Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9

After returning from Barry’s Earth, Kara is bored with the lack of challenge she’s facing from National City’s finest. Where is Project Cadmus when you need them?

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9, “Supergirl Lives,” Kara goes off on a mission to find a missing girl that leads her to an alien planet where she is powerless and stuck with Mon-El… we don’t know which of those is worse.

Kara Danvers truly is the hero we all deserve. Even stranded on an alien planet without her powers due to a red sun, she still was willing to risk her life to save the humans that were trapped there, and that itself proves how selfless she is. She could’ve easily died, but she channeled her inner hero and fought through the pain and the fear to protect those in need. That’s what a hero does; Kara stood up to the aliens on Slavers Moon, and more surprisingly, so did Mon-El.

Mon-El (Chris Wood) hasn’t exactly been the greatest character to get behind; he’s been selfish, reckless, and his newfound affection for Kara is questionable. The revelation that he’s being hunted by fellow aliens calls into question who exactly he is, too. Why was he chosen to survive the destruction of Daxam? Or was he? Could he have stolen the pod to save himself and have left the member of the Royal Family to die?

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Mon-El, yet his ambition to become a hero after saving the people threatened on Slavers Moon gives hope that maybe he isn’t the selfish frat boy we believed him to be.

Meanwhile, Alex’s new relationship with Maggie is too cute. Of course, it wouldn’t be Alex Danvers with a little self-inflicted drama due to her profound sense of responsibility, but the two moved past that, and Maggie is even aware of the biggest secret: Kara is Supergirl. That opens up the door for their relationship to grow even more, and their discussions and growth aren’t limited by the secrets Alex has to keep from Maggie. More than that, this new relationship is changing Alex.

Alex: Oh, I got dibs.

She’s practically glowing now, and it’s even showing in her work. She’s more lively in the field, and the line above may have been the best of the episode. It’s always exciting to see the characters actually enjoy their day-to-day lives; it’s not just the big moments that matter, but having the heroes find joy in the simple moments brings light to the darkness, something that is missing excessively from The Flash and Arrow.

While this seemed to be much of a filler episode, considering the overarching story is about Project Cadmus and Jeremiah Danvers, it provided more growth to a few of the characters than they’ve gotten all season. Most importantly, Winn.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9

After being attacked and almost killed on the streets with Guardian, Winn had to travel to Slavers Moon with Alex to save Kara as J’onn could not due to the air that would poison him. Not only that, it was his first time in the field with the DEO, and he was traveling to another planet facing aliens that could easily overpower him.

He handled himself well, and the potential for Winn to go out in the field more is exciting. He shouldn’t just be the tech boy; Winn has a lot to offer, and his horrific past with his father should be explored more as he begins to learn how to protect himself and prove himself to be the hero that his father wasn’t. Winn has a lot to prove to himself since he’s so afraid to end up like his father, the Toyman, and his work with the DEO was just the beginning, but now he’s helping both Supergirl and Guardian.

This episode may have lacked an appealing story, but it pushed forward the much needed character growth that several of the National City residents needed to stay fresh and relevant and maintain a compelling story in the future.

(P.S. One person we were really missing was Lena Luthor. Where is she? How is she coping with turning her mother into the police after she tried to murder every alien in National City? How is she handling her company being tarnished by another anti-alien Luthor?)

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