Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4
In her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy pulls a risky move to find Mayhem that leaves Tyrone and his mother in grave danger.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4, Tyrone finds himself rendered powerless as a gang called the Uptown Block Kings and the local police force circle closer to finding him. Meanwhile, Tandy passes through Tyrone into the Darkforce Dimension seeking answers and finds more than she bargained for.

Bigger Than Boom

In the opening scenes, Tandy and Tyrone are having difficulty getting him to redo what he did to Mayhem last episode. When Tandy suggests she go through his dark portal to get to her, Tyrone lets slip that he did the same thing to Detective Connors. Tandy’s pissed he kept this from her. The whole reason Tyrone hasn’t been able to live his life these past eight months is that Connors is missing, and he’s been lying about what happened.

Tandy says if it were her, she would have brought Connors back and killed him. But Tyrone’s not Tandy. He’s not willing to kill Connors. In fact, he’s afraid he won’t be able to stop him if he gets out because he doubts his own bravery and his own strength. It’s also not that simple – he can’t turn it on and off at will (yet). It only happens when he’s afraid. Tyrone’s not afraid of Tandy at all, but he is afraid of not being able to protect his parents. What if they die like Billy?

Tandy refuses to back down though. Although Tyrone is afraid of what might happen to her and suggests that maybe all they need to do is combine their powers again. She says “Shit needs to go bigger than boom” this time. She knows they need Mayhem’s help because she knows more about this sex trafficking ring than anyone else.

The Darkforce Dimension

This episode introduces a whole new world to the Marvel Cinematic Universe known as the Darkforce Dimension. As Tandy enters the Darkforce Dimension she’s led by a trail of Mayhem’s blood to the same gas station shown last week. A sign lights up saying “Roxxon Gas”. It’s a liminal space that manifests different things for different people. A threshold or crossroad into the spirit world.  The voodoo spirit Papa Legba (or “that which stands at the crossroads”) meets both Mayhem and Tandy but he also appears to them differently. Mayhem saw Brigid’s dead lover Fuchs while Tandy sees young Tyrone in his brother’s hoodie, exactly as she saw him on the beach all those years ago.

This theme of standing at a crossroad continues when Tandy appears outside a mall called The Esplanade. An esplanade is a raised strip of land that divides a roadway or boulevard. Here, the only way out is through, as Papa Legba instructs. And if Tandy uses her powers in here, then her journey is over.

Amanda Row’s directing in this episode definitely left me hoping we’ll be back in this dimension soon. When Tandy and Mayhem walk through the Esplanade, they reach a dead-end with mirrors. Mayhem doesn’t see anything on her end because she has no soul. Tandy, however, sees five different versions of herself in various outfits. Are the five facets of Tandy’s soul or five pathways?  Tandy approaches the mirror more aligned to who she is now: the fighter with the dagger of light. She’s using her powers to help people.

Rabbit Hold

Based on the events of this episode, the title “Rabbit Hold” and the darkforce dimension made me think of the space rabbits disappear into when a magician pulls them in and out of a hat. It also calls to mind someone holding a rabbit improperly by the ears or neck. This is painful and uncomfortable for the rabbit. They’ll squirm and struggle to get free.

Tandy receives a coin when she gives over her powers to enter to find Mayhem. One side has her dagger, the other Tyrone’s cloak. The twist is that giving up her powers means Tyrone can’t use his because they’re two halves of a whole. This makes the tension that builds throughout this episode ratchet up to new heights. Not only are the stakes real, but the fear and pain are real too. When it comes down to it, Tandy and Tyrone both act selflessly. It’s a great sign for their future as heroes.

Tandy finds herself distracted by repressed memories from her childhood. This includes possibly the most unsettling use of a cover of …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. Tandy didn’t notice her father’s abuse since it was always happening behind closed doors when she was old enough to know. When she realizes Tyrone’s chance to clear his name is in jeopardy, she drops her quest for information on the sex trafficking ring and intervenes.

Meanwhile, Tyrone navigates his way out of danger using his smarts, and not his powers. In order to save his mother, he calls the police on himself. He desperately wants to escape. Ultimately when the cops come in and he still can’t teleport, he gives up. He falls to his knees with his hands up in surrender as the armed guards sweep the building.

Familiar Foe(s)

Some foes are obvious, like the Uptown Block Kings. Others are less so. Mayhem and Tandy find a record store full of records covered by pictures of missing girls filed by their names. It’s intercut with a scene where Tyrone tells his mother a 300-year-old story that sounds fantastical. It’s a true story about women brought to Louisiana in caskets by order of the King of France. This effectively highlights that this trafficking problem isn’t new.  There have always been men in power profiting off poor and disenfranchised women. These women are less likely to be missed or searched for.

It also feels that some kind of ‘Big Bad’ is being set up this episode. When Mayhem questions who would keep a catalogue of all this pain in the record store, Tandy’s eyes fall onto a section with her own name on it. It feels ominous. It’s pieces of her life where she felt most hopeless. Is it that the spirits are simply watching all of this unfold, or is there something more sinister at work?

At the end of the episode, Tandy breaks the rules and uses her powers to save Connors from Mayhem. The mall dimension ruptures and transports them out of Tyrone at the exact moment he needs his powers most. While Tyrone has avoided being caught by the police, Connors is now free and on the run which makes clearing his name that much harder.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4? Was Tandy right to break the rule? Will Tyrone be able to stop Connors before Mayhem does and clear his name? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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