Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Christmas
Sabrina and her friends are in for an eventful holiday.

On the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Christmas special, Season 1 Episode 11, “A Midwinter’s Tale,” the Spellman family prepare to celebrate the Winter Solstice. After speaking with Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina asks the Weird Sisters for help toying with the veil between life and death; meanwhile, Roz has a bad feeling about Susie’s new after school job as a Christmas Elf.

Bright Yuletide, Spellmans

The episode takes place a week before Christmas and the story seems to pick up around where the previous episode left off. Aside from her icy blonde hair, it doesn’t seem like much has changed for Sabrina since we saw her walking side-by-side with the Weird Sisters at the academy. She’s coming to terms with the fact that she signed the Book of the Beast and is still unsure of how to balance her two lives. Her uncertainty and desperate need for advice leads her to try something somewhat risky on the longest night of the year. It wouldn’t be Christmas in Greendale without a little mischief amongst the spirit world.

Poor Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose. They can’t seem to catch a break from Sabrina causing trouble. As seen in the promo, all Zelda asked was that they don’t let the yule log burn out for everyone’s protection. We love foreshadowing.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Christmas

As for Roz, Susie, and Harvey, they won’t exactly be getting the magic-free Christmas they hoped for. What seems like a fun, after school job quickly turns deadly for Susie when she’s left alone with Santa Claus and his elves. Fortunately, more than one of Susie’s friends have supernatural abilities. Speaking of which, hopefully we’ll get to see more of Rosalind’s “cunning visions” in season 2 and potentially see her work with the Spellmans to defeat the next villain. 

Happy Solstice

There are a few unique guests this holiday episode, some welcomed and some not, including an important person from Sabrina’s past and a witch who apparently likes eating men.

Not too much happens to further the plot for season 2, however, Zelda makes a surprising decision about baby Leticia, and we get a sneak peek at what I assume is next season’s Big Bad. Overall, it was very entertaining, and I don’t think fans will be disappointed. Here’s to hoping we get another Christmas episode next year!

No Context Quotes
  • “It is a beautiful morning considering none of us had our throats slit…”
  • “What is it with witches and cannibalism?” 
  • “My mother is not a bad thing.”

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