Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5
Tyrone finds himself closer to freedom than ever as he tracks down Detective Connors and Tandy puts herself in a very dangerous position.

On Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5, Tyrone is presented with an unexpected opportunity to clear his name from an unlikely source. Tandy’s frustrated and lets her anger get the best of her when she hits what seems to be a dead-end to her sex trafficking ring investigation.

The Farmer and The Viper

One thing the Cloak and Dagger writers love using is allegorical storytelling. A fable by Aesop named The Farmer and The Viper artfully frames the entirety of Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5. The farmer endures a harsh winter storm and nearly freezes to death trying to save a viper he finds suffering outside. After he carries the viper home and places it by the fire, he braves the storm once more because he still needs more wood. Sadly, the viper bites and poisons the farmer to death when he gets home.

This happened in the last episode when Tyrone saved the young gang member and he came back ready to hand Tyrone over to be killed, but it mostly applies to all of our central characters in this episode at different points. On the surface, Tyrone is the farmer throughout his arc while Detective Connors and even Tandy are vipers. Another viper unexpectedly reveals itself in Lia, the social worker we met earlier this Season.

But, there are more layers to it. The moral would seem to be that no matter how much good you do, you can’t change someone’s nature. But Tandy explains in the final act, that the viper and the farmer are respectively the very best and worst parts of ourselves. Tyrone and Brigid experience that internal tug-of-war between the different parts of themselves this episode. The writing really continues to impress week after week.

Lady Justice

Tyrone gets angrier than we’ve ever seen him. He finds Connors almost immediately after performing another veve to Maman Brigitte (this time with gunpowder). For all his talk about being scared to face Connors, none of that is evident here. He teeters between wanting to turn Connors in and wanting to kill him. Mostly, he wants Connors to face real justice. Simply handing Connors over to the authorities isn’t going to give him the punishment Tyrone thinks he deserves.

All Tyrone’s family wants is closure. Evidently so does Connors. He’s a different man having spent eight months in the Darkforce Dimension alone with his thoughts. Dying is now more appealing than living with his sins. We’re led to believe through Tandy’s narration of the fable, that Connors is somehow going to double-cross Tyrone but that moment never comes. He really wants to help Tyrone set things right.

Tyrone is just as skeptical as the audience and nearly beats Connors to death. In his anger, we get to see Tyrone use a new power (?) that gives us a glimpse inside Connors’ mind. There’s a statue of Lady Justice, blindfolded with her scales. A human heart sits on one scale, while Connors’ gun is on the other. Tyrone sees Connors himself standing before her, handcuffing himself over and over as the cuffs fall off every time. Tyrone is still be coming to terms with what exactly justice means to him but I believe this has helped him to see that it comes in different forms.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5

Be the Serpent

Lady Macbeth, in Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth, said: “Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it,”. Sometimes people seem nice, but really they have ulterior motives. In a particularly twisted reveal, we find out that Lia not only knows more about the trafficking than Tandy thought.

Tandy quickly finds a way to get closer to Lia when Andre subconsciously hints she may know something. Lia seems interested in Tandy opening up to her at first. When ominous music starts playing during their second emotional conversation it becomes obvious she shouldn’t be trusted. She’s suspicious of  Tandy now that the rescued girls are mentioning a girl who looks like an angel helped save them. It’s too bad Tandy’s only concerned about revenge. She’s still deeply hurt and enraged by her parents’ abusive relationship. Channelling her pain into this sex trafficking case is the only thing preventing her from losing herself. Lia knows this and uses it to manipulate Tandy.

Tandy runs off to the marijuana grow house Lia mentions. A man attacks her with pepper spray as more men emerge to capture her. It’s hard to watch. Though temporarily blinded, Tandy still manages to beat at least 5 men with nothing but a little light and her bare hands. She escapes and runs into Lia who shockingly immobilizes Tandy right as an ambulance pulls up. Episode 4 foreshadowed that Tandy was going to be kidnapped, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. Then again, this is only a 10 episode season and we’re basically halfway through.

Evil in High Places

Once again the show doesn’t hesitate to point out hypocrisy and corruption in high places. Connors explains that because his family is rich and part of the powerful Promenade Society, even his confession won’t be enough to clear Tyrone. His uncle is a councilman who holds power over others through blackmail and extortion. “Justice” is basically a joke and will never fully come to Tyrone because he owns the judges too.

Lia’s reveal as being complicit in the sex trafficking ring is also an example of this. The persons that are meant to help and serve people are the very ones taking advantage of them. She uses her position as a counsellor to earn the girls’ trust and hand-pick victims. It’s a never-ending supply chain.

Maybe Tandy was onto something when she criticized Lia’s advice to Mikayla in the premiere. Tandy said it would send Lia right back into the arms of her abuser and shortly after, Mikayla was taken. Lia was also there at the hospital when Tandy came to check on Mikayla.  We don’t know Lia’s exact motives yet but it will definitely be interesting to find out.

What did you think of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5? Can Tyrone really get his life back? Did the end of the episode surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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