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After being the target of discussion—by characters and fans alike—for weeks, the latest move by Black Siren may have thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans for her as she came forward and created a kidnapping narrative to claim she is the Laurel Lance presumed dead to Star City.

While claiming she’s the Laurel Lance everyone knew on Earth-1 isn’t the smartest move for Black Siren, it’s the only move she has to make, especially given the various opinions of her by the members of both Team Arrows. NTA wants her arrested and prosecuted for her actions, while Oliver and company want her to leave and never show her face again. This way, Black Siren gets to stick around on Arrow and, given the media attention sure to follow the “resurrection of Laurel Lance,” she’s safe from everyone… for the time being.

Running from the Past

Arrow Season 6 Episode 14 concluded two things: Black Siren is dealing with some serious father figure issues and she was running out of options. Showing up wounded, alone, and convincingly fearful, claiming herself as being the Laurel Lance everyone in Star City adored and creating a narrative about being kidnapped is the smartest move she could have made. Let’s face it: Black Siren wasn’t going to get a fresh start anywhere else. Her crimes would follow her around, and she’d never be able to turn over a new leaf and make something else with her life because she’d always be on the run. No one knows she’s from another Earth aside from Oliver and his friends, so no one can forcefully take her from this life and say she’s not Laurel Lance. Especially not Oliver because, by doing so, Laurel’s reputation would be destroyed and he’d out the existence of the multiverse causing mass hysteria.

Black Siren

There’s no home for Black Siren on Earth-2, either, because of her partnership with Zoom and the other various crimes she’s committed, so what other choice did she have? It’s a genius, manipulative, and brave move to take over the life of your dead doppelgänger, and there will surely be incidents where she could be outed, but it’s better live someone else’s life and make it your own than give yours away and live in a cell.

Finding Her Home

By taking over Laurel’s life, she’s allowing herself the chance to settle down and lead a happier life than she ever had on Earth-2. After losing her father at such a young age, and then losing Oliver soon after, Black Siren has had heartbreak follow her everywhere, yet she never had the chance to be happy. Laurel’s life was the opposite, for the most part, because she always had her father, and she even got her sister back from the dead twice. Not only did Laurel have a family, but she had a job she loved where she fought to make a difference. I’ll always be bitter about the way Laurel’s story was ended to prove a point that anyone could be killed off and stay dead, and the outright decision by the writers not to swallow their pride and bring her back, but Black Siren could do a lot of good, too.

She’s made mistakes, gone down dark roads, and she’s coming out on the other side hoping for a better life. She’s found Quentin, whom she’s created a bond with that resembles something of a father and daughter, and Sara will surely come back soon and we’ll see whether those two can create some sort of sisterly bond, too, but taking over Laurel’s life is the only way Black Siren can ever have one. This way, she’s safe from Dinah (in case she ever decides to go on a murderous rampage) and Oliver can never out her or make her suffer for the crimes she’s committed.

Furthermore, wouldn’t the Laurel Lance we all loved want Black Siren to have her second chance? Laurel believed in people when they had no hope, and she pushed them to be the best they could, and if adopting her identity is how Black Siren redeems herself and changes her life to make a difference (and maybe even inherit the Black Canary mantle), she would be rooting for her. There’s a lot of work to be done, but taking on Laurel’s life is the only way Black Siren can escape her life of crime and pain to become a hero, or something resembling a hero, and fight for those who are even less fortunate than herself.

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