Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20
Kate tries to get Jacob on her side as an Arkham escapee goes on a killing spree. Alice and Mouse’s partnership comes to an end as Alice gives Tommy a new face.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20, when one of Gotham’s former heroes returns to settle a score, both Batwoman and Cmdr. Kane find themselves on the defensive; Alice uncovers what could finally take down Batwoman; Cmdr. Kane refuses to retreat from his war on Batwoman.

Letting Go

Since production was shut down early, we are ending Batwoman‘s first season just two episodes shy of 22. Despite having to craft whatever footage they already had into a finale, the Batwoman team did a good job. They effectively brought the Kane family conflict back into the forefront while setting the stage for Season 2. And the plot twist at the end of this episode was especially shocking, to say the least.    

Tensions between Alice and Mouse, and Jacob and Batwoman come to a head as each pair realizes that things can no longer continue as they have. Jacob has frustrated me to no end with his self-righteous arrogance all season. It comes off as a deep-seated need to control the chaos in Gotham; to make up for his past inability to save his wife and Beth, and his recent other recent failures. In his eyes, Batwoman has thwarted his plans one too many times. And now she’s helped let Alice and multiple other criminals escape from Arkham. He wants her out of the picture by any means necessary. Seeing him double down on this stance is heartbreaking to watch for both Mary and Kate.

Mouse wants to get out of Gotham with Alice, but Alice doesn’t want to let go of her plans to kill Batwoman. Trying to persuade Alice with the idea of family and safety from the Crows isn’t effective. Instead of letting Mouse go though, Alice kills him. This took me by surprise because initially, I felt like Mouse would be the one to turn and try to kill Alice. Sam Littlefield really held his own in scenes with Rachel Skarsten. And the last scene with the two of them is especially devastating. I can’t say that I’ll miss Mouse much, but he really meant a lot to Alice.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 20


Nicole Kang is an absolute scene-stealer.  Her rooftop confrontation with Jacob is one of my favourite moments this episode if not the entire season. Jacob is so set in his ways that he doesn’t want to listen to the facts. The citizens of Gotham actually want Batwoman around. She’s the one giving them hope. She’s doing a better job than the Crows – who, as a private security firm really only cater to the richer folks. And it’s in that moment you know Jacob is beyond help right now. Because if hearing what Mary said wasn’t enough to wake him up, maybe almost killing Kate is the only thing that will. I look forward to the day that reveal happens.

Despite seemingly going along with working together, Jacob double-crosses Batwoman at the last minute and tries to kill her. Kate is crushed. I knew Jacob could be cruel but this was brutal. To highlight the difference between Kate and Jacob’s methods, Kate actually manages to talk the criminal down. Jacob doesn’t even give him 5 seconds before the firing squad shoots him to death. Ruby Rose really shines when Kate is at her most vulnerable. When Kate tells Mary that she can never come out to their dad as Batwoman, I felt that. I hope Jacob will come to his sense before it’s too late.

Mary is essentially the only family member Kate has left in her corner and I’m glad that they have each other to lean on. Mary has tried so hard since the first episode to get Kate to see her as an actual sister; someone she can open up to. Now Kate promises there will be no more secrets among the Bat Team. Even outside of the Bat Team, I love that we continue to get little nods here and there to Kara and Kate’s continued friendship. Kate reveals the last piece of Kryptonite to Mary and Luke, saying it’s not up to her to destroy it. As the audience, we already know that despite her intention to keep her promise to Kara, the Kryptonite is going to fall into the wrong hands.


Julia and Sophie continue to open up to each other. Sophie expresses her insecurities about openly dating a woman which touches Julia. Julia, in turn, tells Sophie the truth about why she came back and that Safiyah has had someone following them. This means Sophie is in danger now too. Surprisingly, Sophie doesn’t mind getting involved. I’m glad Julia old Sophie what was going on even if she left out a few details. Perhaps if Kate had opened up to her earlier, they would still be together right now. I’m excited to see what will happen when Safiyah finally makes her appearance.

Alice makes good on her promise to give Tommy a new face but not in a way that either the audience or Tommy expected. She makes him Bruce Wayne. This twist absolutely blew my mind. Not only does it feed Tommy’s intense desire to be like Bruce, but it also serves to help Alice get the last remaining piece of Kryptonite from Wayne tower. It’s also a really clever way of bringing Bruce Wayne into the picture without it actually being Bruce Wayne. Actually seeing Bruce Wayne’s face in a DCTV series was completely unexpected. I know they have one in Titans, but I never thought we’d ever see one on the CW. I can already imagine Tommy taking more than just the Kryptonite once he gets inside. 

Season 1

Overall Batwoman Season 1 exceeded my expectations. Somewhere towards the end of the first half  I really came to appreciate the different characters and dynamics. The Kane family drama was especially engrossing with Rachel Skarsten and others acting their hearts out. I loved Sophie’s journey from being closeted to being open about her sexuality and how Kate as Batwoman was the catalyst for it. I’ve also enjoyed the easter eggs and references the writers have sprinkled in and I’m excited to see what other comic book characters besides Safiyah will appear in Season 2.

While writing this review, news broke that Ruby Rose is leaving the show. I know a lot of people that had issues with her being cast in the first place are happy. In my opinion, she wasn’t doing a bad job and was growing into the role. It’s just really hard for me to imagine the character dynamics now with someone new. The chemistry and vibe will be different. However, I’m happy that the show’s team is committed to finding another LGBT actress to take up the mantle. And even better if they cast someone who’s Jewish too. Persons were very vocal about not having that representation in the show. Kudos to the cast and crew for a job well done these past 20 episodes, and I wish them all the best for Season 2.

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