Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7
Tyrone comes in contact with a mysterious figure on his search for Tandy. Meanwhile, Adina seeks answers and closure for her two boys.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7, Tyrone’s search for Tandy is derailed when he runs into their newest threat while Adina confronts Connors about his sins. Elsewhere, Tandy helps another girl caught up in the sex trafficking ring.

Tandy and Del at the Viking Motel 

Tandy is being held captive at the Viking Motel, and she’s not alone. Andre and Lia have set up a trading post of sorts, where they can sell the girls and not have them leave. There’s only one way in and one way out. We quickly meet Del (played by Bianca Santos) who quickly helps Lia plant more seeds of hopelessness in Tandy’s mind.

These motel scenes were most uncomfortable to watch. It’s a harsh but albeit sanitized view into the world of sex trafficking. In true Cloak and Dagger fashion, we get to the psychological heart of things rather than the more graphic physical aspects. The hopelessness the girls feel is enough to manipulate them into staying and working for Andre. He and Lia specifically isolate girls with low self-esteem, substance abuse issues and fractured or abusive relationships. Girls who either through their own actions, or as successfully implanted in their minds, have nowhere and no one to turn to for help, or to come find them.

Being at the motel isn’t that bad to Del; at least not anymore. She’s gotten used to the bad parts and Andre and Lia look out for her. Lia’s complicity in all this is especially tough to watch, but it is a reality of the world we live in. Women help orchestrate human trafficking too.

Tandy is powerless without hope. While she tries her best to escape, as the day goes on it seems more and more futile. Her hope that Tyrone is really still alive begins to waver as night begins to fall and he still hasn’t turned up. Lia continues to reiterate that no one is going to come for her. Luckily, Tyrone quickly discovers Tandy’s in danger and sets off to find her by any means necessary.

Chantelle, Mayhem & Adina

The writers give major focus to several strong women this episode. Tandy, Adina, Chantelle, Mayhem and Del all demonstrate how resilient and fearless women can be. Adina’s grief is overwhelming to the point where Connors nervously watches her wield a knife. In her anger, she could easily kill him but instead, she expresses her motherly emotions. You feel her pain. All she wants is to give Billy a proper burial and have Tyrone come home.  It pays off as Connors reveals where he hid Billy’s body.

Andre seeks out Chantelle to help him with his migraines. Although she gives him insight, Chantelle can sense that something’s off. She buys enough time to let him reveal his plans out loud to a hiding Mayhem. Then Andre presents her with death and she simply blinks at it. It’s all a part of her journey. She was such an interesting character so I do hope we get to see her again.

Mayhem and Del are the real MVPs of this episode. When Andre uses his powers to manipulate Tyrone into stop looking for Tandy, Mayhem is watching in the record store. As soon as he leaves she uses different records work to get Tyrone to remember Tandy and the ambulance abductions.

Del spends most of the episode being afraid to go against Lia. Although Tandy picks up on her reluctance to do what they’re forcing her to, Del reveals she doesn’t want to die like some other girls who tried to escape. When Tandy explains those girls were actually set free you can see Del’s demeanour change. It really shows the power that lies can have over our lives. Once she discovers the truth for herself, she stands up to Lia and brings back enough hope for Tandy to get her spark back.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7

Death and D’Spayre

With three episodes to spare, our Big Bad of the season finally comes into his own. We also learn exactly how his powers work in this episode when he meets Tyrone and shakes his hand. He immediately gets access to a person’s memories when he touches them. Andre then uses his words to manipulate Tyrone into thinking that Tandy doesn’t really care about him and he should think about moving on without her – essentially making him forget she’s in danger.

With Chantelle, he’s taken aback when he touches her and she appears in the record store with him. He realizes he won’t be able to manipulate her in the real world but he’s still powerful enough in the Darkforce Dimension to kill her. Chantelle reveals that the veve Andre keeps seeing in his head (and that we have seen through Tandy’s hallucinations) is his own.  He’s been presented the rare opportunity to ascend and become a loa himself. Although Chantelle advises against it, it’s clear that the option to become a god is infinitely more appealing than living in pain.

We don’t get to see how it happens, but he does ascend and D’Spayre is born. This somehow affects Tyrone, who collapses when he finally reunites with Tandy. D’Spayre is a demonic villain that has appeared in several Marvel comics titles including Cloak and Dagger. Brooklyn McLinn has been doing an excellent job so far so I’m really excited to see a fully powered D’Spayre in action.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7? Can Tandy save Tyrone and take down D’Spayre? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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