Siren Season 3 Episode 5
Ryn faces a difficult decision as Levi and Mate return to land for her baby. Ben’s injections cause him to experience weird side effects, while Maddie continues to grow closer to Robb.

On Siren Season 3 Episode 5, Ryn returns to land to explore human motherhood; Ben experiences mysterious side effects. Maddie and Robb come across a gruesome discovery while Ted confronts Helen about recent mermaid related events.


Ryn returns to land sooner than usual to ask her found family to teach her how to be a human mother. This gives way to some hilarious scenes. One-liners like “No, she is Baby,” tickled me because of the use of internet slang. But we also get some deeply emotional scenes. Watching Ryn interact with other humans besides the ones she’s used to has always been one of my favourite things in the show. Ryn and Maddie’s awkward Mommy and Me meeting is possibly one of the most hilarious scenes to date.

Eline Powell continues, as always, to put her everything into this role. Whatever emotion Ryn is feeling, the audience feels it too. That’s why the scenes this episode where Ryn struggles with her newly developed human maternal emotions are so effective. I found myself on the verge of tears when Ryn changes Baby’s name to Hope. While this name is very on the nose and grossly overused in media, Eline makes it work; with tears rolling down her cheeks.

We also continue to learn more about mermaid culture as the males come to take Hope away to safety. And to train her how to survive. It’s devastating because Hope may not even remember all of this by the time she comes back. She won’t know the humans Ryn has come to love so much. Someone else who is in their feelings about this? Ben. He tells Xander that he feels like the baby is his, even though the baby has only been in his presence for a couple of hours.

I think it’s interesting that through his self-experimentation Ben is veering toward being more like a merman while Ryn is leaning heavily into becoming more human. Whether or not this will have a positive outcome overall remains to be seen. I can’t help but feel like eventually, Ryn may have to leave Ben and Maddie for the water for good.

Shifting Relationships

The writers finally clarify the present relationship situation of the trio. Ben and Maddie are no longer together. Ryn still loves both of them so she’ll continue her relationship with them, separately. Even though Ben told Maddie it was “cool” for her to get to know Robb, it still feels like there’s some jealousy there. Maybe even resentment. Ryn, on the other hand, is very supportive of Maddie’s new potential relationship and encourages her to meet up with Robb even though Maddie was willing to cancel to stay with her.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this. Things are already complicated with the three of them alone, so adding a fourth party into the mix is risky. Ben is right to be wary of letting someone new into their lives. At the same time, Maddie is also not wrong for getting close to someone who could really help them help the mermaids. So far all her scenes with Robb have been about his Ocean Clean-up project but it’s clear that she’s starting to like him too. Still, I can see that the writers are using this opportunity to show a different kind of polyamorous relationship. A Polycule, if you will. It’ll be very interesting to see all four of them in scenes together.

Speaking of Robb, he’s interested in staying in town a bit longer. And he wants to know what’s up with all the mermaid merch. Maddie tries to downplay it but it’s obvious Robb may know more than he’s letting on. He tells Maddie he’s considering using the area as a test site. It’s a win/win in her eyes because Robb has the resources to help her and Ben with their research – as well as help keep their Marine centre open. Ben isn’t as convinced.

Siren Season 3 Episode 5

The Mermaid Secret

The post-mermaid-exposed world Ben imagined in Season 2 Episode 16 seemed far-fetched. However, with each passing episode, the stakes are starting to feel the same. Ted already knows too much. Robb and Xander’s new friend, Annie, both see things they shouldn’t this episode. Ted knowing won’t end well but Ben is so focused on his experiments he hasn’t fully processed this yet. While he’s doing that, his father is quickly putting together the pieces about all the murders/deaths that have happened in town recently. The minute he finds out Ryn is directly involved I’m sure he’ll do anything to get her away from his son. He’ll want to get rid of them all. Their family history is inescapable.

Because Ben is being super uptight about the body he’s hiding in the freezer at work and keeping Ryn and Maddie in the dark, Maddie ends up taking Robb to their warehouse (that should be empty). Something very interesting happens with Robb though. He can smell the rotting mermaid corpse while Maddie can’t. Given Ben’s newly enhanced senses from his mermaid shots, does this mean Robb may be a hybrid or merman himself?

Xander and Annie are continuing to bond. Then the minute she opens up to him, she sees the mermen taking the baby into the water and calls 911. I feel bad for Xander because he’s trying so hard to move away from this secret take over his life. He can’t let Annie know, so he lies to the police essentially destroying their potential friendship. I also felt bad for Annie because Xander’s lie is a mark on her record. She cares so much about her future job. Actress Megan Danso is another great addition to the cast and I look forward to seeing more from her.


While Ryn is away from her tribe, Tia mounts an attack and forces them to make a decision. Join her, or die. Surprisingly, Katrina chooses Tia. It’s actually not so surprising when you think about it. Tia comes with her entire tribe. Her real tribe. And they appeal to her by welcoming her as part of their family. Even though Ryn’s tribe has done so much for her, she can’t follow Ryn anymore. Ryn is too human and too concerned with humanity. Tia is more aligned to her way of thinking.

During this scene, we see that mermaids can also change their appearance underwater. As Katrina changed her form to match Tia’s, I was genuinely in awe. I was wondering why she looked more like Ryn if she and Tia are from the same family. Now it makes sense. I mean, they’re already shapeshifters, right? As highly evolved predators why shouldn’t they have the ability to camouflage? In a sense, they are a melting pot of some of the ocean’s greatest marvels.

So far I’m loving all the new insight on the mermaids. It feels like the writers have barely scratched the surface. And I desperately need there to be more seasons of this show.

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