Supergirl Season 2 Episode 20

Rhea’s master plan is kicked into action with Lena’s help, while Mon-El grapples with feelings toward his mother and the betrayal she’s committed. Meanwhile, James is given a chance to be a hero outside of the Guardian suit; is it time for him to hang up the helmet for good?

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 20, “City of Lost Children,” James steps outside of being Guardian to help a child whose mother attacked the city while being brainwashed by Rhea’s device. Yes, you heard that right. James finally got a storyline for himself.

James and Marcus

Seeing James interact with Marcus truly was a blessing. It’s about time that James gets a story outside of his two minutes of screen time all season as Guardian; he’s vastly underused, especially since they decided that he wouldn’t be pursuing a relationship with Kara anymore.

Supergirl is always at its strongest when it takes modern political events and turns them into story fodder. The way they’ve used alien immigration to give a story to refugees and the struggles they encounter by the U.S. Government, as shown by Cadmus, is outstanding to watch. It’s important in this timeĀ that the media accurately portrays everyday issues, and when a show that’s about aliens can do it but a more realistic series that actually, say, portrays law enforcement cannot, there’s a big problem.

Any way, James bonded with Marcus to eventually stop the meltdown of National City at Rhea’s hands, and he really got to show himself be a hero. As Guardian, the story has just never worked for him and he didn’t seem like a hero; if anything, he just seemed desperate to make a name for himself while being surrounded by superheroes and government agents. But it showed what humans are truly capable of on this show. It’s possible for the heroes to be people in everyday attire; Cat Grant proved herself to be a hero on numerous occasions in Season 1, and James even holds her position at CatCo now, so why is he not being given the time to grow, too?

Rhea and Mon-El

Why didn’t you just shoot her, Mon-El? Rhea knows how to take advantage of her son’s weaknesses and use them to get what she wants, and nothing she did in this episode was any different. Her plan to make Earth into “New Daxam” just proves that everything she’s doing is for herself, not for her people. She wants her son back, but more importantly, she wants her role back as the Royal Family of Daxam. She isn’t content to a life without being treated like a god.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 20

Using Lena’s weaknesses to be the mother figure she’s always been desperate for was another savvy move on Rhea’s side. She truly is smarter than any villain Kara has faced. At least Lillian Luthor knows everything she does is for herself, and she isn’t keen to step on the side of emotional manipulation; she’d rather just blow the place up and leave the residents behind to clean up the alien remains left in their cities. Rhea, however, knows exactly how to get under people’s skin, and she’s continuously done that with Mon-El.

Telling him his father took his own life after Mon-El turned his back on his parents and Daxam to stay on Earth with Kara is the only way Rhea could ever get her son back. The guilt of that will forever be on his conscience, at least until Rhea accidentally tells him the truth. HeĀ could have taken his mother’s life and dealt with the guilt of murder, but having already been made to feel responsible for his father’s death was too much. He couldn’t live with being the reason both of his parents were no longer alive. It’s likely that, in the end, Mon-El will be the one to take down his mother. Hopefully taking himself with her. The gun could be a parallel to the way one or both of their lives will end.

Alien Invasion

It makes sense now why the Arrow-verse crossover event didn’t take place on Supergirl, whatsoever. They were planning for their own alien invasion this season, in this case from Daxam, and it would’ve been repetitive since the crossover focused on another alien species trying to take over Earth-1.

How is this going to work? Well, Lena is definitely going to feel incredibly guilty and do whatever possible to stop the aliens, but it seems like she’ll be under mind control first. The preview for the next episode showed Lena arriving on the Daxamite ship in a red dress, and it could be some sort of wedding between Mon-El and Lena. She’s going to be made the Queen of Daxam; it’s Rhea preying on her biggest weakness, not having a proper mother figure, again. This could explain why Lena will have a more prominent role in Season 3. She’s going to want to make up for what she unknowingly helped do to the Earth by helping Rhea with her portal.

Kara’s life is going to be in more danger than ever before. She’s a Kryptonian and there’s nothing Daxamites hate more. Thousands have arrived on Earth, and Kara is going to have to focus on protecting her own life before she can focus on saving the world.

Plus, what will Lillian Luthor think of this invasion? It’s everything she’s tried to stop, and it may even put her on Supergirl’s side in order to save the Earth, though their methods definitely will not be the same. Cadmus is going to aim to kill; Kara is going to try to find a way out of this with the least amount of death possible, but getting the Daxamites to leave their new home will not be easy for the Girl of Steel. Maybe that’s why her cousin is returning for the finale.

Could Rhea’s plan actually work? How will Kara stop this invasion? Also, Cat Grant returns in the next episode to help Supergirl take on the alien invaders! What has the Queen of all Media been up to, and when is she taking her rightful place as CEO of CatCo back? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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