Siren Season 2 Episode 9
 While Ben, Maddie and the other humans deal with the fallout from the attack on the oil rig, Ryn returns to land to follow through on her secret agreement with the military.

Siren Season 2 Episode 9 opens with Ben and Maddie heading back onto the water to save their friends from certain death. Two weeks later, the stakes grow even higher as footage from that night surfaces right when Ryn returns to land. Meanwhile, Helen’s meeting with another family member has a surprising result.   

No North Star

Barring the random two-week time jump, “No North Star” is an intriguing start to the second half of Season 2. There’s also the fact that Freeform annoyingly spoiled the cliff-hanger about Xander and Calvin’s fates a whole week before the episode. But what the show gives away, it makes up for in its other twists.

The real plot twist here is Xander’s choice. His dad’s boat, The North Star, could have lived to sail another day but Xander wants to make a new start for himself. That boat was his father’s legacy, not his. While somewhat abrupt, it’s a welcome change after watching Xander grieve for nearly 10 episodes. It also gives the writers room to do more with his character.  In the meantime, Xander’s trying his hand at Nicole’s old job bartending at The Anchor. He’s still mad at Nicole for being an undercover military agent but I think it’s pretty obvious they both caught real feelings for each other.

Centuries ago, sailors used Polaris, the real North Star, to navigate at sea because it was one of the brightest. It’s appropriate then, that after the loss of the ship, Xander’s not the only one left without his bearings.  Xander’s decision to leave The North Star ablaze certainly doesn’t sit well with Calvin, who’s now also out of a job. Given Calvin’s lofty aspirations, it’s only a matter of time before he does something unexpected to get some money.

Family Woes

Ryn has a lot on her plate right now. The military wants her. She’s in pain emotionally because of Sarge’s death. Adding to that, she and her colony have only been able to find three of their other members alive. She returns to land to give Helen the bad news, but also to see her loves Ben and Maddie because she needs them. Now that these three have consummated their relationship, things are bound to get messy. I’m thrilled at every tender moment they share but Ryn’s siren song and it’s effects have me worried about the long term.

Siren Season 2 Episode 9

Ben and Maddie also have Ben’s dad, Ted, to contend with. He reveals that Klesco oil has a video of the drill before the feed went dead. When Ted watches the surveillance footage, he sees what should be impossible. There’s no way a woman could dive that deep without equipment, so the logical answer is mermaids.

Ted is also upset Ben ruined his deal with Klesco Oil, but not for the reasons you’d think. Up until now, the show has mostly painted the Pownalls as being primarily interested in money and status. However, we see that Ted especially is more than a two-dimensional villain. Because of his wife’s condition, the family needs the money more than ever. As much as he and Ben are at odds, he also doesn’t want his son to be arrested. This puts Ben in a compromising position. He wants to help his mother more than anything, which leads him to make an agreement with Nicole without consulting Ryn and Maddie first. I’m not sure I fully buy that Ben would change his mind about Nicole so quickly but I’m willing to see where this goes.

The Hybrids

One of my favorite plots this season has been the one about Helen’s new-found family member. Giving Helen her own plot outside of Ben’s immediate family was a great decision. You don’t just cast an actress like Rena Owen and not utilize her, and she’s been doing wonderfully so far.

Earlier this season, Helen’s cousin Rick mentioned having a sister and I kept waiting for her to pop up. Then Rick was missing for a bit but conveniently returned for the mid-season finale. I wondered if he was only there as a plot device to help Ben and the gang, but I’m so glad I was wrong. Helen and Rick have their own plot involving their family and the town’s history and I am psyched. Helen offers to give Rick moral support as he visits his sister to tell her the truth about their family. Needless to say, casually revealing you’re a mermaid hybrid to the person that committed you to a mental facility isn’t wise. Helen tries to play it off and says Rick is “stressed”. His sister acts incredulously shocked by all this. However, when Helen and Rick get abducted from a rest stop on the way home, it’s revealed she’s the one behind it.

That plot twist I definitely didn’t see coming. It’s because of twists like this that I’m glad the show has already been renewed because my mind is racing. With only seven episodes to go, the writers have set up some interesting plots with links I can’t wait to explore.

What did you think of Siren Season 2 Episode 9? Should Ryn have agreed to do the experiments?  Can Helen and Rick escape? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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