Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12

After Lillian Luthor’s arrest when she attempted to release the Medusa virus, it was only a matter of time before Lena was dragged into her mother’s mess again. Not only did her mother frame her for a crime to get her put in prison, she revealed a long-hidden secret in the Luthor family: Lena is actually the product of her father’s affair with another woman.

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12, “Luthors,” a prison break causes tension between Kara and James, while Cadmus’ leader Lillian Luthor escapes out onto the streets with Metallo, her anti-alien boy toy.

Lena has been a pretty controversial topic of conversation this season on Supergirl. She’s the (supposedly) adopted sister of Lex, Superman’s arch enemy, and she came to National City to establish her business just as Lex did in Metropolis. When it was revealed that Lillian was both Lena’s mother and the leader of Cadmus, Lena’s loyalty was questioned even more. Did she actually know who Kara was before they met that fateful day?

I’d like to believe she didn’t. The friendship between Kara and Lena is important, and not just because it’s help Kara establish herself as a reporter. If Lena is truly good, and truly Kara’s friend, then it shows that no matter who your family is or where you come from, you can be your own person. You can have a life of your own and not be dragged down by what your family did or does, and how they’ve affected your life.

Kara and Lena are also just nice together because they even each other out. Lena spent her life with a family that didn’t pay attention to or appreciate her, while Kara lost hers when she was so young that she, like Lena, had to raise herself and become the person she thought she should be. They’re both strong, independent women with a family that went bad and turned on them (Astra for Kara, everyone for Lena), and they’re left with themselves as their strongest ally.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 12

Of course, Lillian escaped with Cyborg Superman after Metallo’s Kryptonian combustion, but not without leaving Lena with a parting gift: Lex’s “war suit,” which is Lena’s suit in the comics. So will we be seeing the dark side to Lena? Hopefully not, but maybe she’s given up. Her last thread of hope for being different was tied to her “not being a Luthor,” but now that she knows she is, what has that done to her mental state?

Could she join her mother in her vendetta against the aliens, or will she embark on a path of her own against Supergirl, Superman, and their fellow extraterrestrials? Lena Luthor deserves to have her mission of good be a success, to establish L Corp as a reputable company free of the disgrace that Lex left it in, and to have a happy life and find friends and a family that treat her how she deserves.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s introduction to Alex’s friends was too sweet. The writers made a point emphasize that Winn and James believed that Alex was coming to introduce her new man, but when she showed up with Maggie, the two were quick to adjust and make Alex and Maggie feel like part of the crowd. With the Valentine’s Day episode next centered on Alex and Maggie, these two are certainly becoming the most iconic and recognizable couple on Supergirl.

What’s next? Cyber Superman and Lillian Luthor are sure to rejoin Cadmus now that they’ve escaped the holds of the human world, and it can be expected that whatever Medusa follow-up they have planned will be much worse, and much deadlier. Here’s hoping whatever they have planned takes Mon-El with it. He’s useless at this point.

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