Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 3
Tensions flare between Tyrone and Tandy as Mayhem wreaks havoc across New Orleans trying to save a group of missing girls.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 3, Mina discovers the origin of Mayhem. Brigid helps Tyrone and Tandy search for the missing girls, while Mayhem seems to remain one step ahead.

This is Mayhem

Our resident genius Mina Hess is back this week and thanks to her research, we now know how two Brigid O’Reilly’s came to be. In a very effective opening sequence, we see how the split affects one of Mina’s lab mice and it’s not pretty. One mouse is very docile while the other has uninhibited rage on the brain. When confronted with its doppelganger, the more hostile mouse instantly kills the other one. Similarly, there’s a flashback moment where it seems Mayhem is going to kill Brigid in her hospital bed. But when she overhears other officers talking about Detective Connors, her and Brigid’s shared hatred of him changes her focus. Since Connors is missing, she sets out to find the missing young girls.

Emma Lahana gives an excellent performance this episode as Brigid and Mayhem. Mayhem isn’t simply an evil version of Brigid as Mina’s tests may have led us to believe. Although she laments to Father Delgado that “If I have a soul, it’s not in this body.”, it’s clear she has some amount of empathy (or pity) for others. Her overall intentions are good. Her execution is questionable. However, this makes her a very compelling anti-hero.

Shadow Selves

The episode title “Shadow Selves” invites us as an audience to think about the darker parts of ourselves and our own moral codes. What if the persons who should uphold justice, don’t? What if you could do something about it? If you could make bad people pay for their wrongdoings, what would you do? Mayhem’s simply doing what Brigid secretly (sometimes) wishes she could.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 3

Father Delgado is certainly a shadow of his former self. His relapse into alcoholism is devastating to watch given what we know about his past. He’s a long way from teaching Tyrone to temper his anger and not render evil for evil. He offers Mayhem some guidance as she rewards him with alcohol. She’s aware that she’s not a good person and that maybe all she wants to do is hurt people. He says “Start with the ones who deserve it, I guess.”. It’s the same thing Tandy was doing for eight months and shows that she and Mayhem aren’t as different as she’d like to think.

Tandy’s Dilemma

Tandy’s treading a very slippery slope. She’s anxious to help free the missing girls and right now the only person that wants that as much as she does is Mayhem. Mayhem knows this and asks Tandy if she’ll join her. Tandy doesn’t get a chance to respond, but the fact that she doesn’t immediately say no has Tyrone worried.

The moral conflict Mayhem causes Tyrone and Tandy both individually and as a partnership is great. While Tyrone and Tandy understand each other on a certain level, being a woman in today’s world is something Tyrone will never fully comprehend. There are things Tandy herself has experienced as a woman who only she and Mayhem/Brigid can understand, which makes her an even bigger threat to their partnership than Tyrone knows.

In the #MeToo era there are so many men that downplay or trivialize women’s trauma. It’s not always intentional but it reinforces the fact that you can’t even begin to understand someone’s trauma without experiencing it for yourself. Tyrone can’t understand the utter hopelessness Tandy feels when she touches one of the girls. Tandy says the ambulance driver Mayhem nearly kills DID deserve it (and I won’t lie; I agree). Tyrone’s taken aback but for her, it’s only fair. The driver’s temporary physical pain is nothing compared to the psychological damage the kidnapped girls will have to live with.

The Protector

Tyrone finds the guns he gave Brigid in Mayhem’s motel room. He wonders if he’s to blame for the deaths at the club in the Season 2 premiere. After all, the gang leaders were only meeting because of his actions. Tandy immediately shuts that down, indicating that no, Tyrone’s a protector. She’s sure of that because he protects her. This isn’t the first time Tandy’s alluded to Tyrone as a guardian angel. He struggles with the dark nature of his powers and how they seem to make everything worse. But ultimately, Tyrone acts as a light to Tandy’s own darkness. Within the episode narrative, he and Brigid are the more docile mice. Tandy and Mayhem are the more aggressive ones.

His primary concern is doing the right thing and keeping others out of harm’s way. Mayhem’s more of a “shoot first and ask questions later” person. Tandy less so, but it creates an interesting dynamic. As it is, each half of the respective pairs complements the other. Without each other, they’re reckless and unstable. I hope the writers focus on this duality throughout the rest of the season.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 3? Do you agree with Mayhem’s actions? Will Tandy end up helping her? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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