Lucifer Season 5
Needless to say, if you haven’t yet started Lucifer — an addicting show about the Devil and his company solving crimes in Los Angeles — you’ll need to start stat. Definitely before you finish reading this!

Lucifer Season 4 was… well, a doozy, to say the least. Between Chloe’s realization, the introduction of Eve, Linda’s pregnancy, and Lucifer’s breakthroughs in therapy, there was a lot to take in. The show gave us a lot of drama, answered some questions, and left us with even more new ones. The cast shared some of their most pressing queries on the official Instagram account, and they are definitely questions worth answering!

Netflix has officially renewed Lucifer for its fifth and final season. It’s a bittersweet victory, but all good things must come to an end. Here are some things we’d like to see in Lucifer Season 5!

“How will returning home change Lucifer?” – Tom Ellis

At the end of Season 4, Lucifer surprised his friends and fans alike with the decision to go back to Hell. This is something he’s been avoiding at all costs for four seasons, and the stakes have never been higher. He finally has everything he could want on Earth; namely Chloe, whose declaration of love made the finale all the more heartbreaking.

At the same time, his return to the throne is something of a victory. For one, Lucifer chooses to go back on his own merit and for the greater good, rather than being dragged back by his father or one of his siblings. He no longer sees his job in Hell as just “playing a part in [God’s] play,” a punishment doled out by his father. Instead, he finally accepts the responsibility that comes with the title “King of Hell.” He steps up to protect the people he loves, and somewhere in his core, he feels good about it. This shows an incredible growth in his character, and we finally get another look at those beautiful angel wings right before he disappears.

So how does all of this affect him when he goes back to the place he’s been avoiding all along? Lucifer is a changed man, and he surely won’t rule Hell in the same way he has in the past. If Season 4 was about anything specific, it was Lucifer discovering that for himself. Yes, he is the Devil… but not the same Devil he was before.

Still, returning to a toxic environment always threatens a relapse. When Lucifer returns to L.A., we will probably see flashes of that ruthlessness he’s showcased in the past. He might be darker, more serious, maybe even have nightmares about the things he had to do to survive and maintain his position of authority, though he definitely won’t be the bubbly fallen angel speeding to Cage the Elephant that we met in the pilot.

Hopefully, all of the time Lucifer has spent in therapy will help him through this trauma without any devastating setbacks. What I’d like more than anything is for Lucifer Season 5 to show Lucifer getting reacclimated to Earth, and leaning on the support system he has here. Yes, that means Chloe and Linda, but it also means Maze and Ella and Amenadiel. And so help me Lucifer’s dad. I want to see Lucifer and Dan making amends and bonding again because if Lucifer is haunted by his questionable morals in the past. No one can relate like Detective Dan Espinoza.

Lucifer Morninstar
Image: Netflix

“Do you think Chloe will wait for Lucifer? Do you think she should wait for Lucifer?” – Lauren German

This question had not even occurred to me until today. Of course Chloe should wait for Lucifer! After four seasons of will-they-won’t-they, the finale showed the S.S. Deckerstar finally gaining some solid ground. Chloe now knows all of Lucifer’s secrets, she’s accepted them, and she’s ready to finally admit that she’s in love with him. In return, Lucifer is able to vocalize his love for her as well. We got it all — declarations of love, goodbye kisses, self-sacrifice.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if we’ve been holding our breath for four seasons only for Lucifer Season 5 to be about how Chloe’s moved on, Netflix is going to have some very unhappy fans on their hands. And when you think about it, there isn’t much room for Chloe to move on anyway. She’s had one normal marriage (which failed), one brief engagement to an immortal human old as time itself, and one tumultuous relationship with the actual Devil (AKA Prince of Darkness, King of Hell, Son of God). Is she just supposed to re-download Tinder after all of that?

“Will Maze and Eve get together? I mean, will she finally wake up?” – Lesley-Ann Brandt

Perhaps my #1 priority for next season is a happy ending for Mazikeen. Netflix, I am begging you: Someone give this cuddly, knife-wielding demon a hug. She deserves the world and has barely gotten a shred of it.

