Siren Season 3 Episode 4
Ryn’s surrogate faces a sudden delivery as Xander and Helen take Bryan’s body to be buried by Beth and the hybrids. Ben begins to experience the effects of his experimental treatment.

On Siren Season 3 Episode 4, Ben and Maddie help Ryn guide her surrogate though a life-threatening delivery. Helen and Xander deliver a hybrid corpse to Beth at The Ranch. Xander faces danger on the high seas during a ride-along with the Bristol Cove water patrol. Meanwhile, Tia prepares for war.

Life and Death

‘Life and Death’ is a very fitting title for Siren Season 3 Episode 4. As Helen aptly points out, a day starting with Bryan’s funeral moved into witnessing Ryn’s baby’s birth. Thematically other characters are also experiencing a similar movement this episode. Xander is moving past his grief over his father and Donna’s deaths by making a new life for himself. Ian’s death continues to fray Ben and Maddie’s relationship, giving life to Maddie and Robb’s potential coupling. We also learn more about the hybrid community, their belief in the afterlife, and how they bury their dead.

They burn Bryan’s body thoroughly. Beth explains that this is because their blood and physiology differ from humans and it would raise suspicion. I love that we also get to see it as the fire burns a mix of different colours. The show also wastes no time in reminding us several times that Bryan had followers who pose a potential threat to the baby. With everything else that’s going on plot-wise, I’m not sure they will right now. However, I could see the writers potentially bringing this faction of the cult back for a Season 4 if it happens.

And finally, in giving life to Ryn’s child, Meredith loses her own life. Ryn’s capacity for empathy is on full display as she encourages Meredith through labour and honours her by telling Cami to bury her at sea “like one of us”. So in dying Meredith got to sort of fulfil one of her biggest childhood dreams, which was to be a full-blood. While it’s a sweet gesture, I can’t help but wonder if what Beth told Helen will come back to haunt them. If scientists found Meredith’s remains and ran tests, surely they’ll realise she wasn’t fully human. Nothing we learn is random.

Three’s Company

If the writers are trying to prove a point by creating this rift between Ben and Maddie, I consider their point made. Things feel awkward and out of whack and wrong. It’s uncomfortable seeing them at odds, and Ryn doesn’t like it either. They used to be so in sync and open with one another. While do get fleeting glimpses of that during this episode, there’s also a distance there that’s as wide as an ocean.

It’s evident they still care deeply for one another. Ben even apologizes for the way things have turned out between the three of them. However, the longer this rift persists, the more I feel like the writers aren’t going to put them back together. At least, not this season. If this happens I’m sure fans will be upset. The writers spent so much time building up to the trio finally happening in the middle of Season 2 just for it to fizzle out like this? I get that Ben is being respectful of Maddie’s need for space, but at the same time, he’s not exactly making a case for her to stay with him. I fear things may only get worse when Maddie discovers what he’s been injecting into himself.

Siren Season 3 Episode 4

Since we’re nearly halfway through the season and Maddie is still being hesitant about Robb, I’m thinking this could go one of two ways. Closer to the end of the season Maddie officially breaks up with Ben to pursue something with Robb. Or Robb moves things into romance territory and Maddie doesn’t return his feelings/chooses friendship. The bigger questions coming out of this for me are: One, will Ryn and Maddie continue their relationship despite Ben and Maddie stopping theirs? And two, can Robb be trusted?

Xander’s Growth

This episode is an excellent one for Xander’s character development. The events of the past have really changed him. He’s making amends and turning his life around the only way he knows how. By becoming someone who has the skills, power and authority to effectively protect others. At the same time, he’s still making an effort to help out Maddie and Helen with the mermaids. Even if he’s still not 100% Team Mermaid, his willingness to drop everything to help his friends is admirable. I hope fans can now see beyond his more questionable actions in Season 2, since both the character and the actor (Ian Verdun) got quite a bit of hate for it.

While Calvin also seemed to be heading in a better direction towards the end of  Season 2, we see this episode that he’s still a bit irresponsible. But there’s also growth for him here too. Before where he would often not take up advice, Calvin actually feels the gravity of Xander’s words. They may not be college educated like Ben, but that doesn’t mean they should be boxed in to certain standard. They’re much more than the drunken fishermen they were in Season 1. Plus, Calvin’s going to be a married man soon. It’s always been a fact that Janine is more deserving of someone as equally as mature as her and I for one can’t wait to see Calvin step up and actually try.

Although Xander also helped Ben save his dad earlier this season, they haven’t interacted much. While I love that  Xander has been sharing scenes with Helen and Maddie, I think Ben could really use a soundboard right now. It’s not good for him to be alone with his thoughts. Also from what we saw in Ben’s vision in the Season 2 finale, his impression of Xander and Calvin wasn’t reflective of the truth the audience knew. It would be nice to see the three of them reconnect and understand that they’re on the same side.

The Future of Mermaids

Ryn’s baby is here! And she’s the future of Ryn’s colony. That’s a lot of pressure to be putting on a newborn. I’m sure that there will be enemies trying to take her away from them. Baby plots aren’t my favourite, but I teared up seeing Ryn smile for the first time because of her daughter. It got even worse when Helen and Ryn agreed to tell the baby all about Donna. The writers really pressed all the right buttons where they needed to.

Ryn’s fertility dissapointments in Season 2 were heartbreaking. So to see her be so genuinely happy now is so satisfying. It’s an emotional and narrative payoff that I felt was deeserved. I’m happy the writers gave it to us. Of course, with this being close to our halfway mark, this is a calm before the storm. We’re about to hit a turning point in the story which may change the course of the show and these characters. Ben’s experimental treatment is starting to take effect. And while the ability to heal quickly is a win, I’m bracing myself for the negative side effects.

While all of this is happening on land, Hunter is tailing Tia’s recruits underwater. Tia’s army is growing and they’re making plans. Her plan of attack is a mystery right now but i’m sure we’ll get more insight in the coming episode.

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