Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 1
As Tyrone and Tandy continue to develop their newfound abilities, they find themselves unable to stand by and watch other people suffer in their community.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 1 and 2, our heroes struggle to keep their emotions in check as their efforts to help others seemingly backfire. Meanwhile, a familiar face with their own idea of justice confronts Brigid.

The Young and Restless

Tyrone’s frustrated having laid low for the past eight months. He’s restless and on edge – eager to do what he can to help his community. In Season 2 Episode 1, Tyrone thinks he’s helping Detective O’Reilly by stealing from drug dealers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t respond the way he would have hoped.

It’s a great teachable moment. He has good intentions, but there are many layers to organized crime that Tyrone knows nothing about. Weakening one gang only strengthens another. It could spark potential gang wars and puts himself in even more danger. Plus, as Tandy later points out, stealing from dealers won’t stop users and addicts from seeking out drugs. There’s no quick fix here. It’s an especially tough pill to swallow when Brigid suggests all he can do is wait for the needle of justice to tip the right way.

Like Tyrone, Tandy finds herself increasingly restless. She’s been doing the vigilante thing on the side too, except her fixation is on abusive men. Just like Tyrone’s need to get justice for his brother Billy and clear his own name, Tandy’s still stuck on her father. Except now there are no nightmares about his death. Now all she can picture is his abusive behavior. She’s afraid to admit all she feels is hurt instead of closure.

Learning that someone you love wasn’t who you thought they were is tough. It changes the way you see things. Though Tandy now understands why her mother behaved the way she did, she doesn’t see how anyone could just choose to stay in a situation like that without a good reason to. It’s even more frustrating to her when the woman she’s trying to help escape an abusive relationship doesn’t accept it and run.

Tyrone’s Prayer

Tyrone’s always looked outside of himself for answers and direction. Evita’s Aunt says one of the dead criminals performed a veve (a method of summoning a spirit or loa) to Maman Brigitte (a death loa) because, “He either wants to be guided from this life to the next or he wants justice.” Immediately, you know Tyrone is going to do it. Sure enough, his fervent desire to balance the scales leads him to perform the veve. Tyrone prays—no, pleads—to her for justice.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 1

Persons may not like religion being tied into superhero stories, however, I find it to be a very compelling part of Tyrone’s journey. He’s struggling with anger and is uncertain about his purpose when he keeps failing even though he’s trying his best. Reconciling what he believes or been taught to believe his whole life about how God/the universe works with finding himself now and his place within the Divine pairing is what will ultimately help make him a great hero. Self-knowledge is key. Your choices are key. So I really hope we get to see more of his philosophical struggle going forward.

Big Damn Heart

I love Tandy. Initially, she comes off as selfish and self-serving but Season 1 until now we’ve come to see she actually has a big heart under that prickly exterior. She adds a different perspective to things in ways Tyrone doesn’t, for example when she says “Maybe people don’t wanna be saved – by us, or at all.”

I don’t think enough superhero media touches on this. Heroes rarely (if ever) ask if the people they are setting out to help actually want it. They just do. Which also made me appreciate Tyrone’s response: “People don’t choose to struggle. They don’t choose to hurt. Doing nothing is not a solution.” He’s always seeking to do good.

Tandy and Tyrone are often at odds with themselves and each other. What worries me about Tandy is that she’s more likely to get frustrated and quit where Tyrone will keep going. Or she may go too far beyond lines he won’t cross. When she goes to intimidate Mickayla’s abusive boyfriend, there’s a moment where she actually considers hurting and maybe even killing him.

Later we see Tandy in the ballet studio spinning literally and metaphorically out of control. Her powers short circuit all the lights and she falls to the floor. When she looks up and sees her reflection in the mirror, for a moment we see two Tandy’s. Given what happens with Brigid in the same episode, could this possibly be foreshadowing?

Saint Brigid, Maman Brigitte, and Brigid O’Reilly

Several Brigids/Brigitte’s take centre stage in the second half of the two-hour premiere. An excellent interplay of religious themes continues from Season 1, where Christianity and Haitian Voudon meet. When Tandy sees a group of women around a vigil for missing girls, one of them is singing a hymn that mentions Saint Brigid. We hear this hymn twice. And of course, Evita’s Aunt speaks to Tyrone about Maman Brigitte.

Saint Brigid is an Irish Saint associated with Brigid the Celtic goddess of healing. Brigid became incorporated into Voudon as Maman Brigitte; a death spirit a powerful ally for justice or revenge. It’s appropriate, then, that there are now two manifestations of our Brigid. I was concerned with how they would handle Mayhem, since making her a split personality would have its own implications in terms of depictions of mental illness. Thankfully, the writers took a different approach, and one I wasn’t really expecting.

One Brigid is more subdued but no less passionate about her work. The other wears green nail polish and red lipstick and doesn’t care about codes of conduct or following protocol. Screw on the record confessions, she’s out to tip the needle of justice herself. I must say the writers truly outdid themselves with this plot setup. It’s subtle enough to miss, but it really made the culmination of the episode worth it for me.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 1 and 2? Will Tyrone and Tandy be able to stop Mayhem? What did you think of the reveal at the end? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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