Mazikeen is quite possibly the most underappreciated character in the whole show. On every season, her friends take her for granted in some way and neglect to take her feelings into account. On Season 1, we see her used as a pawn by both Lucifer and Amenadiel. Then on Season 2, we see Lucifer purposely leave her in the dark about his plans to banish his mother to Heaven because it would interfere with his goals. On Season 3, Lucifer and Pierce seem to be playing hot-potato-henchman and using Maze’s desire to go back to Hell as leverage to get what they want. Not to mention Linda’s betrayal dating Amenadiel. And finally, on Season 4, Maze is not only shunned by Chloe because of her true nature, but completely overlooked by Eve, who is too in love with Lucifer to see the perfectly good demon in front of her.

Maze has forgiven most of these offenses. Some of her friends have made amends. Some have apologized and continued to hurt her. Nevertheless, Maze’s manipulation and expendability has played a part in every season of the show.

Before I go any further, I want to point out that romantic relationships are not the key to a happy ending. I am no fan of television’s insidious habit of pairing off all the characters at the end of a show so that everyone ends up with someone. (I’m looking at you, Dan and Ella.) Insisting that every character ends up in a romantic relationship devalues the familial and platonic bonds shows can develop, and minimizes the achievements of characters who could happily stand alone.

That being said, I would really like for Mazikeen and Eve to end up together. It’s been repeatedly stated that Maze is looking for something, a meaningful connection she can call her own. Yes, she has this family of mortal and celestial misfits. She has Trixie and Charlie who look up to her as Auntie Maze. But, I think it would be incredible to finally give Mazikeen someone who would put her above everything and everyone else. She deserves someone who thinks the world of her, and if the writers are willing to develop Eve and show her forging that connection, it could make an incredibly beautiful story.

Eve and Mazikeen
Image: Netflix

“It’s time for Amenadiel to get a job. Don’t you think so?” – D.B. Woodside

Yes, yes, and more yes. We’ve already seen Amenadiel try his hand at therapy. (How did he get that office space next to Linda in Season 1? Did anyone even ask this fine man for a license?) But after seeing the work Linda does, he might want to leave that to the professionals.

Even without a degree, there are so many career paths that wait for you, Amenadiel! A strapping gentleman like you could easily be a bouncer or security guard. If you get your powers back, you could join the new family tradition of police work. Real easy to deescalate violent situations when you can slow down time. Or, you could start the same way the rest of us do: customer service. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about Lucifer’s job in Hell when a middle-aged woman starts yelling at you about expired coupon codes. In all seriousness, this would be a great storyline to pursue in more depth, especially in light of the themes of racial discrimination the show explored in Season 4. Amenadiel has finally discovered that humans view him differently because of the color of his skin. That prejudice isn’t limited to law enforcement, and the job market could be another precarious place for him to navigate.

“Will Ella ever learn the truth about Lucifer?” – Aimee Garcia

I hope so, and at the same time, I kind of don’t. One of the biggest questions on my mind going into the past season was what Netflix had planned for Ella’s subplot. By Season 3, FOX was already laying the seeds to a deeper backstory for our favorite forensic specialist. On her trip to Vegas with Lucifer, Ella mentions how counting cards helped to “quiet the voices.” Later, she mentions that she’s writing a book about a forensic scientist who can talk to ghosts. And on Season 3 Episode 25, we discover that ever since she was a child, Ella has been friends with her very own ghost: Azrael, the Angel of Death. That felt like a huge reveal at the time, but since it’s only a bonus episode, it does beg the question: Does that story even have a place in the canon Lucifer timeline?

Season 4 does not mention any of this. Instead, Ella’s story focused on her personal struggle with her faith. After the death of Charlotte Richards, she’s really struggling to believe in God, or any kind of Almighty power that’s looking out for them. Over the course of the 10 episodes, she goes from questioning, to denial, and then to accepting it again. No matter how hard life gets, her faith is a part of her, and she feels happier and more hopeful with her cross around her neck.

That leaves us with two roads for Lucifer Season 5. I would like to see Ella find out about Lucifer, especially if it might lend some closure to the situation with Azrael. But at the same time, if there was one character who didn’t need to know the truth, it’s Ella. She’s the one who explains to Chloe back on Lucifer Season 2 that you don’t need proof of Heaven and God to believe in them. In fact, having proof takes away the meaning of faith. So as nice as it is to be in on the joke, I think it would be more meaningful to her character arc if Ella remained unenlightened.

