Siren Season 3 Episode 6
Ryn seeks help from Ben and Xander to rescue her colony members after Tia’s attack.  Maddie tries to deter Robb from asking too many questions about their gruesome discovery.

On Siren Season 3 Episode 6, Ryn discovers a refuge of injured mermaids that escaped Tia’s violent takeover; Ben and Xander find themselves caught in a battle with Tia’s troops. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to do damage control with Robb and Ted continues digging into his family history.

Tia’s Takeover

Tia continues to be a major threat to Ryn and her colony. While Ryn was on land going through her baby ordeal, Tia’s been amassing an army and taking out anyone in her way. As a result, her numbers have radically depleted. By the end of the episode, those numbers are reduced even more. Ryn goes to Ben and Xander for help resulting in some intense scenes in a rainy forest.

Poor Ryn really can’t catch a break. Katrina turned her back on their family and rejoined Tia and her old colony. If that wasn’t enough, the writers seemingly pull yet another betrayal from Hunter near the end of the episode. Ryn’s baby is also out there somewhere – safe, but for how long? Siren has never shied away from killing characters but with this episode comes the loss of a major one. Rest in peace, Hurrican Katrina. Katrina’s choice to end her own life was upsetting. However, it’s a writing decision that ultimately makes sense in terms of her character. Katrina was a traditionalist, unwilling to part ways with mermaid culture in exchange for human morality. She knew she couldn’t beat Ryn, and she also knew Ryn is too soft, too human, now to actually kill her. So she might as well do it herself.

I personally would have loved to see Katrina eventually change her position on humans, but I guess the writers have other ideas. It also happens really abruptly – undoubtedly written that way for shock value. Plus now, with the introduction of the spirit world, it opens the door for us to see her again at some point. Xander’s changing perspective and personal relationships with the mermaids continue to grow. It was good to see him and Cami finally let go of the past and understand that they’re on the same team now. This is a relationship I’d like to see more of since Xander still has reservations about Cami especially in terms of her being prone to attacking people.

Siren Season 3 Episode 6

Ted Wants Answers

Ted continues his deep dive into all things mermaid this week. Since Helen won’t give him any more details, Ted starts digging around for relatives nearby to see what they know. This leads to him asking Rick. Poor Rick does his best to stay vague, but eventually reveals to Helen and Beth that he told Ted about their special meeting place. Things like this are why I wish Ben would pay more attention to what his father is up to. Obsession and mental illness run in his family. Now Ted is digging around for answers and no one knows what he’ll do when he finds them. It would especially be dangerous for Ryn who has 2 deaths under her belt.

What was really cool about this plotline this episode was seeing the network of hybrids at work. They wouldn’t be able to keep a secret like this hidden for so long without there being eyes and ears everywhere. I especially loved that the woman at the Records Office Ted spoke to was of Native/First Nations background. The relationship between the mermaids and the Indigenous peoples of the area is something I wish the show would delve into. Particularly as it relates to the Haida people and the role they played in saving Charle’s Pownall’s hybrid baby.

As the Mayor, Ted is ultimately concerned about the safety of his town and his family. This once again places Xander in a precarious position because he also wants to protect the people in town. Ted presents it in a way that sounds very much like he wants persons on the force who will be willing to kill them all if necessary. Xander uses Ryn as an example that they’re not all bad.  But Ted doesn’t see the mermaids as beings who are like us at all. He clearly sees them as something much more sinister.

He’s From Another Tribe

I know a lot of people have been frustrated with the way Maddie has been acting this season. Particularly in regard to getting close to Robb. Nicole and Xander had less of a build-up in Season 2 but at least we already knew her affiliation with the military early on. Here, the writers separated the trio for a number of episodes, isolating Ben and Maddie from each other for her to spend time with Robb. They’ve also deliberately kept Ryn and Robb from meeting each other until now for this shocking cliffhanger: Robb is a mermaid.

The setup for this has been hit and miss for me. While Maddie didn’t actually reveal anything about the mermaid secret or Ryn to him, it seems odd for her to be sharing so much information with him in the first place. Ben did something similar with Ian in Season 2. And while persons may believe Robb is bad news, I think he’ll end up being a valuable ally. It definitely feels like a game-changer for the series. Robb beats Tia as the most adapted mermaid we’ve met so far. Plus he is trying to help the mermaids by cleaning the ocean. Even romantically it raises a lot of questions for the trio. Will he and Maddie pursue a relationship after this? And will Maddie and Ryn’s relationship continue? Will they all get into something together? A lot can happen.

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