Siren Season 2
Mermaid mating season begins as Ryn prepares to do what is necessary to help her colony. Meanwhile, Levi has an interesting encounter with the hybrid group.

On Siren Season 2 Episode 13, secrets are revealed as the hybrids convince Levi to come with them to a remote location, leading Helen and Ben on a hunt to find them. Reporter Ian Sutton continues his probe into the events of the night of the oil rig disaster and turns to Calvin and Xander for information. Also, Maddie uncovers disturbing information about the military and their plans.

Invasion of Privacy

The military gets super invasive in one of this episode’s opening scenes as they watch Ben, Maddie and Ryn engage in an early morning lovemaking session. It feels as wrong as it sounds. It’s bad enough that Nicole has been spying on Ben’s houseboat from her motel, but the military having other people watching the feed as well? Ick.  The question is, how long have they been watching? And how much do they know? For much of Season 1, the military took a background role to Dr Aldon Decker and his obsession with Donna. As we progress further into the story, the writers are clearly setting them up to be the ‘Big Bad’ of possibly the entire series.

With only three episodes left, the military has its hands in several plots.”The Outpost” adds another one to the list. Apart from the wounded soldier initiative that Nicole is working on, the military also wants to make super soldiers. They’ve also learned to track the mermaids on land using heat mapping. Now that they know exactly what the Siren song did to Decker, they want to weaponize that too.  Ben and Maddie may have felt like it was their best option to go along with the military for Ryn’s sake. However, their own curiosity and need to understand her and her kind has opened the door to more sinister science. This now includes growing their own mermaid embryos (Yikes!).

I’m anxious about that many threads being introduced in such quick succession in this eight-episode half season. There’s a lot that could happen with any one of these, but I suppose that’s the point. Even when the plots seem obvious, Siren always goes in an unexpected direction. I’m definitely excited to see how things pan out for the finale.

Baby Fever

Mermaid mating season is finally here! And with it, a potential pregnancy plot. The signs were there: the reveal of Donna’s baby, Helen hybrid parentage plot, the trio finally having sex, and more recently Eliza confirming that no merbaby-making has happened recently. I, like many other TV fans, despise sudden pregnancy plots. It’s a surefire way to make me uninterested in your show. But, somehow Siren has reeled me into this one by appealing to the scientist in me.

We get to learn a bit more about mermaid physiology – specifically Ryn’s – in terms of reproduction. We also get a few facts about what could be disrupting their birth numbers environmentally. Even something as simple as a two-degree change in temperature can disrupt entire marine ecosystems. I really love Siren‘s commitment to grounding the fantasy aspects in reality as the writers continue their worldbuilding. Mermaids can be understood in relation to other marine mammals (eg. sharks) and still aren’t completely human when they’re on land.

Siren Season 2

Ryn and Levi both display bioluminescence (another real marine animal trait) as the time for mating draws near. This is where things are going to get messy. Of course, Ryn sees this simply as a duty/regular activity to continue her species. For Ben, and to a lesser extent Maddie, the idea of your partner ‘mating’ with someone outside of your defined relationship is uncomfortable, to say the least. Although their relationship is already outside the monogamous norm, messy human emotions are always still in play. All this is happening so soon too. It’s a lot for a new relationship. It will be interesting to see how Ben and Maddie navigate this whole mating thing and what might follow: i.e. a possible pregnancy.

Family Secrets

Helen learns that her new friend John passed away suddenly in his sleep after she visited days ago. At the time, John had asked if anyone had seen her come there and she said no. Clearly, that wasn’t the case. She immediately senses that Beth and her group are most likely behind his death. From day one Beth and her tall henchman, Bryan, have given off major bad vibes. I don’t doubt for a second that these two killed that poor old man. My question is why? I would love to know why this whole hybrid identity thing is a secret worth murdering people for.

Beth continues to ramble on vaguely about “what would happen if people find out”, but I’m left wondering what’s the big deal? Up until now, they would never have been able to prove mermaids actually exist. Do the hybrids have special abilities? We did see Helen get a burst of superhuman strength when she saved Sarge in Season 2 Episode 7. But so far it seems like being a hybrid just means birth defects and medical issues. Otherwise, I don’t see how them being exposed would result in anything less than people calling them crazy.

Helen continues to be a really engaging character. She boldly accuses Beth (and the group) of murder without hesitation. She also manages to get a bit of an upper hand on Beth. We also learn a few things about the group in the process. Their heritage is very important to them, and the hybrids absolutely loathe the Pownalls for starting the mermaid massacre. Unfortunately for Beth, she IS a Pownall, like Helen. This shouldn’t be shocking to us since we know Helen is related to Ben’s family through Charles Pownall’s hybrid daughter. Beth, however, is mortified and I love it.

Plot Twists Galore

Ben and Ryn visit Beth’s home while searching for Levi and stumble upon a locked room with carefully preserved mermaid artefacts – not unlike the wares Helen sells in her shop. Items from the mermaid massacre prompt Ryn to ask Ben what he knows, and this is where Ben makes a grave mistake. He lies. When all is revealed soon after, Ryn is so crushed, she sounds the most human she ever has. It’s not even the fact that he’s related to Charles so much as it is that he’s kept his hidden from her all this time. And when given the opportunity to say something, he lied to her face.

Ryn doesn’t give away her trust easily, and this hurts that much more because they’re in love. Ben being ashamed of his family’s past while simultaneously being jealous at the thought of Ryn mating with someone else raises major red flags for me. In Season 1, Helen warned Ben about following in Charles’ footsteps and he swears he’s not, but I think he’s on a slippery slope here. Charles and his mermaid were also in love….Until she left. Ben gets majorly antsy anytime Ryn has to leave – just saying.

Another surprising happening this episode was Xander caving to Ian pressing them about mermaid proof. He doesn’t want to give up Ryn so he takes Ian to the mermaid grave site. Only when they get there, the graves have already been dug up. Freeform already revealed the empty graves in an early promo so this wasn’t as effective as it could have been for me. What is surprising is how close Ian is getting to busting this mermaid story. With everything else going on, we have to worry about this too?

What did you think of Siren Season 2 Episode 13? Who do you think dug up the mermaid graves? Can Ben get Ryn to forgive him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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