Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 9
Tyrone and Tandy turn to questionable allies to help find and stop the villain behind the trafficking ring. Meanwhile, Tandy learns more about Lia’s past.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 9, the origin of the trafficking ring is revealed as our heroes race against the clock to track down Andre before he completes his ascension and becomes a god.


Mayhem and Tandy follow a lead that takes them to Lia’s body. It’s still at the side of the road where Andre left her. Luckily she’s still alive. We hear her humming an eerie tune but she won’t wake up. Tandy and team are desperate for any leads on Andre.

In this episode, the audience gets to learn more about Andre and Lia and how they started working together. I especially appreciated her character’s comic book tie-in as revealed in this episode. The name Lia is actually short for Avandalia – a demon that worked for D’Spayre and who shared his penchant for feeding off others’ pain. However, instead of letting Lia remain an outright evil person, the writers use her story to make some poignant points about the abuse and manipulation of women.

We meet a much softer, kinder Lia to the one we know now through flashbacks to Andre’s accident as well as Lia’s own memories. It’s a real eye-opener for Tandy, who understandably feels a lot of ill will towards her right now. Lia isn’t simply just Andre’s accomplice, she was Andre’s first victim. He used his powers to get into her head and manipulate her into leaving her job at the hospital the same way he manipulated Tyrone into thinking about life without Tandy.

Lia’s story continues to drive home one of the main points this season: Any woman can be a victim of emotional, psychological or physical abuse -regardless of skin colour, social, or economic status.

The Murdering Type

Cloak and Dagger is no stranger to exploring morality. These characters have struggled with their moral codes/compasses from the very beginning and that will no doubt continue to throughout the series. At first, Tandy is willing to do whatever it takes to find Andre, including killing Lia regardless of whether or not she cooperates. When Mayhem says she would never have pegged Tandy for the murdering type, Tandy admits “me neither”.

There’s always that moment in a superhero’s journey where they experience that struggle and ultimately have to make that call. Surprisingly, it’s Tyrone that crosses that line before Tandy. He comes up with a plan to find Andre that involves intimidating the gang leaders in town into cutting off the sale of the drugs used to sedate the girls. This involves getting some of the thugs to shoot each other and he has zero qualms about it. He doesn’t tell Tandy or Mayhem his plans either, he just assures them that he’ll handle it.

Tyrone’s actions come on the heels of him realizing that his mother is lying to him about how Connors is doing. Adina certainly doesn’t seem like the murdering type either, but as Tyrone watches her burn bloody newspapers in their fireplace, the audience knows that the truth is you can never really know.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 9

Whatever Happened to Justice

Mayhem and Brigid inhabiting one body is truly fascinating to watch. Again, major kudos to Emma Lahana for switching between the characters so seamlessly. Her performance has been a real highlight this season.

Surprisingly, Mayhem actually stops Tandy from killing Lia earlier in the episode. Initially, I wondered if that was Brigid’s influence coming out. But the second it’s confirmed Lia is of no use, Mayhem says they need to kill her. Tandy tries to appeal to Brigid by asking “What happened to the Brigid that believed in justice?” but the real Brigid comes out and says this IS justice.

At surface level, it seems like Brigid is agreeing with Mayhem’s warped logic. In reality, it’s her feelings for Tandy that prompts her reaction. Brigid wasn’t able to help Tandy at the motel and she knows what could have happened to her. She cares about her so much. Emotion pours out of her as she reminds Tandy that Lia tried to sell her and that Lia would’ve watched Tandy get raped without batting an eye. Just because Lia had bad things happen to her, doesn’t mean she gets a pass for doing terrible things to countless other women.

Tandy’s well aware of this but she still stands her ground and defends Lia as a victim. Andre is the real villain here. He’s the one who manipulated Lia and changed who she was.  Her physical fist fight with Mayhem was awesome and really demonstrates the kind of hero Tandy is becoming. They’re pretty evenly matched but eventually, Mayhem concedes, telling Tandy that it’s her call.


To set up his meeting with the gang leaders, Tyrone seeks out the help of Solomon. Solomon is the young gang member that helped Tyrone and Adina after Tyrone saved his life. It’s lovely to see these two black men on opposite paths help each other out. Tyrone finds common ground with him in their mutual admiration of Luke Cage, whose face makes a cameo appearance in a newspaper article (written by Karen Page!).

Solomon can’t read and doesn’t think much of himself but Tyrone doesn’t ridicule him. Instead, he calls Solomon a hero for saving his mother’s life. He also appeals to Solomon’s goodness by offering up the idea that you don’t need to be bulletproof to try to make a change.

Tyrone’s inability to let people he knows are good put themselves down is one of his best qualities. He doesn’t know what exactly Solomon or Tandy have been through, but it won’t stop him from offering his support. It also wouldn’t be an episode of Cloak and Dagger without a Tyrone and Tandy heart to heart (#TyrandyForever). Now that they’ve re-solidified their partnership, Tyrone once again gives Tandy reassurance. If they have to kill Andre, she doesn’t have to bear that burden on her soul alone. Like every other major thing they’ve faced so far, they’ll do it together.

Hitting a Blue Note

‘Blue Note’ also gives us a fulsome picture of Andre Deschaine. Even before he received his powers he was stubborn and egocentric. Back then he wanted to join the Jazz gods by hitting what they call a “blue note”. He liked the idea influencing the audience’s feelings and telling them what they want.

Another thing I love about this show is the artistic attention to detail, particularly in the set design and what the camera chooses to linger on. If you look closely in Andre’s record store, right by his gateway to godhood with his veve, there’s a pole with the word ‘Parasite’ plastered on it. And that’s exactly what he is. He’s manipulative, he worms his way into people’s minds and feeds off of their hope. He drains them until there’s nothing left but despair – all so that he can continue to live on.

In true villain style, he monologues his plan to Tyrone and Tandy. He wants a big enough audience to draw on their despair so that he can hit a “blue note” and become a god. This audience is mostly made up of women he’s counselled. Tandy’s mom and Mikayla are among them. Tyrone and Tandy eventually find him playing his tune at the original location for Club Delight (another comic book callback to a drug D’Spayre made called D’Lite).

As he plays his veve starts to light up. Right before he hits his blue note, Tyrone teleports a light dagger thrown by Tandy so it hits him in the chest. He collapses but then he and the rest of the crowd vanishes. Inside the record store, the door finally cracks open and he’s able to ascend.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 9? Can Tandy and Tyrone stop a god and save the city? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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