Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 6
Jessica and Trish have to rescue Erik. Malcolm realizes he might be headache-inducing. Hogarth realizes the ugly results of her actions. The villain monologues.

On Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 6, “A.K.A Sorry Face”, Jessica and Trish are forced to try to catch Sallinger while saving Erik at the same time. While trying to save her firm, Hogarth is privy to the world she has destroyed in the pursuit of her own affections. Sallinger becomes a villain with a classically boring backstory and a lot of monologue backed up.

Self-Sufficient Survival

Erik is trapped in a game of Sallinger’s devising, claiming that Jessica has cheated somehow, a commentary on privilege. Sallinger starts a game with Jessica, bargaining Erik, who seems to have a plan of his own. The self-sufficient have to survive somehow.

As Hogarth attempts to call all hands on deck to fix her own mess, Malcolm seems to have chosen his boss, deciding to find Berry over working at his real job. As Malcolm lets his aggression out on Gor the pimp, he seems to indicate that he himself has become something of a superhero, later relaying to Jessica that if Berry doesn’t come back on her own terms, she won’t come back at all. All his time with Hogarth seems to have paid off.

The Family Divide

Speaking of, Hogarth’s visit to Kith results in an ugly confrontation with her son, which seems to illustrate the true damage that has been done. Just like with Malcolm, she seems to finally see the ugly side in what she’s doing, rather than her selfish wants and needs. Even though she was once doctored by her own issues and what she wants, she now is recognizing how she has permanently altered people’s lives, and specifically this innocent son’s.

In the same vein of families, rather than Trish going on a tirade about being powerful, she solidifies her point to her mother by indicating that she was afraid and had to make something of herself so it wouldn’t be the same way for other young girls. As that family splits apart, a different one comes together, with Berry appearing at Malcolm’s door in the hopes of them finding her brother.

“You Caught Me Monologuing”

As they follow a new lead on Sallinger, Erik continues to be questioned, with Sallinger utilizing fancy wordsmithing and god-like judgment. With his pity party of a familial backstory just as boring as his methods, he realizes Erik is a “cheater”, or powered. As Jessica follows his trail, he continues to monologue, indicating that he just wants to be special or “real”, as he calls it. Caught monologuing, Jessica and Trish are able to break in just in time to save Erik. The duo tag teams him and, once wrangled, Jessica brings him to the police, only to find it’s all a moot point.

With the cops having nothing on him, the “right thing” to do is seemingly unable to execute their justice. Despite this not being a part of Sallinger’s plan, it plays into his nice guy act, which he seems to have spent time perfecting. As Jessica lists the things that Sallinger can be caught on, none of them being anything substantial. As they weigh their options, which aren’t good, Erik delivers more bad news: they may have “unleashed” Sallinger. Let’s hope he gets more interesting then.

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