Siren Season 3 Episode 10
.Ryn and Ben go in search of Hope and Tia while Maddie, Robb and Helen work together to help the citizens of Bristol Cove recover from Tia’s song.

On Siren Season 3 Episode 10, In an effort to save Hope, Ryn and Ben confront Tia in an undersea battle between the mermaid tribes. Maddie and Robb work to find a cure for Xander, while Helen and the hybrids help restore order. Ted struggles to accept Ben’s reality.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Siren‘s Season 3 finale brings us full circle to the events set up at the beginning of this season. Ryn’s refusal to join Tia’s revenge mission causes Tia to regroup and plan a fight she knows she can win. True to Sarge’s warning to Helen in Episode 2, war does come. Xander’s acceptance into the Sherrif’s training academy ends with him graduating as a Deputy. Maddie turning down Robb’s initial overseas job offer due to her helping Ryn ends with Ryn ultimately encouraging Maddie to go. The secrets Ben and Ryn kept from Maddie broke up the throuple but solidified their bond. Hope has now survived to make her first kill and is now a real representation of hope for not only their species but their relationship with humans going forward.

Again with only 10 episodes, there were a lot of things I would have liked to see be explored further. There were also several character disappearances with Dale, Robb, Elaine and Xander’s new friend, Annie. Elaine’s disappearance was notable because Ben began experimenting on himself because of her. We leave the finale uncertain of whether or not she knows what exactly happened to her son. Although Xander tells Annie he lied about the mermen in Episode 9, Annie is not in the finale and we don’t know if she graduated from the academy or not. Ultimately, Robb remaining in Alaska for the past 2 episodes pays off for deus ex machina plot resolution reasons.

There has always been a bittersweet end to every season, as well as a significant death. In Season 1, Donna died, but Ryn gained a new family. In Season 2, Ian’s death bonded Ryn and Ben closer together but separated them from Maddie. Season 3 ends with Dale definitely dead and Ben assumed dead, prompting Maddie to channel her grief into what she loves: saving the ocean. Narratively, the loss of Dale is a big one, but I understand that the actor Gil Birmingham has other commitments. As for Ben’s fate, there was a certain sense of finality in the tone/writing this episode. This could serve as a true ending, while also leaving the door open for other possibilities should they get another season. I know that if there’s a Season 4, Ben will be (mostly) fine.

Siren Season 3 Episode 10

Too Late

After a season of setting Ted up to be a potential threat for the mermaids and the hybrid community, Ted has a sudden change of heart. It’s true that times of crisis often open our eyes to what is really important. Here Ted finally realizes that the situation is bigger than his disdain and personal worries. He also comes to terms with the fact that his actions are what has ultimately pushed Ben away, and caused him to be in the situation he is now. His son has changed. If the show ends here, the tragedy is that he’ll never get to see Ben again. He won’t get to make amends. In addition to this, Ted’s own worst fears about Ryn’s influence have come true. Ben has paid with his life.

Continuing with this theme of Parenthood, Donna appears once again! This time in full form, and fully at peace. It’s a lovely moment of closure/peace for Cami who has been troubled by her mother’s death for months now.  All the mermaids there being able to touch and interact with her even for that brief moment was also moving. She comes to inform them that Ryn needs their help. I know this scene was there for a purpose but I really wondered why Ben and Ryn didn’t swing by for backup before going to find Hope on their own. Either way, I really have come to love this tribe and I’d love to see more of them in the future.

Maddie seeing her father’s body was devastating. I don’t say this enough but Fola Evans Akingbola is truly an understated and underrated onscreen presence. I felt every bit of her pain. Outside of Helen, to me, Dale and Maddie truly represented warmth, security, support and love for those outside your own. I’m also going to miss Ben and Maddie’s relationship. This season all but erased the feeling of love they once had. You would think that they were never together in the first place. In fact, this is the first episode where they don’t share any scenes or dialogue. It makes Ben’s passing around the same time as Dale even sadder because as Episode 8 demonstrated, Maddie still very much cares for Ben. Her two sources of comfort and support outside of Ryn are now gone. And yes, even though she has Robb now, it’s not the same.

Do It With Love

Ultimately, Robb comes through with both a cure for the song and his tribe. Ryn is able to defeat Tia and earn the respect of the tribes. I don’t know if this means that the tribes are unified with her as their leader, but the mermaid politics is something I would love for them to explore further. Tia’s death is an unceremoniously quick one. I can’t say I’ll miss her, but I wish we had learned that she lost her baby in captivity sooner. I do like that in the end, Ryn doesn’t vilify her because now she understands her. The growth in Ryn’s capacity for empathy from Season 1 to now is a testament to the impact of her found-family on land. Because of the love they’ve shown to her.

Love has been a major factor all season long. Ben’s love for his mother sets him on a path that becomes dangerous and highlights how toxic his relationship with Ryn is getting. The love he has for Ryn and Hope wins out, and he risks his life for Hope without hesitation. Xander’s love for his friends and family drives him to go above and beyond without being asked. He also puts himself in a position to protect others. Helen and the hybrids came out of their isolated community to help those in need. Robb’s love for his people caused him to search for a solution to their problems. Even when he lost his own abilities. Maddie’s love for Ryn prompts her interest in Robb’s project. Now together she and Robb are going to do what they can to save all mermaids.

In choosing to oppress her own kind, Tia became just like her captors. When you lose the ability to empathize and can’t see beyond yourself and your desires; when you no longer have the will to listen to others, it’s very easy to become a monster. Kudos to the phenomenal cast and crew for another season well done. Sadly, we don’t know whether the show will be back for a fourth season or not. But in this current period of uncertainty and global unrest, Siren leaves us with a timely message. “We can make the world better, but we will do it with love.”

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