Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18
Kate infiltrates a mobster’s club to retrieve Lucius Fox’s journal, only to discover she’s not the only one that’s after it.  Alice and Mouse continue to orchestrate their plans from Arkham.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18, Batwoman enlists Luke and Julia for an undercover mission to recover one of the most important items from her cousin’s arsenal; Alice gets an unexpected visit from Jacob Kane. Mary tries to prove herself to Kate while Julia is revealed to have ulterior motives.

Believe In Me

Batwoman kicks the action up a notch this episode as Kate finds herself caught among multiple enemies at an auction. The fight scenes this episode were some of my favourite of the series so far. Kudos to the Stunt Coordinator and team. Both the choreography and execution were on point. Plot-wise this episode has an elaborate setup resulting in three very big twists and foreshadowing a villain to come. There’s also a lot more humour this episode in comparison to the more emotional Episode 17. I especially enjoyed all of Mary’s scenes as well as Kate’s scenes with Luke and Julia.  

Every time I think I can’t love Mary any more, she goes and does something to prove me wrong. Nicole Kang continues to give such a genuine, heartfelt performance. This episode Mary desperately wants to be a real part of the Bat Team. But Kate and Luke continue to keep her at arm’s length for her own safety. The plot is fairly predictable: Mary wants to go on a mission but Kate tells her no. Mary has to go on the mission anyway when things go wrong. Kate apologizes by allowing Mary to join them officially.

While predictable, it’s the emotional beats that the cast continues to hit in their scenes together that make it all work. The initial scenes make it seem like Mary’s ideas and everything she does is over the top which doesn’t mesh with Kate and Luke’s style. At first, it feels like Luke and Kate wish Mary never found out their secret. But later on, when Mary pleads with Luke to let her go, we see that he’s more concerned about losing another person he cares about. Kate echoes a similar sentiment, acknowledging Mary as her actual sister. She already lost one sister and she’s not about to lose another one. You can really tell how much that means to Mary. Not only does Mary’s unique socialite experience come in handy, but she’s actually able to rescue Kate. I think the moral of the story here is never underestimate Mary Hamilton.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18

Lucius’ Journal

Alice wants to get her hands on Lucius Fox’s private journal after overhearing Kate ask Tommy Elliott about it. As Luke revealed last week, the journal contains a failsafe for how to kill the Batsuit in case it ever got into the wrong hands. Why would Bruce Wayne’s best friend have that information? Because Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Alice’s complete surprise at this is hilarious. Since Alice figured out Kate was Batwoman almost immediately, it didn’t even occur to me that she didn’t know who Batman was. Similarly, Luke accidentally slips up in talking to Mary about the Batcave. Mary’s shock was even more hilarious considering the location of the Batcave itself. 

Alice and Mouse continue to use their newly obtained power at Arkham to enlist Tommy and Magpie to help get them the journal. In exchange, they’re granting them freedom. The whole reason Tommy ended up targeting Lucius in the first place was for his journal. One would think that if he had the knowledge behind Wayne Tech at his disposal he would have used it to his advantage already. Right when Alice finally gets her hands on the journal, the writers reveal why Tommy never used it. Much to Alice’s dismay, the entire thing is written in code. Since they’ll need someone to decipher it, I think Luke may be their next target.

To Kill a Bat

There are other bombs dropped this episode with regard to two of Kate’s exes. At this point, if any more exes show up we should immediately be suspicious. Julia is getting a bit too close to Sophie for Kate’s liking. We find out that while Julia is actively helping Kate, she has a hidden agenda. She also wants to get her hands on that journal – for someone else. It turns out that Julia went rogue from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) before she appeared on the scene. Since she was initially tracking down the Rifle who was hired to get the gun that could kill Batman, I feel like she may be working for Bruce Wayne himself. Safiyah Sohail is another candidate.

Kate’s most recent love interest Reagan is conveniently bartending at the club. She ends up stealing the journal from Kate after they sleep together and the twist that comes afterwards is pretty clever. While Reagan really likes Kate, she steals the book to buy her sister’s freedom. Yes, Magpie is her sister. I absolutely loved this reveal because both characters were introduced at the same time earlier this season. Fans even suspected that Reagan was Magpie initially. They both have a similar disdain for the rich. It makes total sense for Reagan to be her spotter.

I’d personally love to see Reagan again at some point if only to see Kate confront her. Poor Kate must feel like a fool for letting her feelings get the better of her. I can’t imagine she’ll take it well if Julia betrays her either. So far the writers have managed to keep the audience on their toes and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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