Nancy Drew Premiere
The mystery is only beginning.

On the Nancy Drew series premiere, a socialite is murdered in Horseshoe Bay just outside the diner where Nancy works. Unfortunately for her and everyone else at the diner that night, that makes them all the prime suspects in the investigation. After being questioned, Nancy decides to do some sleuthing of her own and finds something completely unexpected.

Beware Dead Lucy

Nancy Drew feels very Riverdale meets Veronica Mars. The overall tone of the show is eerie and very similar to that of Riverdale and even Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but Nancy herself is very much like Veronica. She’s guarded, prefers to keep to herself, and above all, hates asking for help. Her closed-off demeanor doesn’t make Nancy Drew the easiest character to warm up to, and I suspect it’ll take some time before people can really understand her. Hopefully just not too much time because in order for the show to work right, the leading heroine needs to be someone people can root for. This isn’t to say she’s unlikeable by any means, she’s just layered, and we’re being introduced to her at a time where everything in her life seems to be just getting worse. 

We know even less about the rest of the ensemble, but it’s clear they’re all much more complex than they show themselves to be. First there’s Ned Nickerson, who goes by Nick, her potential boyfriend. He works at a car shop close by the diner and has a very intriguing past. Their relationship, if you can even call it that at this point, is in the very beginning stages, and it’ll be nice to see these two grow closer. Then there’s George, Nancy’s frenemy/manager whom she used to go to school with. These two are both very strong-willed and even somewhat aggressive, so I’m excited to see how their bold personalities will stop clashing long enough for them to become friends. Next is Bess, the simple city girl. Or at least that’s who she wants everyone to think she is. I can’t go into detail, but there’s definitely more to Bess than meets the eye. And lastly there’s Ace, who so desperately wants to be apart of the group for reasons unknown. 

Throughout the episode we also get a little bit of insight into Nancy’s home life and let’s just say her relationship with her father is rocky and getting rockier. Additionally, we meet Detective Karen Hart, who is close to the Drew family and will hopefully be an asset to them as she works for the police. There’s also a few flashbacks of both the town’s history and Nancy’s life before her mother’s untimely death that give us glimpses into what her life has been like. 

Although we don’t know much about the characters yet, one thing is certain: Everyone in Horseshoe Bay is harboring secrets, and some are more incriminating than others. 

Nancy Drew Series Premiere

Much like all murder mysteries, the police are seemingly useless, and it’s up to a group of misfit teens to piece everything together and solve the crime before it gets pinned on them. They’re all so different that each person in the group (Nancy, Nick, George, Bess, and Ace) will be able to bring something unique to the “team”. Although Nancy swore off lurking in the shadows after her mother’s passing, it doesn’t take long for Nancy to “come out of retirement”, so to speak, and begin scouring the town for clues. This scavenger hunt eventually leads her, George, and Bess to a medium, where things quickly go awry. Unsurprisingly, Nancy is a realist and isn’t as quick to believe a ghost could be responsible for anything going on in Horseshoe Bay as some of the other residents. 

I’m not quite sure where I stand yet on the decision to make Nancy Drew a supernatural show. When it was first announced it seemed kind of unnecessary and like it would only complicate things. This is a detective show, and you can’t exactly track down, stake out, and lift fingerprint evidence from a ghost. And it also raises another question, are ghosts the only supernatural creatures in this universe, or do we have to worry about vampires and werewolves potentially showing up in the future? My biggest concern is that the supernatural aspect of the show will overshadow everything else and make the show go off the rails that much sooner. However, the ghost of “Dead Lucy” and the part she’ll play is a surprisingly intriguing part of show, and I think having that element helps set apart Nancy Drew from Riverdale and Veronica Mars.

The fact that the show takes place after they’ve all graduated high school is a welcomed and refreshing change. 

Nancy Drew Series Premiere

Riddled with murder, secret affairs, and disturbing messages from the dead, Nancy Drew came just in time for the Halloween season, and it’s a compelling addition to the CW’s roster. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing where they decide to go in the future, particularly with the supernatural element, as I think Nancy Drew has a good chance of getting renewed. 

No Context Quotes

  • “Breaking and entering, just like riding a bike.”
  • “So now my mom dying is somehow a motive for murder?”
  • “Lucy gets blamed for a lot of stuff around here.”

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The Nancy Drew series premiere airs Wednesday October 9th at 9 p.m. ET on the CW. Make sure to follow us on Twitter!