Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 1
In the season opener of the final season, Jessica tries to figure out what it means to be a hero in the modern world, while Trish contemplates the same thing, but in a different way. Hogarth deals with a darkening future.

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 1, “A.K.A The Perfect Burger”, opens with the realization that everyone needs someone, even bad people. As Trish attempts to figure out what it means to be a hero, Jessica continues to realize what it means to have the responsibility of one. As Hogarth and she come face-to-face with a future neither one of them like, the tone of death and defeat seeming synonymous in the opener to the final season of Jessica Jones seems apt.

A Missing Trish

The foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking hero that is Jessica Jones is back! For her last hurrah, Jessica’s storyline picks up where she left off, her debating her hero status over a drink. Despite doing what she can, she has seen what she can become, the reminiscence of her mother seemingly lingering around every corner. With her mother’s memory comes the new understanding of who Trish is, who she’s become, and what that means for Jessica, just in time for Trish to go missing.

A Loss of Life

Despite being clearly torn in that department, Jessica is whisked away when Hogarth calls her for an emotional rollercoaster of a scene, depicting the tragedy of a person struggling with their own body. Hogarth, whose intense strength comes from within and radiates throughout, the only true person who was able to go head-to-head with Jessica, is now fighting her own body.

The theme of the episode emerges as Jessica decides to pursue Trish, the idea of taking a life hovering around the three centralized women – Jessica figuring out how to deal with her loss and the heavy weight that her powers seem to hold on her; Trish figuring out how to deal with taking Jessica’s mother’s life and how to try to regain normalcy; and Hogarth figuring out how to cope with her sickness and how to deal with the plan ahead. None of the women seem to fully understand the weight of their situations, or how the weight of death, or that looming death, has shaped them.

Redefining Justice

Jessica chases Trish’s ghost for most of the episode, symbolic because she is still pursuing the woman she used to be, and the relationship they used to have. Despite the two sisters having seemingly similar talents, they are on two different sides of the same coin. Jessica’s resistance to heroism and Trish’s full-on sprint towards it create a heavy divide between them, their ideas of justice being too vastly different.

In the same vein, Malcolm takes justice into his own hands, surprising a drunk driver that is being protected by his employer, indicating the divide between the wealthy who make their mistakes and get saved and everyone else who isn’t able to saved, highlighting the need for heroism. Coming off the heels of a scene of Trish remarking that she didn’t need to be saved, the episode makes a point to indicate that not everyone has someone waiting in the wings to save them.

In Jessica’s case, sometimes, all you need is the right person. When she’s stabbed by a masked someone, it’s Malcolm who’s there to help her when she can’t help herself. Their relationship, despite its rockiness, has always rested on the laurels of helping one another and just when the other seems to need it. The heroes of Jessica’s life don’t necessarily have powers.

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