Kara Danvers Love Interest

After Kara’s revelation during her coma in the Supergirl mid-season premiere that her current life is all because she took on the human identity of Kara Danvers, we need to see stories that reflect that.

This mental block she experienced in the mid-season premiere of Supergirl seems to have cemented that Kara Danvers is just as important as Supergirl, if not more important, and that she needs to appreciate the “human” life she’s been able to lead. But why—after many revelations of how important Kara’s life as Kara Danvers is—is her life outside of being a superhero solely about being a love interest and ignores any other part of her life, especially her career? Let’s see Kara embrace her career more and the writers develop stories utilizing her skills as a reporter, rather than just as an alien.

More Than a Love Interest

While it’s unusual to separate a character from their heroic identity on shows like this, a strong line is drawn between Kara and Supergirl when it comes to love and her relationships. Throughout the series’ second and third seasons, Kara Danvers has just become a love interest to boost the story of Mon-El as his double identity has become the star of the show. Supergirl is the heroine to save the day in the end, almost all of the time, but Kara Danvers is just another girl in love.

Kara Danvers Love Interest

Whereas Barry Allen is/was a CSI for the CCPD and Oliver Queen is the mayor of Star City, Kara Danvers doesn’t really exist outside of her relationships with people. She’s always Alex’s sister, or Mon-El’s ex-girlfriend, or Lena’s best friend, but Kara hasn’t been her own person (and the protagonist of her own stories outside of being the hero) for a great deal of time. Why isn’t Kara’s career a priority to the writers? Kara Danvers is more than just Supergirl and more than just a love interest, too.

CatCo Worldwide Media

The biggest reason for the writers straying away from Kara’s career at CatCo probably has to do with the loss of Cat Grant, but even without her, there are stories to be told. Kara being a reporter was such a big step for her and that’s why it was saved for a finale moment, but we hardly see Kara actually working anymore. Yes, we’re supposed to believe she works when she’s not saving the day, but why skip on all of this important time in her life? Kara being a reporter is supposed to hold the same importance as Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, but, on Supergirl, you’d forget Kara was a reporter if you hadn’t been watching closely enough. The writers are missing out on loads of stories to be told that could easily be used for the filler episodes with disposable villains, much like The Flash has done in the past with Barry Allen’s career as a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department.

While investigating as a reporter, Kara could be swept into a mess that requires her to become Supergirl and save the day—especially if she were looking into a murder in National City or even a scandal of some sort—and Kara Danvers could be the reporter to break the lid on the story and deliver it to the people of National City. Kara obviously has great talent or Cat Grant wouldn’t have ever promoted her, but it’s unused because the writers focus more on the alien side to Supergirl than the human life she’s lived for over a decade.

Embracing her career as an important part of her life would allow the writers to focus less on Kara’s romantic life, too. Being a reporter and Supergirl would keep Kara really busy, and it’d make sense that she wouldn’t have much time to date with all of her commitments. The reality of her jobs is she should be always working, and that’s a problem to explore later down the line when the fatigue sets in and it’s time for Kara to really be happy and focus on her personal life, but clearly having a love interest for Kara is not working for the show now. Mostly because she becomes the man’s love interest on her own series. A shift in focus could fix that problem. Not only would Kara’s story benefit from more focus on her job, but so would the stories of James and Lena. Now that Lena has bought the company, she’s James and Kara’s boss, and seeing Kara, James and Lena work together to take down the bad guys sometimes (just like Alex, Kara, J’onn and Winn do at the DEO) would be an interesting turn of events and would include the other characters in Supergirl’s adventures.

What do you think? Do you think more focus should be put on Kara Danvers than Supergirl sometimes? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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