Batwoman Season 1 Episode 16
Kate and Alice team up to locate Mouse. And a familiar face returns as the circumstances around Lucius Fox’s murder become more disturbing.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 16, Luke gets upsetting news about his father’s case; Alice seeks Kate’s help with a special task and Kate begins to question her instincts. Jacob and Sophie continue to investigate the corrupt coverup within the Crows.


For me, Batwoman continues to strike the perfect balance of action, humor, and drama. The episode title “Through the Looking-Glass” implies that things we’re about to hit a turning point in our story. In the Lewis Caroll’s book of the same name, Alice steps through a mirror into a world that is a reflection of hers. In this mirror world, things are reversed. Here, writer Nancy Kiu weaves in a number of plot point reversals. For example, the judge orders a re-trial for Lucius Fox’s murder case. Jacob reverses Sophie’s suspension and re-engages her to work for him and Kate’s the one that double-crosses Alice for a change. 

The director also employs mirror imagery in the two most emotional scenes between Alice and Kate. Alice is absolutely thrilled Kate killed Cartwright; in fact, Kate did exactly what Alice wanted. Jacob isn’t as bothered by this as he should be as a father in my opinion. I would be very concerned. As Alice points out to Kate, they’re both murderers and the only reason they’re walking around free is because Jacob is their father. In fact, Jacob helps to further cover Kate’s sin by moving the body so Alice can’t blackmail them again. Sounds like something the head of a corrupt private security force would do.

What does August’s death mean for Kate? She’s once again forced to hold a mirror to herself and her actions as a “hero”. And her reasons for being horrified aren’t exactly what you’d think. It’s standard for superheroes to be morally opposed to certain things. Superman and Supergirl don’t kill (or try their best not to), Batman doesn’t use guns etc. For Kate, it’s not so much the fact that she killed a man with her bare hands, it’s the fact that she doesn’t feel remorseful or guilty about it.

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 16

Family Pain

Kate and Alice’s rollercoaster of a relationship has now hit a new low. What Kate does to Alice this episode seems unforgiveable in light of what we’ve seen of Alice’s true feelings. Alice’s worst fear comes true as Kate and Jacob leave her locked up in Arkham. Rachel Skarsten and Ruby Rose continue to play off each other so well in both the lighter and more emotional scenes. It was  as fun to watch Alice and Kate work together as a team, as it was heartbreaking to see Alice begging Kate to not leave her. Alice kept her promise to Kate, and put her trust in Kate. In return, Kate knowingly forces Alice to experience her worst fear. 

As Kate and Alice stood on opposite sides of the glass door, they’re mirrors of each other. To Alice, they have always been the same. Whereas Kate is terrified by what she sees reflecting back at her. She’s been adamant all season that she’s nothing like Alice, but when it comes down to it, she’s just as capable of killing without remorse. Anyone can kill, within reason. Her killing Cartwright is not much different than Alice killing Catherine motive-wise. While I’m sympathetic towards Alice, I’m not sure what else Kate could have done in this situation. Do you let your sister and her accomplice escape to possibly murder more people elsewhere? Or do you lock them up for their own good and hope they get the help they need? My issue is that Arkham seems to be doing more harm to patients than good.

Camrus Johnson also delivers a devastating performance this episode. The tears in his eyes while he confronted the man he believed killed his father made me emotional. I also appreciated Mary coming to lend him support because she can relate to his situation. The fact that she was willing to do so despite her mother’s death being much more recent speaks to how big her heart is. Now that Mary has deduced that the real murderer is covering their tracks, I’m sure they’ll start figuring things out together very quickly.

Murder Conspiracy

This episode also brought the return of Julia Pennyworth! I really enjoy her character because there’s something inherently unpredictable about her. You never quite know what she’s going to say or do. She not only saves Sophie’s life but there’s a bit of a flirty vibe between them. And I would be 100% here for them as a pairing, if Julia wasn’t clearly still into Kate. At the end of the episode Julia reassures Kate that she’s not like Alice at all and they kiss on the rooftop ledge of Wayne Tower. I quite like the juxtaposition of Sophie kissing Batwoman on rooftops versus Kate kissing Julia quite literally on the roof’s edge. Some familiarity and stability versus danger and excitement maybe? Will this be a love triangle? I can’t help but wonder what will happen if Sophie ends up liking Julia now that they may be working together.

Speaking of possible love triangles, the writers have dropped a second clue to a villanous love interest for Kate from the comics, Safiyah Sohail. When Alice returns to her lair to look for Mouse, she finds her henchmen dead, along with a note mentioning Coryana. While Alice doesn’t elaborate, it’s clear she has an enemy. If you’ve been paying attention, Safiyah was already name-dropped in Episode 7 – which coincidentally also featured Julia. Safiyah hired someone to steal the gun that can kill Batman. With about six episodes left, I wonder if we’ll be meeting her soon, or if she’ll be dropping in for Season 2. Either way, Kate may be in for some serious ex-girlfriend drama.

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