Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1

After the loss of Mon-El, Kara is grieving her beloved while throwing herself into being Supergirl. But even though she’s saving the day, is it really best for herself and those around her?

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1, “Girl of Steel,” started the series down a path that, if left alone by the forces of fan service, would greatly improve the series’ legacy after the rough Season 2.

The Supporting Players

While the supporting cast may not be the one we want (Cat Grant, please?), we have to come to terms with the players we have now: James, Winn, Lena, and J’onn. Most importantly, Lena, who has become a series regular this season and is starting the game off strong with a nemesis of her own.

Lena’s guilt over helping the Daxamites invade National City and begin their path to conquering the Earth has not been left unchecked; she’s wracked with guilt and has used said guilt to fund many rebuilding campaigns around National City. What has yet to be explored though is her guilt over her best friend losing her boyfriend. Lena apologized to Kara, who shrugged it off and said it was Supergirl’s decision, but Lena genuinely feels heartbroken over causing her friend so much pain, and it’ll be interesting to see where their friendship heads this season.

Winn and J’onn have finally settled at the DEO and are strong players when it comes to the weekly villains, while James has taken an interesting turn. He’s still Guardian and the head of CatCo, but he’s much more aggressive than we’ve seen him. Maybe it was just him trying to force Kara to confront being Kara Danvers, but he called her out on missing her deadline on the Supergirl exclusive and he was firmly standing his ground with his employee. This side we didn’t get to see much of during Season 2, but now that Cat Grant has gone and become the Press Secretary for the President of the United States, James is really owning this new role of his.

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1

Sawyer and Danvers

Well, she said yes. Alex and Maggie are planning a wedding, but is it doomed to fail? Or never happen? We know that Maggie will be less prevalent on Supergirl Season 3 because of Floriana Lima stepping down as a series regular, which makes us wonder where Sanvers is headed from here. They won’t kill Maggie, but will they break up? There’s no way that a main character could continue a relationship that fans love if one half of said relationship was never on the show. It wouldn’t be fair to the fans.

Alex and Maggie are planning their wedding, but hopefully they don’t make it there. If the two do walk down the aisle, the pain of losing this relationship will be even worse for their supporters, and worse for Alex. The only way to explain Maggie disappearing if they were married would be to kill her and another dead lesbian on television is the last thing anyone needs, especially on The CW. With Maggie’s dad appearing in Season 3 Episode 3, maybe Maggie will leave National City to reunite with her family and try to mend fences? It’s a long shot, but it’d be a good way to have her come back as a special guest star rather than just altogether disappearing while remaining in National City.

The Girl of Steel

It’s really disappointing to see how far Kara has fallen from the girl she was in Season 1. She wasn’t with Mon-El for that long, which doesn’t mean they didn’t get close enough for her to react the same way someone would if it had been a much longer relationship, but it’s completely destroyed her. Remember when Supergirl was about a woman fighting crime and not falling apart because of the men in her life? Her flirtationship with James never broke her; it upset her, especially while he was with Lucy, but it didn’t consume her and she was able to separate herself from that, from her job, and from being Supergirl.

Everyone is so quick to call out posts that ask why Kara is letting a man destroy her life and say, “Why are women not allowed to be strong and emotional?” but that’s not what’s going on here. The CW has completely ruined what Supergirl stood for in Season 1; she wouldn’t have ever let a man dictate her entire life, but with the move from CBS to The CW, it became all about Mon-El. We aren’t criticizing Kara being emotional over her love interest. We’re criticizing that Kara has been demoted to the love interest of a secondary character and not given the ability to be the lead of her own story.

This episode was no different from Season 2 in terms of being all about Mon-El; Kara’s entire story is being made about the man in her life, and it’s not about her being in a relationship but being written as the love interest. Hopefully, since Mon-El won’t be returning for a few episodes, Kara becomes the lead of her own show again and starts evolving back into the woman she was in Season 1. Without Cat Grant, that seems unlikely though.

Supergirl was once such an empowering and feminist show, but has fallen from grace and taken the same path as most shows on The CW: the man always saves the day or runs the story.

What did you think of Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1? Are you happy with where the show has gone and continues to go? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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