Siren Season 2 Episode 15
Desperation leads Helen to seek Beth’s help with Ryn’s fertility issues. Meanwhile, Ian inches closer to getting the mermaid proof he seeks.

On Siren Season 2 Episode 15, Maddie offers Ryn an alternative solution to her pregnancy problem, but it involves getting help from the military. Ben and Xander deal with Chris and his memory loss situation. Ian does the unthinkable as he continues his quest to prove that mermaids are real.

In Vitro

After mating with all the males she could in the water and on land, Ryn still isn’t pregnant. Her disappointment at this fact is heartbreaking. Eline Powell’s performance displaying Ryn’s emotions these past few episodes is nothing short of masterful.  She and the writers have made me so invested in this pregnancy plot. Not only was I on the edge of my seat for the majority of the episode, but I almost wanted Ryn to really get pregnant. At the same time, I’m also glad that she didn’t.

Once again Siren broaches a real-life issue that women face. Maddie points out to Ryn that human women struggle with infertility all the time, but there are scientific methods that can help. I love how assertive Ryn is, in a world where men would seek to gate-keep and control what a woman should do with her body. While she may seek counsel from Ben and Maddie, Ryn is the one who ultimately decides what happens to her. Once Maddie explains what In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is, Ryn makes the brave choice to go that route.

I also appreciated the small bits of humor injected into these recent episodes through this plot. Ryn gets to use her acting chops to steal her eggs back from the military, and there’s a funny scene where Helen volunteers to teach Ryn’s merman mate how to masturbate so they can get his sample. By the end it sort of lulls you into a false sense of security that at least something is working in their favor for once. This made it even more impactful at the end when we discover that the hybrid group have implanted one of Ryn’s two fertilized eggs into one of their members. Never trust cults, kids!

Connecting the Dots

As this season winds down, the writers are starting to connect some dots and fill in some blanks from Season 1. Ben’s dad has had the mermaid footage from the oil rig attack on his mind ever since he saw it. I’ve always wondered how much Ted knew about the mermaids and his family history and it’s clear now that he was more of a sceptic who didn’t believe the town tales – or tried hard not to. I’ve always wondered if Elaine’s accident ten years ago was mermaid related too. Everyone always spoke vaguely about it in the first season but the fact that it was boat related was of note. I’m happy we finally have answers.

Siren Season 2 Episode 15

It turns out that mermaid attacked Ted when he dove into the water to save Elaine. And he apparently mentioned it to Maddie’s mom, Susan. Him speaking to Susan was definitely surprising because we’ve never seen them interact before. We only know that she and Elaine aren’t particularly fond of each other. This conversation didn’t really land that well for me because I feel like this is the kind of conversation he would be having with Dale instead.

Speaking of Susan, her struggle with addiction always has me worried. Ted focuses on the bottle of wine she’s been drinking when he comes over to talk and for a moment I wondered if she had relapsed again. Fortunately, it just served to jump-start Ted’s memories about him and Elaine drinking the night of the accident.

Memory Jogging

Chris has a number of Season 1 flashbacks throughout this episode. He doesn’t remember anything at first. Soon Ben leaves him in the capable hands of Xander and Calvin to try help jog his memory. Commander Kyle insists that the military helped him with the “cure song” Ben and Maddie listened to underwater. He also says the song was devouring Chris’ brain and they “saved” him. Commander Kyle, of course, cannot be trusted one bit. The actor playing him is doing an A+ job because I am thoroughly creeped out every time he’s on-screen.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this plot yet. We know the military wants to weaponize the song. And we know they also want to make super soldiers. It feels like they’re playing a long game, possibly setting this up to be a big part of Season 3. I definitely think they were using the song on him because his brain scans were way worse than Ben’s even though his exposure was more recent.

At the end of the episode, Chris returns to the military base. Commander Kyle isn’t surprised by this since he allowed Ben to take him off base in the first place. On one hand, I can see Chris possibly being set up as a future adversary. On the other hand, I think Chris might through for Ben and the gang when they really need it. He may have willingly gone back, but he did have flashes of his past memories. Maybe he’s the one who will find out what exactly the military is up to.

An Exclusive Lead

News Reporter Ian Sutton will stop at nothing to get his big scoop. He tracks Ryn’s new cellphone to the hybrid group’s cabin. First, he records her lower half transforming during a ritual, and then he subsequently abducts her. Out of all the bad things to happen on the show, this was one of the most upsetting. It felt like a swift gut punch. Ryn wanted so badly to have a baby. To watch her get taken before she can get her IVF procedure done was rough. Even more upsetting is that shortly before Ryn is taken, we find out the hybrids have successfully implanted her other egg into a woman named Meredith. What will happen to the mermaid population now?

I hate that this happened so easily because the setup was predictable.  Why was no one watching the door? Why was the door not locked in the first place?  No one happens to hear Ian come in, or see him holding his phone up to record either. I was hoping someone would stop him before he could. Hilariously, no one notices Bryan come in either. He’s not down with Beth being in charge anymore, especially now that he knows she’s a Pownall. It will be interesting to see the hybrid group divided going forward.

All in all, the events of this episode have set the stage for an unpredictable finale. I’m nervous but also very excited to see what comes next. With all these plots in play, I’m thankful the show has already been renewed for a third season.

What did you think of Siren Season 2 Episode 15? Will Ian succeed in exposing mermaids to the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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