season draws to a close. If Reign and Sam can exist at the same time within this alternate dimension, perhaps that’s how the Worldkillers can be stopped. Sam, Julia, and Grace, if willing, could kill their villainous alter egos in the Worldkiller dimension and be free of them once and for all. If they can be trapped there for decades waiting to be released to fulfill the prophecy, why wouldn’t that be where they’re most powerless and able to be stopped? The biggest twist of the season would be Supergirl being unnecessary physically to stop the Worldkillers, but she could use her emotional strength, maturity, and wisdom to help the hosts free themselves of the curse.

What did you think of Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16? Could this dimension be the key to stopping the Worldkillers? Should Pestilence be killed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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