Batwoman Season 1 Episode 17
Gotham is hit by a blast from the past as an old villain takes advantage of Batwoman’s absence.  Sophie and Julia continue to investigate Lucius Fox’s murder, while Alice and Mouse make themselves at home in Arkham.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 17, Batwoman encounters a new challenge when an old villain resurfaces; Alice’s limits are tested while in Arkham. Luke receives an opportunity for revenge as Sophie and Julia make a break in his father’s case.

Not a Hero

Batwoman has finally returned and it is just as good as ever. Alice’s plan to force Kate into realizing she’s not the hero she claims has seemingly worked. It’s been a week without Batwoman for Gotham as Kate is still reeling from Cartright’s death. The guilt is eating her alive. After all, murderers aren’t heroes. But what Kate doesn’t seem to realize is that heroes aren’t infallible. They aren’t perfect. You will make mistakes but you can’t let it consume you. Sometimes you just have to keep going and keep doing the right thing. 

I must say I’ve really enjoyed watching Kate’s journey so far. She still doesn’t seem to fully understand the effect that Batwoman has had on people. We meet a Batwoman impersonator who wears a homemade suit and runs into an explosion site to save people just because Gotham needs it in absence of the real Batwoman. It’s fitting too, that the Villain of the Week targets people who are upstanding and in the public eye and forces them to choose between their own lives and the lives of others. When Mary’s lab falls within the blast radius, the already injured Impersonator comes back to help Mary get the patients out. That’s heroism. 

Luke narrowly escapes following Kate’s footsteps in that he has the opportunity to kill his father’s murderer and he almost takes it. Luckily Kate pushes through her panic attack long enough to talk some sense into him. Kate and Luke’s relationship is one of my favourite dynamics in the show, and their scenes together this episode were nothing short of perfect. Camrus Johnson especially shines when Luke comes face to face with the man who killed his father. The anger and anguish in his voice were a far cry from Luke’s more subdued demeanour. It was a bold move for the writers to disclose that Bruce killed the Joker in this universe. I can’t help but wonder if that has something to do with why he left Gotham.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 17

Teaming Up

Following their team-up from Episode 16, Sophie and Julia continue to search for the corrupt Crow in Jacob’s midst. They really do make a good team, and maybe even more? Despite comforting Kate with kisses, neither Julia or Kate seem particularly interested in rekindling or starting anything romantic. I’m glad this is the case because there is definitely some major chemistry happening with Sophie and Julia. While this type of plot can be frustrating, I’m genuinely intrigued by the potential here. Julia knows Kate is Batwoman, but Sophie doesn’t. Plus Julia and Sophie are both Kate’s exes. Now that Jacob officially has them working together on a Strikeforce, how will Kate react to them getting closer? 

Nicole Kang delivers another standout scene as Mary reveals to Kate that she knows she’s Batwoman. I was ecstatic this happened so soon. Some other series would drag this out to the finale. But Kate needed this push and support the most right now. Mary gives an emotional speech about how it should have been easier for her to realize it was Kate. After all, she’s been looking up to Kate her whole life. Kate has always looked out for Mary in a way no one else has, and Gotham needs her, the same way Mary does. “I’m not a hero,” Kate quips. Mary’s answer is profound. “I’m not asking you to be…I’m just asking you to keep going.”.

Luke and Mary’s belief in Kate is really touching to see. Kate may not believe she’s a hero, but they sure do. She now has two people in her corner who will support her but at the same time be able to level with her and give her the hard truth. Much like this show had to carve its own path in a sea of comparisons to other Batman media, Kate hasn’t fully come into her own yet. Kate keeps falling into the habit of comparing herself to Bruce and using him as a benchmark for what Batwoman should do and be. And even then, as we discover through Luke, the Bruce she looked up to wasn’t the man she thought he was either. Now that Mary is a part of the Bat Team, I hope that Kate will finally be able to come out completely from Bruce’s shadow.

Queen of the Castle

While all this is happening, Alice and Mouse are being tortured – I mean treated at Arkham. The opening scenes of this episode once again reiterate that Alice cares a great deal about Kate’s belief in her. She imagines them hanging out like normal siblings and Alice is grateful that Kate didn’t give up on her. She’s grateful that Kate thinks she’s worth saving. Honestly, Rahel Skarsten should win an award for making me be so sympathetic towards Alice. She makes me believe that she really is worth saving. I hope we don’t have to wait too long before she and Kate come face to face once more.

Alice quickly plots her escape. Instead of escaping though, she has Mouse kill Dr Butler and take his face. Meanwhile, Mouse is just happy to be safe from abusive family members and that Alice is there with him. This was surprising to me since Mouse didn’t seem like he’d enjoy being locked up. But as he points out to Alice, they’re also safe from Safiyah there. Alice clearly has reason to be afraid of her. This is the third time Safiyah Sohail has been name-dropped so I’ll be very disappointed if she doesn’t appear in the next few episodes.

We also got to see some familiar faces like Magpie, and Tommy Elliott. Now that Alice and Mouse are basically in charge of the asylum, it’s only a matter of time before a slew of villains somehow escapes to wreak havoc. It’s a good thing then that Batwoman is out on the streets now.

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