Big Brother Season 21
The more of Big Brother 21 we see, the clearer it becomes that Kemi, Ovi, and David escaped the worst season of Big Brother first, making them the real winners.

Let’s just jump right in. Jack has somehow convinced everyone in this house that he’s in a final two/three with them, and no one seems to question it. Not only that, but he’s somehow convinced everyone that Bella is the biggest threat. Bella? Bella is literally the least threatening person in that house because every single person dislikes her, and like they keep repeating, she’s a common enemy. How exactly can someone who has won zero competitions and is everyone’s target be the biggest threat? Wouldn’t that make her the opposite? Both sides benefit from keeping her in the game because as long as she’s there, she’s the main target.

Meanwhile, Jack has insulted every other person in the house (and even gotten in people’s faces), and yet, they’re all just forgetting about it out of nowhere and treating him like he’s a stand-up guy all of a sudden. Jackson has been caught sneaking food in and out of the shower and eating regular food like 10 times while being a Have Not, but no one at CBS seems to care. Please tell me what the point of bringing back “Have and Have Nots” if they don’t actually even have to follow the rules and there’s no punishment involved? Or is that just Jackson that the rules don’t apply to?

I mean we already know the CBS producers don’t care that he has a domestic violence charge on his record, has made racist remarks along with Jack, and continues to sleep when/where he shouldn’t. How many more bad things does he have to do before CBS says something? Why are fans pointing out the rules of the show and not the producers? His vote should either not count this week (Week 4) or he should get put back on the block next to Jack as punishment.

Christie and Tommy need to crawl out of Jack’s ass. Simple as that. They’re both obsessed with him and it’s ridiculous. Christie repeatedly claims she isn’t going to let a man run her game and tell her what to do, but that’s all she does. Her and everyone else just report back to the Jackasses like it’s their job. I’m sick of it. Also, is she forgetting that just, like, 10 days ago she wanted to put Jack up on the block herself? Why is she suddenly his biggest defender and so convinced they have some kind of special bond? News flash Christie: He’s using you, just like he’s using everyone else. She keeps saying she wants to get him out and talks a bigger game than anyone in the house, but never actually does anything about it. She had the opportunity to evict one of the Jacks during her Head of Household reign and didn’t. Now, she has another opportunity (during Cliff’s HoH) and did everything in her power to make sure Jack wouldn’t go home. Make it make sense.

As for Tommy, Jesus Christ, he needs to gain some self-respect. I get it, you’re excited a straight, white man with abs is giving you attention. But if it wasn’t for this game, Jack would never speak to you outside of this house. Since there’s only ever 1 or 2 gay contestants casted on the show, it’s that much more frustrating to watch him sob over Jack (a straight man that everyone outside of the house collectively hates) getting nominated when he’s 1) a shit person and 2) they’ve only known each other for three weeks and Tommy has completely fallen in love with him (and is under the same spell Analyse is). All he does, besides fawn over Jack, is make comments about how the “Six Shooters” are the bullied. How can he be so oblivious to the fact that he is one of the bullies?

Big Brother Season 21

For people without the live feeds, don’t believe the narrative CBS is selling you. Tommy is just as bad as everyone else in that group, if not worse at times since he knows what it’s like to be bullied and isolated as a gay man… yet he continues to work with the group of racist misogynists.

Speaking of being oblivious, Jess continues to let me down. Rather than obtaining more knowledge as the season goes on and getting a better grasp on her surroundings, it’s almost as if Jess is losing knowledge and becomes increasingly more clueless with each passing day. I truly don’t know how people don’t just look into the camera with disbelief every time she opens her mouth. At this point, all of the alliances (and even the names: Gr8ful, Six Shooters, etc.) are completely out in the open and Jess is still unaware of them. Everything has just gone in one of her ears and out the other for the last month. Everyone in this house is terrible at the game, but no one is more out of the loop than Jess is. Also, stop saying you’re a “Girl’s Girl”, Jess. If you aren’t even willing to vote out one of two of the biggest misogynists in the house over a woman, it clearly isn’t true.

Don’t get me wrong, Bella also needs to go, but she can go any week and it won’t matter. It’s pretty much a given that no matter who wins HoH next week, she’ll be on the block, so why not take out Jack while you can? Nick and Bella, easily two of my least favorite people on the show, are now two of the only people making any sense and realizing that Jack has essentially already won Big Brother 21.

Nicole remains the only person in this house worth rooting for, and I, like many others, do not want to continue watching when she’s inevitably evicted in the next couple of weeks. Even while she’s still in the house, it’s painful to watch because she’s too nice and pure for this game (especially this season). At least Nicole knows what’s going on in the house now, but after Cliff’s disappointing decision to nominate Bella, that isn’t going to matter unless she pulls of an HoH win this coming week.

Big Brother Season 21

Speaking of Cliff being a disappointment, I get why he didn’t want to go back on his word, but my question is this: Why did he give Christie his word in the first place? This was your HoH Cliff, but you let the couples dictate your every move and played right into their hands. If you were going to nominate Bella anyway, why not at least let Christie waste her power so we don’t have this problem again next week? Do you really think the people in that alliance are going to honor your deal with Christie? How he gets off calling himself a super-fan is beyond me when he made a deal with the six people who had him evicted just last week. Similar to Nicole, his desire to keep his integrity 100% intact (and not even tell so much as a white lie) isn’t going to get him much further.

And then there’s Holly and Sis (Analyse). I don’t really have much to say about them because, well, they don’t really do anything. Supposedly, their mystery rash was from a “bacterial infection” in the hot tub, but how did that happen? Interesting how only the people who had sex had the infection. But that’s none of my business.

One of the most frustrating parts of this season (aside from the blatant racism, misogyny, and cheating) is that the contestants are saying exactly what we’re all thinking and then just… not doing anything about it. Cliff continues to say things like, “It’s only a matter of order now,” and “The alliance is going to just keep picking us off one-by-one,” but then  nominates someone not in the alliance? If you know you can’t win now anyway then please tell me what you had to lose by putting up one of the six. Cliff’s not the only one; Kat and Nicole keep repeatedly saying if they were to team up with the couples and be the 7th, that’s exactly what they’d be: 7th place. I’ve lost track of how many times everyone not in that big alliance has said working with them is guaranteeing themselves 7th place and yet they all continue to try and work with them. It makes absolutely no sense.

They have the numbers to get Jack out and they’re just not going to do anything about it. This desperation to be part of the “cool kids group” is pathetic and ruining the season, more so than it already is. I’m tired of watching them all acknowledge how stupid it would be to do something and then immediately going and doing it. I’m completely dumbfounded.

This week started with someone not in the alliance finally winning HOH, Jack and Jackson getting nominated (finally), and then everything went downhill from there. Now not only did Jackson win the veto and take himself off, Christie didn’t have to use her power, Cliff put up Bella instead of someone who could actually beat Jack, and we’re most likely going to be stuck with both Jack and Jackson until the end of the season. Our only hope is that Kat and Jess vote to evict Jack and/or Jackson actually gets punished for constantly cheating. Or maybe one of the many infections and injuries going around in that house will cause them to end the season early and send them all home. We can dream.


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