Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8
Alice and Mouse plan a grand Tea-Party that Gotham will never forget; Kate finally comes to terms with who her sister truly is.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8, Kate grows suspicious of Jacob’s recent behaviour, while her hope for Alice begins to wear thin. Alice and Mouse conduct their most evil plan yet at a special event honouring Catherine.

More Tea Please 

After what was, in my opinion, a few hit and miss episodes, it’s safe to say that Batwoman’s midseason finale launched itself into the ranks of DCTV’s finest offerings to date. It almost lulls you into a false sense of security in that it starts slowly enough. But as soon as the tea party begins, everything goes full-tilt off-the-rails chaotic. You would think Kate and Luke would sweep in with at least one last-minute save – but unfortunately, Alice wins this round. 

Mouse’s introduction to Alice’s story wasn’t my favourite. I don’t enjoy him as a character at all, but I have to admit they do make a sinister duo. And a very effective one at that. To my surprise, they actually managed to execute their plan perfectly. Given Mouse’s growing distrust of Alice in previous episodes, I was waiting for something to give. Alice may not want to kill Kate, but Mouse has shown no hesitation to kill on multiple occasions and he’s very possessive. I can definitely see Alice possibly having to kill him herself to stop him from killing Kate at some point.

Luke understandably takes a backseat again as most of this episode focuses on the Kane family drama. I hope this changes in the next half of the season because Camrus Johnson is doing a great job. Sophie and Tyler continue to awkwardly salvage what’s left of their marriage. Sophie hasn’t admitted it out loud, but her silence when Tyler asks if she’s still in love with Kate speaks volumes. The final nail in the coffin is when Tyler asks Sophie if she’s in love with him and she says “I don’t know.”. I’m glad that he’s giving Sophie space to figure herself out though, and I’m excited to see where her character goes from here.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8

Catherine and Mary

Alice sets the stage for Catherine’s downfall so dramatically, it was absolutely brilliant. I really appreciated the directing of the Gala speech scene. Even though Catherine wasn’t a good person, she did love her family in her own way. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to lose this character so soon because I feel like we just started to get to know her. While Catherine wasn’t my favourite, once Alice’s poison started doing its work, I found myself very emotionally invested.

Can we please stop hurting Mary? Mary has been trying her best to keep her family unit together. She’s spent so much of her time helping bad people who don’t change. Kate still refuses to see her the way she wants to be seen (and treated) which is so frustrating. I cannot say enough about Nicole Kang’s acting in this episode. The writers really found all the right emotional knives to twist. Her scenes with Alice and Kate are so good. You can really feel Mary’s desperation, pain, and then emptiness.  Mary always thought her mother would shut down her clinic, but she learns that Catherine always knew and she was proud. There’s an antidote? Oh, there’s only enough to save one person. And no help is coming? This would be my villain origin story.

Catherine’s final moments were devastating. No one deserves to watch their parent die a slow and painful death like that. Both Nicole Kang and Elizabeth Anweis’ performances in their final scenes together were the highlight of the episode for me. I’m excited about Mary’s journey, especially as it relates to her strained relationship with Kate versus her adoration of Batwoman. Just like I can envision Alice offing Mouse for Kate, I can see Mary not hesitating to do the same with Alice. It would also be interesting to see Mary and Luke bond some more. We know Luke is interested in getting justice for his dad, and I’m sure Mary will want to do the same for her mom.

We Need to Talk About Alice

Kate continues to trust her instincts and quickly figures out something is off with Jacob. Unfortunately, it’s a little too late to do anything to thwart Alice’s plans. Throughout this season Kate’s love for her sister and the lingering guilt over what happened to her has consistently tipped the odds in Alice’s favour. There’s still a part of her that believes Alice can change. Alice however, knows that pretending to be vulnerable is the easiest way to manipulate Kate. It’s a weakness that she continues to exploit this episode. It was only a matter of time before Kate’s blindspot for Beth resulted in personal loss.

Both Kate and Alice are struggling to let go of the past. What’s interesting is that while Kate was blinded by her hope to get Beth back, the same cannot be said for Alice. Her love for Kate wasn’t enough to prevent her from getting her revenge on Jacob and Catherine. Rachel Skarsten continues to blow me away as Alice. The way she switches between deadpan and expressing Beth’s traumatic pain is effortless. I think she’s probably my favourite DCTV villain at the moment. Watching her and Ruby go head to head just gets better and better. Now that Kate has no intention of stopping Jacob from arresting or killing Alice, it’ll be interesting to see how Alice will get into her head in the upcoming episodes. There’s also the impact of the outcome of the whole multiverse collapsing that I’m curious to see play out as well.

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