Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 4
Jessica and Erik begin to hunt down who’s hunting him. Hogarth continues to pursue her old love. A villain emerges and so does the sister superhero duo.

On Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 4, “A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By”, Jessica discovers that she does indeed more help, but Erik’s power might mean she is involved in something she wasn’t necessarily ready for. Trish saves a life, and makes sure another isn’t lost, and finally gets her invite into the superhero battle. Hogarth pursues a romantic relationship in the hopes of winning back an old flame.

The Super Duo(s)

Jessica learns that her newfound friend, Erik, is both a super and is in a lot of trouble. The only super she is unwilling to help is Trish, whose life seems entangled in the idea that she and Jess become a super crime-fighting duo. But it seems like the duo is more likely to be Erik and Jessica, who act like the head and the body, with Erik finding the bad guys and Jessica dealing with them.

As Trish continues to push the “we” in their sister duo, Jessica becomes more frustrated, and pushes away the notion that she will need help. On the same token, Hogarth pushes away that same notion, as a woman comes to her apartment to help install some things she may need when she’s taking drugs to help her condition.

The Right Side

Despite both of these strong women resisting help, Trish keeps seeking it out, unable to exist on her own. Even when trying to appear strong and not helpless, she bends the law unfairly, putting the people she knows in the crossfire rather than herself. Is that what a hero would do?

Malcolm’s discoveries and his skills have become indispensable to Hogarth, even to her own ends. Malcolm uses that to leverage more power in Hogarth’s office, to catapult him into a different position. Despite being accused of not being on the “right side” by Trish, Malcolm realizes he has to gain power in order to get into a position to do the right thing. With no powers to speak of, he must use his in a different way. Malcolm recognizes that working for Hogarth means that he has to redefine his idea of being on the “right” side, as Hogarth uses all she can to get what she wants, no matter what the cost to anyone else.

A Hero

Being indispensable pays, but not as well as blackmailing, as Jessica and Erik learn when they pursue his marks. Learning all sides of the law, a man making kiddie porn and a woman who had to skim off of people’s pensions to pay for her mother’s surgery, causes Jessica to realize that people need a hero, or at least protection. Despite Erik admitting he has tried this himself, Jessica continues, her tenacity matching Trish’s.

Redeeming herself slightly, Trish pursues a lead that saves Erik, resulting in a casualty, the first real fear for Trish. In the meantime, Jessica confronts the man who stabbed her and realizes she cannot let it stand for him to continue to exist, despite that Erik can if it means saving himself.

Missing the Purple Suit

Realizing she needs help, Jessica enlists the help of the person who wants it most, and the sister super duo has finally come to fruition. The true villain has finally emerged, seemingly clever and diabolical, but somehow, without the flair of Kilgrave, the interest of the villain killer seems to be a tad lost. Despite seeming like he could exist in the modern world, he seems too normal for a super show, but we will see what he has to offer.

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