Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 8
Tandy and Evita must go to great lengths when Tyrone is put in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Adina looks to someone surprising for help.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 8, Tandy and Tyrone team up in a game of life or death, while Evita is faced with a life-changing decision. Elsewhere Adina makes a confession in a bid to get justice for her sons.

Duel to D’Spayre

Cloak and Dagger continues to show why it’s one of Marvel’s finest with ‘Two Player’. As we continue to explore the psyches of the different characters, a lot of what happens in this episode centres around scenes with two players or pairings at a time. We have Tyrone and Tandy, Brigid and Mayhem, Adina and Father Delgado, Andre and Lia, and Evita and her Aunt. These characters are at a crossroad and their decisions/actions in this episode will inform their journeys going forward.

Tyrone is having a major panic attack of sorts and is now stuck between life and death. For Tandy, the possibility of losing the only person who truly knows and understands her is something that absolutely cannot happen. She enters the Darkforce dimension and Baron Samedi (another Vodou death loa) gives Tandy the opportunity to play for their freedom. If they can beat his game they can both leave.

The game – titled ‘Duel to D’Spayre’ – is a pretty neat callback to the comic book Cloak and Dagger origin story involving radioactive heroin (Yes, you read that correctly). It also gives us a glimpse at the villain D’Spayre as he appears in the comics. Here, Tyrone expresses that he doesn’t mind staying in the game because it’s simple. There are no moral dilemmas or repercussions. He’s sick and tired of losing and he can’t stand the pain.

Tandy can’t finish the game. The trauma from the motel experience and coming face to face with Andre again is enough to send her running. She won’t leave Tyrone though. If he wants to accept death, then she’s willing to be right there with him. Tandy and Tyrone have been trying to solve their problems independently so it’s really lovely to see them reconnect and reaffirm their partnership.


Evita plays a pivotal role in saving Tyrone this episode and Noëlle Renée Bercy gives her best performance to date. One of my biggest gripes with this show has been its use – or lack thereof- of Evita. I was unsure of her purpose beyond temporarily keeping Tyrone and Tandy from being romantically involved. Season 2 hasn’t given us much of her either so some of the exposition that took place this episode felt rushed/tacked on.

It’s devastating to see her discover her Aunt is dead and even more so when she asks Papa Legba for a glimpse of Tyrone’s outcome and it repeatedly comes out negative. As a mambo (Vodou priestess) her Aunt had to marry a loa. To save Tyrone from death, she has to marry a death loa and assume her Aunt’s position as mambo in their community. This is a huge responsibility and an equally huge sacrifice. Evita wants a normal life, but she’s burdened by her gift and the life that was seemingly already chosen for her.

Baron Samedi tells Tandy, “Everything here is a trade. To get what you want, know what you’re willing to give up.”. This not only applies in the spirit realm but in real life as well. With each of our pairs this episode, someone gives up something important in order to get their desired outcome. Tandy is ready to give up her soul to stay with Tyrone. Evita ultimately trades her dream of going to college and medical school and marries Baron Samedi to save Tyrone. It shouldn’t go without notice that Evita carries out the ceremony at the exact moment Tyrone and Tandy are basically saying vows to each other. Foreshadowing Tyrone and Tandy’s future relationship maybe?

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 8

Two Become One

Brigid also makes significant trade-off this episode. First, the officers at the motel crime scene refer to the kidnapped girls as hookers rather than victims. Then to add insult to injury, the owner of the building has already been bailed out by his lawyers. This is the reality she’s been facing all season and it’s a reality we can all relate to in real life. Where is the justice? Brigid turns to face her reflection in a broken mirror and sees a defeated, fragmented shadow of her former self. It’s then she decides she could use a little Mayhem at a time like this.

Emma Lahana shines once again in a heart-to-heart moment between the two. Brigid appreciates that they see things in a different light. Mayhem only sees the bad and comes at it full force while Brigid is able to see the good in the midst of the bad. This crossroad for Brigid means coming to terms with the fact that the world needs someone more like Mayhem than it does her right now.

There’s a neat camera pan that goes behind Mayhem’s back as she does Brigid’s nails and when it rounds the other side, Brigid is gone. Mayhem’s in charge now, and although she assures Tandy that Brigid is still in there, I’m worried about how Brigid’s decision will pan out. Did Mayhem play nice with her just to escape? After all, she knew the only way she could get out of the Darkforce Dimension is if she had a soul and Brigid just gave her one.

Forgive Me, Father

Adina seeks out Father Delgado who is at a Sober Living Center. She wants to trade all the dirt she got from Connors to get justice for her sons. As a priest, Father Delgado doesn’t have to reveal his source if she speaks via confessional. He refuses at first because he feels like a failure for not being able to protect Tyrone. That was supposed to be his way of atoning for the death he caused years ago. In a twist I absolutely did not see coming, Adina confesses to being responsible for someone’s death too.

She’s trying to keep calm but there’s still a well of other underlying emotions during their talk. She talks to Delgado about faith and forgiveness and the reveal that comes via flashback during her confession shows why. She allows Connors to use the bathroom and he finds it completely covered in plastic. He hardly gets to turn around before we see him get shot multiple times.  While Father Delgado craves forgiveness and continues to lament for a death he unintentionally caused, Adina has made a thoroughly premeditated decision. A decision that could possibly change the dynamic between her and her family in the near future.

When a mother loses a child, that pain is impossible to quantify or even put into words. Usually, in a show like this, a mother like Adina would eventually take the morally acceptable high ground. It’s also true that the media too often perpetuates the “strong black woman” stereotype where black women withstand inhuman amounts of pain and somehow make it through their struggles whole. But the fact that the writers have allowed Adina to fully inhabit her grief and cross that line without a hint of remorse? That shows that Cloak and Dagger is serious about its characters.


Old habits are tough to break, especially in heightened circumstances. Substance abuse is one thing Tandy’s mom hasn’t been able to overcome successfully because it’s her main coping mechanism. After their last argument, Tandy’s mom must have thought that Tandy hated her or had given up on her, so she relapsed.

Similarly, Andre can’t give up his coping mechanism. He’s suffering from his headaches again now that the girls at the motel have been rescued. Lia is still by his side though and he asks her for more of her pain – just enough to get them somewhere safe. While back in the record store, Andre notices his veve on a large door but it won’t open. Still, he soon figures out a hidden meaning to his veve because he is the key to his own destiny. The stars in the symbol represent musical notes. It’s only a matter of time before he deciphers the rest and completes his ascension.

He ditches Lia – someone who loves him and has supported him all these years – to pursue his selfish goal. So far, this show hasn’t shied away from the realities of abuse. Abuse victims are highly susceptible to abusive relationships and habits. Andre ‘saved’ Lia from her family’s abuse and she believes that so wholeheartedly that she willingly allows him to cause her pain to make himself feel better. He drives off leaving Lia for dead on the side of the road having drained everything from her.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 8? Can Tandy and Tyrone stop D’Spayre on their own? Or will Mayhem get in their way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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