Lena Luthor Big Secret Supergirl

How long, realistically, can Lena Luthor not know her “best friend” is the woman flying around National City with a cape?

Lena Luthor is a genius, yet she doesn’t know her best friend is Supergirl and hasn’t put together that Kara’s always absent when Supergirl is around? When are the Supergirl writers going to stop insulting Lena’s intelligence and recognize the value she could have if added to Team Supergirl?

State of Disbelief

As an avid fan of the comics, I’ll start with saying I understand the suspension of disbelief we’re supposed to hold as we watch everyone in National City not recognize Kara as Supergirl because of glasses. However, that said, glasses aren’t a disguise, and there’s so much more building up that should reveal Kara’s true identity to Lena. How insulting is it to Lena’s character that she isn’t seen as intelligent enough to put together the clues, even if she doesn’t want to believe her best friend is lying to her?

Aside from Kara disappearing every time Supergirl shows up, there are also the many times Kara has run out on something to save the day, the unexplained absences from plans, work, and anything else Kara’s committed herself to but bails on to save someone, and yet Lena’s picked up on none of this? She couldn’t even figure out that Supergirl and Mon-El were romantically linked (just like Kara and Mon-El) during the final episodes of Season 2?

Lena Luthor Big Secret Supergirl

There’s enough clues and missing details from Kara’s life that Lena, of all people, should be able to figure out Supergirl’s identity. The writers continuing to insult Lena’s intelligence and common sense by not acknowledging this is just another disservice to the show and to Lena’s character. She’s not stupid, so stop treating her as though she is. If Cat Grant could figure it out on her own, even after seeing J’onn pretending to be Supergirl alongside of Kara, Lena can, too.

The Misuse of Lena Luthor

Besides just not knowing the secret, this fact also makes Lena basically useless in the world of Supergirl. Lena has a brilliant mind—she was able to create the device allowing Daxamites to come to Earth—yet she’s not being used as part of the team, or as part of the DEO, when she has the mental capacity to help take down some of the toughest villains. Maybe even Reign, eventually.

As Team Flash always comes up with some insane scientific invention to stop the bad guy, Lena could be doing something similar, and her and Winn could strike an interesting partnership given he’s very intelligent, too. Not having Lena involved with the daily Supergirl operations is making Lena an unnecessary addition to the series, especially since she’s not getting a story on her own, either. Everyone in Lena’s life is lying to her and keeping secrets about themselves, so is this how the writers are going to eventually make Lena evil like her family? She’ll turn on everyone because of everything they’ve kept from her?

If Lena were included with the stories and in on the secret, that could cement her path to good. Taking down villains and aliens, helping Supergirl save the day, these things could cement the goodness inside of Lena so we don’t have to suffer through anymore traumatizing stories that threaten Lena’s sense of right and wrong because they’ve grown quite tired. Let’s either see Lena be good or be evil, but make a decision already.

What do you think? Should Lena Luthor know her best friend’s secret? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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