Ella Lopez
Image: Netflix

“Will Dan ever get justice for his stolen pudding? That’s the most important question.” – Kevin Alejandro

Dan’s pudding is one of my favorite running gags on the show. At this point, nearly everyone has had a hand in this crime. Lucifer, Maze, the Goddess of All Creation, no one can escape the blame. The real question is: Is Dan ready to give up vengeance for his unjustly lost pudding and make amends with his friends and family for the way he’s been treating them? Yes, I am using pudding as a thinly veiled metaphor for Charlotte’s death.

My wish for Dan on Lucifer Season 5 is growth. Charlotte’s death hit him hard, and he really did become Detective Douche for most of the season. He’s been projecting his guilt and rage onto Lucifer — furious that everyone lets him get away with all these stunts he pulls off the books while Dan and Maze are beating up gang members to get answers at the same time. The finale shows him working through this behavior with Linda, so I’m hoping he can take the necessary steps to rebuild the bridges he’s been burning. Going backwards isn’t good for anyone, in Chloe’s words, but I’d like to see more of the Dan Espinoza who turned himself in to the police for corruption and who helped prove Lucifer was an innocent man even though he didn’t like him. Maybe when Dan gets his own issues sorted, he will deserve justice for his stolen pudding.

“Will Charlie have powers? No, wait! What will Charlie’s powers be?” – Rachael Harris

I’m with Rachael on this one. I think it would be really cool for Charlie to have some kind of powers. It all returns to the question Linda asks on Season 3 Episode 9: “Do angels’ powers shape their personalities? Or are your personalities shaped by your powers?” Depending on what kind of time jump awaits us, we just might get our answer.

Another thing that might come into play is self-actualization. We’ve seen before that the way angels manifest has everything to do with their self-image. Whether by divine intervention or lack of self-confidence, Amenadiel does not seem to have his powers on Lucifer Season 5. (But I sure would like to see him get them back. Hint.) It’s quite possible that Charlie’s powers will have everything to do with how Linda and Amenadiel raise him and whether or not he knows the truth about his family at all. If Charlie does have powers though, I think it would be a nice twist if he takes after his mother. While Amenadiel waits with bated breath for Charlie to start freezing time or sprouting wings, Charlie is out making friends with his unusually high emotional intelligence. Empathy, or the power to sense and affect the emotions of others, seems like the perfect superpower for the child of an angel and the best therapist in the country.

Dr. Linda Martin and Baby Charlie
Image: Netflix

“Do you think there’s sort of a grand plan for Chloe? Or that maybe she was sent for a certain purpose?” – Lauren German

I’ve always had a gut feeling that Chloe was going to have a key role in the grand plan. I’ve always thought that God nudged Chloe and Lucifer together in order to give Lucifer a way of redeeming himself, not just in the eyes of God, but in Lucifer’s own eyes as well. We’ve already seen the positive affects Chloe has had on Lucifer’s life. Sure, there have been ups and downs, but because of his experiences with Chloe, Lucifer has made vast breakthroughs in his own personal journey. He’s met people who can accept him for the Devil he is, and who have shown him the kind of love he deserves. Because of his life in L.A., he got his wings back and, however briefly, was able to stop seeing himself as a monster.

Not all of this was Chloe’s doing, but Lucifer’s interest in her is what made him stick around, and it’s led him on a pretty incredible journey of self-betterment.

I’m not sure that Chloe’s role will necessarily be bigger than that. I don’t think she’s the key to preventing the Apocalypse, killing God, or shutting the gates of Hell forever more. But I also don’t think she has to be. Maybe playing a key role in someone’s life is enough. After all, changing the Devil is no small task. Personally, I think God’s plan for Chloe starts and ends with Lucifer’s happiness. As God himself says, “A parent just wants what’s best for their child.”

All four seasons of Lucifer are available for streaming on Netflix. What would you like to see on Lucifer Season 5? Let us know in the comments below and share your thoughts with us on Twitter!